Initial Client Letter by katiealibrandi


                    Indigent Defense Coordinator


To:      IDC Attorneys
Cc:      Honorable David Morales
         Honorable Michael Herbolich
         Honorable Jimmy Judd
         Honorable Judy Bethel
         Honorable Timothy Dickerson
         Honorable Linda Hale
         Karen Ferrara, Court Administrator
From:    Michael S. Politi, Legal Defender/IDC
Re:      Initial Client Letter
Date:    March 4, 2009

     At a recent meeting with the Justice Courts a concern was
raised over the lack of communication between the attorney and
the client prior to the pretrial hearing.      Specifically, the
courts requested that IDC attorneys ensure that a first letter
is sent to the client when the case is assigned.

     This is standard practice in the Public Defender and Legal
Defender offices.     I believe that most IDC attorneys are
following this practice as well.    However, if any IDC attorney
is not routinely sending a first letter when accepting an
assignment from IDC please begin to do so now.

     Criminal defendants often move or may not have provided a
proper address initially. Please, for your own protection, make
sure that your attempts to contact the client are documented.
Advise IDC if you are receiving case assignments that do not
contain addresses or telephone numbers in the related court

     Please contact me if you have any questions.      Thank you for
your cooperation.

               P.O. Drawer AC, Bisbee, AZ      85603
                 (520)432-8458   FAX: (520)432-8461

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