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      Pacesetter                                                                                   BY ROCKY ENTRIKEN PHOTOS COURTESY LARRY MCCANN

      Life with a badge has led                                                                           Fast Facts
      Larry McCann down many
      interesting roads                                                                              LARRY McCANN
      “  I     have a lot of crackpot theories
               about the world. One that
               actually works is [that] the whole
      world changes every five years.” Larry
      McCann, a retired Virginia State Police
                                                         “She called me and said she was
                                                     behind this real cool car driving really
                                                     slow, then he drove down this little
                                                     side road to a guy at a table. Sounded
                                                     like a rally to me.
                                                                                                     SCCA REGION: Washington DC
                                                                                                     MEMBER SINCE: 2008
                                                                                                     FAVORITE AUTHOR/WRITER: Malcolm Gladwell
                                                                                                     LAST BOOK READ: OUTLIERS:
      detective specializing in violent crimes,          “I’ve been [running RoadRallies] for        The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell
      is talking about running down cold             about three years now. First in my              FAVORITE ENTERTAINER: Jay Leno
      cases, the ones that never got solved the      Dodge pickup truck, [which is] not the
      first time around.                             best vehicle, so I got the Mini Cooper.         FAVORITE MOVIES: Bullitt, The Italian Job (the remake)
          “Murder, mayhem, sex and violence,         I’d wanted a Mini ever since 1966, but          FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Man and the Challenge,
      that’s what I do,” he said. He works as a      now I had a reason to get one.                  from the 1960s (the precursor to modern reality shows)
      private consultant now.                            “I’ve never won anything. I don’t care.     FAVORITE FOOD: Microbrewery beer
          “When I’m teaching, I tell [my             It’s just fun to be out there going places
      students] you got a fresh case, after a        you wouldn’t ordinarily find, trying to be
                                                                                                     FAVORITE NON-SCCA ACTIVITY: Photography
      couple of days the window of                   on course and on time.” Barbara is often        FIRST CAR OWNED: 1952 Oldsmobile sedan,
      opportunity to solve this thing starts to      his navigator, or daughter Rachel               named “The Bubble”
      close. But it never closes all the way.        [sometimes she’s the driver].                   FAVORITE CAR OWNED: 2007 Mini Cooper S
      After five years, the window is thrown             McCann prefers the Stock class.             (License plate 007S MINI – it’s a 2007 Mini S, says so on
      wide open again and the case is solvable.      “I like seat-of-the-pants rallying,” he         the plate. Did you read the tag some other way?)
          “I tell them work on it as hard as you     said. “I’ve used the computers and GPS,         CURRENT DAILY DRIVER:
      can for a year, then put it on the back        but I seldom saw the course; only the           Indestructible 1994 Dodge Dakota
      shelf and on the fifth anniversary get it      gadgets. What fun is that?”
      out and talk to everybody again. There’ll          Detective work, he said, is “not like
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Description: Larry McCann, a retired Virginia State Police detective specializing in violent crimes, is talking about running down cold cases, the ones that never got solved the first time around. First in my Dodge pickup truck, [which is] not the best vehicle, so I got the Mini Cooper. After moving into investigations, McCann went to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va., to take the behavioral sciences training.
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