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									                                                                                                             deeper concerns such as toxicity in our

                                The Natural                                                                  environment that contribute to breast
                                                                                                             cancer. I also find it ironic that cancer in
                                                                                                             the very place from which we nourish the

                                Family                                                                       next generation is the most commonly
                                                                                                             diagnosed cancer in Canadian women.
                                                                                                             Often, the very products that brandish
                                                                                                             the pink ribbon the loudest contain sus-
                                                                                                             pected carcinogens such as parabens and
                                                                                                             phthalates. Someone is profiting and it’s
                                                                                                             not the young women with cancer.
                                By Andrea Cameron                                                                 Are doctors dismissing lumps in

                                                                                                             young women because the research has-
                                                                                                             n’t caught up with the reality? Are more
                                                                                                             women developing breast cancer at a
                                                                                                             younger age?
       Asking Questions About Cancer                                                                              I now know five things for certain
                                                                                                             about breast cancer:

W      e are all very aware of breast can-
       cer. We know that one in nine
women will be diagnosed in their life-
                                               wonderful little boys, begins the fight of
                                               her life. How would things be different if
                                               her disease had been caught a year ago?
                                                                                                                  First, no one is too young.
                                                                                                                  Second, demand a second, third or
                                                                                                             tenth opinion when your gut tells you
time. We know about breast exams and               Over 1,000 Canadian women and                             something isn’t right. It’s your body.
mammograms. We can buy pink mixers,            10,000 American women under forty are                         You know.
socks, and nail polish, all of which claim     diagnosed with breast cancer each year.                            Third, when someone in our commu-
to “raise awareness.”                          For many, their cancer is detected at a                       nity is diagnosed with breast cancer, we
    So, what happens when a woman              much later stage because of their young                       must all rally around her and her family.
finds a lump?                                  age. While breast cancer is devastating at                         Fourth, we all must start to ask ques-
    If she’s over forty, people will mobi-     any age, being diagnosed before forty                         tions about cancer, not just
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