Reinventing the Music Business by ProQuest


The music industry continues to reel from the slow-burning demise of the major-label system and the meteoric rise of ubiquitous content, peer-to-peer file sharing, and newer, easier ways to produce, promote, and distribute work digitally. In the old days, bands signed to a label, recorded an album, and toured in support of it. Nowadays, musicians have the option of signing to a label (large or small), relying on outside investment, or finding the time, energy, and money to manage everything themselves -- the do-it-yourself approach. Even with an army of publicists behind them, bands need to take advantage of social networking sites to connect with fans, spread the word about their music, and gain support. Such online music services, which enable users to access virtually any music at any time without having to download it, could render peer-to-peer file sharing -- the industry's white whale -- a thing of the past.

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