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      SCCA                                                                   VANTAGE                                          not normally be aware of.
                                                                                                                                 In addition to the Board of
      Member benefits                                                        POINT                                            Directors, there are many people who
                                                                                                                              volunteer their time to serve on the
                                                                                                                              CRB, SEB and many other national
      The number and variety of special                                     JEFF DAHNERT                                      and regional program boards. One
      offers available under the SCCA                                       SCCA Inc.                                         thing that all of these people have in
      Member Benefits program                                               President and CEO                                 common is that they will never make
      continues to grow. These partners                                                                                       everybody happy. It is inevitable that
      continue to offer advantages to                                                                                         issues will come up that will require a
      members under the program:               Respect                                                                        decision that someone will not agree
                                                                                                                              with. I believe they all understand
                                                                                                                              this when they choose to take on
                                                                       I AM WRITING THIS MONTH’S column having just           one of these roles.
            Ownersite Technologies is                                  attended our December Board of Directors meeting.         What should be emphasized is that
            offering up to $5 off on                                   The Board just added four new people to its ranks,     a volunteer at any level takes on the
      annual vehicle maintenance and                                   and this has made me think about the commitment obligations and responsibilities
      record keeping plans on                  that is required to be on our Board of Directors, or to take on any other      associated with their positions without                           volunteer position within the Club.                                            any expectation of compensation
      BSR Products offers 10 percent off           The Board meets five times per year. This is made up of four regular       other than the pride of contributing to
                          all purchases of     meetings here at the National Office and one additional meeting at the         the betterment of the Club.
                          racecar parts        SCCA National Convention. The Board is required to arrive in time to attend       Will we as members always agree
                          and supplies.        Thursday committee meetings and be on hand through Saturday to                 with the decisions they make? The
                                               conduct regular Board business. This is in addition to the commitments to answer is probably not. But,
                                               the Club at the region and division level. There is also the time spent on the regardless of whether we agree or
                                               phone and answering e-mails from members and staff.                            disagree, they should always receive
                                                   If you do the math, you can see that being on the Board of Directors is our respect. There is a quote from
      A free trial and $10 discount on the     no small expenditure of time. This is time spent away from family and          Benjamin Franklin that I’ve used
      award winning CARCare                    friends and their regular day jobs. Oh, I forgot to mention that they do not before: ‘If passion drives you, let
      Automotive Maintenance                   get paid for their services. They take on this responsibility because they     reason hold the reigns!’
      Software.                                care about our Club and want to make a difference.                                So, as this is one of my first
                                                   The Board deals not only with program and competition related issues, columns of the New Year, let me
                                               but business issues as well. The SCCA has to deal with all of the issues       welcome all of the people who are
                                               that any other company deals with. Personnel, compliance issues,               taking on new positions within the
      Receive a 10-percent discount on         corporate governance, legal                                                    Club. I commend you for taking the
      all Micro-Tech                           issues, you name it. They are the
                                               governing body of a multi-million-
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