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					like	ordinary	little-girl	responsibilities,	     ing	up.	He	goes	for	a	run	on	his	wheel,	
but	to	the	protagonist	and	her	parents	          but	the	“Squeak!	Squeak!	SQUEAK!”	
these	acts	of	helpfulness	are	indispens-         disturbs	the	other	animals.	Once	he’s	off	
able.	Near	the	end	of	the	story,	readers	        the	wheel,	his	munch munch CRUNCH	
learn	why:	her	mother	is	pregnant,	and	          and	scritch-scratch	noises	force	the	other	
little	things	like	tying	Mom’s	shoes	for	        animals	to	get	creative	in	settling	the	
her	take	on	greater	meaning.	Supersister’s	      hamster	down	to	sleep.	After	a	bath	in	a	
boundless	energy	and	enthusiasm	when	            dog	food	bowl	(complete	with	tiny	rub-
faced	with	the	unknown	(i.e.,	a	new	             ber	ducky)	and	a	bedtime	story	(which	
baby)	are	invigorating;	it’s	clear	that	she	     the	guinea	pig	holds	upside-down	while	
absolutely	cannot	wait	to	be	a	big	sis.	In	      making	up	a	story	about	three	hamsters),	
the	meantime	she’s	determined	to	be	the	         the	little	guy	finally	nods	off.	But	when	
super-est	daughter	that	she	can	by	rescu-        morning	comes,	it’s	the	hamster’s	turn	
ing	her	parents	from	the	evil	grasp	of	          to	be	kept	awake.	Fraser	tells	her	funny	
light	housework.	Dormer’s	zippy	illustra-        story	economically,	with	few	words—
tions	move	effortlessly	among	panels,	full	      mostly	sound	effects—and	with	simple	
pages,	and	double-page	spreads,	and	the	         pictures	that	convey	the	mood	of	the	
understated	palette	of	the	black-outlined	       animals	through	their	body	language,	
watercolors	keeps	Supersister’s	fantasies	       by	the	tilt	of	an	ear	or	the	set	of	an	eye.	
humorously	grounded	in	the	real	world.	          Sweet	without	being	saccharine,	this	will	
elissa	gershowitz                                appeal	to	young	preschoolers	in	a	group	
                                                 or	at	bedtime.	susan	dove	lempke
Pet Shop Lullaby
by Mary Ann Fraser; illus. by the author         Cool Cat
Preschool Boyds Mills 32 pp.                     by Nonny Hogrogian;
10/09 978-1-59078-618-5 $16.95                   illus. by the author
When	it’s	nighttime	in	the	pet	shop,	all	        Primary Porter/Roaring Brook 40 pp.
of	the	animals	settle	in	to	sleep	just	as	the	   9/09 978-1-59643-429-5 $17.99 g
nocturnal	hamster	is	stretching	and	wak-         Long	absent	from	the	children’s	book	
                                                 scene,	Hogrogian	(One Fine Day)	steps	
                                                 softly	back	into	the	field	with	a	quiet	and	
                                                 thought-provoking	wordless	book.	As	
                                                 a	black-and-white	cat	walks	through	a	
                                                                                                Illustration from Pet Shop Lullaby. © 2009 by Mary Ann Fraser.

                                                 harsh	brown	landscape	dotted	with	rocks	
                                                 and	litter,	a	wooden	paint	box	gives	her	
                                                 the	chance	to	beautify	the	world,	with	
                                                 help	from	other	animals.	One	by	one,	
                                                 mouse,	rabbit,	and	squirrel	join	in	to	
                                                 help	the	cat	paint	green	grass,	flowers,	
                                                 and	water,	while	birds	pick	up	painters’	
                                                 cloths	and	fly	back	and	forth,	cleaning	
                                                 the	sky	to	a	bright	blue.	Periodically,	the	
                                                 cat	slumps	on	a	rock,	looking	exhausted,	
                                                 only	to	renew	its	commitment	and	
                                                 continue	working.	Finally,	th
Description: Robinson reviews Cool Cat written and illustrated by Nonny Hogrogian.
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