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                                                                                        SportsCar magazine welcomes letters. The opinions expressed here are the opinons

      Rants & Revs                                                                      of the individual writers, and do not necessarily reflect those of SCCA or SportsCar.
                                                                                        Letters should be under 150 words, and may be edited for length and style. SportsCar
                                                                                        magazine and the SCCA reserve the right not to publish any letter.

      Write to SportsCar Magazine 16842 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 125, Irvine, CA 92606 or e-mail sportscar@haymarketworldwide.com
      GETTING ON TRACK                        getting your annual inspection? If
      I am a Solo competitor and a
      regular Club Racing worker, and I
                                              you should fail by one second, are
                                              you no longer allowed to race that
                                                                                                            the as the
                                                                                          Letter ofselectedmonth
                                                                                          If your letter is
                                                                                                                                    issue of SportsCar, I was
                                                                                                                                        surprised when I read that the
      have noticed that the path to wheel-    day? Would you get several                  letter of the month, you                             Formula 125 Ladies class
      to-wheel racing competition is          attempts? Would it be the best two          will receive a free gift.                              winner, Karen Craner,
      much smoother and clearer with          of three? I have never been in the          This month, the gift                                   was from a brand-new
      one of the other sanctioning bodies     situation where I have had to               is a GoPro HD                                          region, Eastern Idaho.
      than with the SCCA. The other           escape my racecar – and, hopefully,         Motorsports HERO                                            Karen is from Idaho
      events I’ve attended run driver         I never will – but I have to believe        featuring 720p,                                               Falls, which
      education groups in several levels at   my motivation to bound from the             960p and                                                      before the new
      the same events that feature racing.    car would be far greater while              1080p video                                                region split off, was
      A driver simply participates in and     actually in the situation. I don’t have     capture and a 5-                                        part of Snake River
      completes the education levels until    any answers regarding this topic,           megapixel sensor. For                                Region. Snake River
      he or she reaches the wheel-to-         only questions, but I do think it’s an      more info on GoPro, go to                       Region was formed in 1981,
      wheel level. The student watches        interesting proposal that might hold        www.goprocamera.com. Send                    and it took seven years for the
      and interacts with wheel-to-wheel       water should we be able to figure           us a letter with your comments            region to get its first Solo
      racers on every weekend. I do not       out the logistics.                          and you may be the next winner.           champion, Gerry Wilson in A
      see this happening with Solo and           Rob Walters                                                                        Modified Ladies in 1988
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Description: The race chairman, Marina Kraft, the National Office staff and the Road America staff did a superb job organizing a first year Runoffs at one of the most beautiful and challenging road courses in the country. SportsCar Letters 16842 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 125 Irvine, CA 92606, or e-mail to sportscar@haymarketworldwide.com New region, new champion As I was reading the event report on the Tire Rack Solo National Championships in the November issue of SportsCar, I was surprised when I read that the Formula 125 Ladies class winner, Karen Craner, was from a brand-new region, Eastern Idaho.
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