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Cole, it turns out, is not only a willing hand at the grunt work, but his computer interests (and brainpower - he graduated in the top 10 at Lisle, Ill., High School outside Chicago) also suits him to handle the complexities of data acquisition systems. [...] if you had looked closely at one of the turns during the June Sprints FE race, you would have seen two flaggers giving discreet waves to one of the FE competitors powering by.

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      First Gear                                                      BY JAMES HEINE PHOTO DENNIS WOOD

      Cole Bosanoz has no time to
      look in the rearview mirror

      T       wenty-one-year-old Cole Bosanoz
              only weighs a compact 135lbs on
              a 5ft 6in frame, but he thinks big.
      Asked where he wants to be in five
      years, he immediately answers:
      “Driving the Indy 500.”
          But the boyish bravado is rooted in the
      fact Bosanoz is also able to think small, as
      in menial, i.e., regularly making a six-hour
      round trip to wash racecars and mount
      tires for no pay, with no assurance
      anything will come from lending a hand.
          Further supporting the bravado is his
      undeniable speed behind the wheel of a
      racecar. “If you stitched together his best
      segment times at the June Sprints, he           For his first SCCA                           broker and a volunteer fireman. And it           Long story short, Tom and Pam Keiser
      would have been under the track record          National race, Cole                          is his service as a fireman that ultimately   became friends with Cole, and last year
      for FE cars,”says Steve Stadel, one of Cole’s   Bosanoz decided to                           led to Cole Bosanoz’s breakout                (2009) Tom offered to provide his FE to
      mentors and a 24 year Club Racing               tackle the June Sprints,                     adventures at Road America.                   Cole for a few races on advantageous
      veteran (fifth in FE at the 2009 National       where he finished an                             Cole was introduced to Stadel by          terms. But it was not a free ride. Cole had
      Championship Runoffs wearing the colors         impressive seventh out                       Craig Cunningham, his boss at                 to raise additional sponsorship dollars.
      of his One Formula Racing team).                of 23 competitors.                           Autobahn, who had previously been             Fortunately, this is something he has
          As it was, Bosanoz finished seventh at                                                   Stadel’s partner in the One Formula           been doing since the day he turned 18.
      the 2009 Sprints, an impressive result at                                                    Racing team. Bosanoz in turn, introduced      That’s when his father, retiring as an
      his first National and only his third FE                                                     a driving friend, Zach Ply, to Steve, and     architect and facing new economic
      race. In his first SCCA outing scarcely a                                                    Ply ended up renting an FE car from him.      realities, said to his son, “From now on,
      month earlier at Road America for a                                                              Cole’s Autobahn test was a “thank         you’re racing on your own nickel.”
      DoubleRegional, he was on the pole for his                                                   you” from Steve for Cole’s unpaid work           Let us quickly reassure you that Tim
      group and finished second in both outings.                                                   helping prep Zach Ply’s FE car in 2008,       Bosanoz is not an uncaring father, but
                                                                                 ROBERT KAMINSKY

          What’s more impressive is that, before                                                   as well as crewing for the One Formula        the one who underwrote – and turned
      the Regionals, he had never raced one of                                                     Racing team. Cole, it turns out, is not       the wrenches – during Cole’s karting
      these Mazda-powered Van Diemen                                                               only a willing hand at the grunt work,        career. In fact, if you had looked
      formula cars. His only FE seat time was                         
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