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Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008 (296 pages; $24.95 cloth) This well-written and compelling book goes well beyond the historical analysis of a single illness, bipolar disorder, once called manic depression, to fundamentally question the relationship between the science of psychiatry and the business of psychopharmacology.

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dichotomy of blurred roles and conflict of interest of a successful advocate in addition to
being spokesperson for a pharmaceutical company.
     “Prevention and Risk” presents risk predictions, hereditary cancers, and British pre-
ventive efforts on lung cancers. Henry Lynch’s research into hereditary colorectal cancer
highlights the evolution of medical genetics from the 1960s to the present, which ulti-
mately led to the registry establishment for specific cancers.
     Cancer in the Twentieth Century provides a somewhat narrow overview to the
approaches and treatments of this disease but in no way detracts from its organized
themes and presented papers. The diversity of presentations underscores the breadth
and depth of the dilemma of cancer itself: prevention, approaches, treatment, and
public education. Extensive footnotes accompany each paper, which allows the reader
to further investigate what has been presented. Readers interested in the historical trajec-
tory of a disease approach will find this book interesting and useful. Those interested
in feminist history will appreciate the efforts of women physicians and advocates to
make women’s cancers shift from a disfiguring surgical approach to those that yield
the same or better results with minimal disfigurement. Cantor has assembled a collection
that has appeal to those interested in the development and evolution of cancer treat-
ments, the effect of gender and advocacy upon modifying or changing treatment
protocols, and how public awareness and involvement has spurred cancer awareness
and care.

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Mania: A Short History of Bipolar Disorder
By David Healy
(Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008)
(296 pages; $24.95 cloth)

This well-written and compelling book goes well beyond the histor
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