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                                                                                                        Letter from the Director
                                                                                                        Message from the Director
                                                                                                          We are at an
                                                                                                          exciting phase
                                                                                                          of the Project
                                                                                                          as we prepare
                                                                                                          for end-user
                                                                                                          training, and
                                                                                                          continue to conduct testing for the
                                                                                                          HCM modules. We are proud of the

                                                                                                          progress we have made and are
        oving to a Web-based system has              can result in inadvertent distribution of            confident about the steps that lie ahead
        many advantages – more streamlined           this number. In the new system, Social               and appreciate the tremendous agency
        processes, less redundant data               Security numbers will not be used for                participation and support received.
entry, and quicker access to information             employee authentication. Instead, Edison
when you need it. Along with the many                will generate unique employee IDs that stay          End-user training, which begins in
positive aspects of Edison and its Internet          with the employee regardless of position             September, is a key component to
availability, there is also an additional level      or department. This will help keep your              the successful implementation of the
of protection and security that is needed for a      Social Security number more secure. To               Edison system. In this newsletter, we
Web-based system.                                    access Edison applications, employees will           address where we are with training and
                                                     be assigned unique user IDs and secure               why it is so important.
We all have all heard about hackers trying to        passwords.
                                                                                                          Because Edison is a Web-based
break into secure data systems. The State
                                                                                                          system, we have received numerous
takes the security of its data responsibilities      2) Multi-layered Security. All of the data
                                                                                                          questions about the security of the
very seriously. Despite these challenges,            inside Edison is stored within the State’s
                                                                                                          application. Security is of utmost
we are confident that Edison will withstand          Data Center behind several layers of physical
                                                                                                          importance to Project Edison, and we
potential threats to the system and the              and network security. The information is
                                                                                                          hope you will read our feature article
information it contains.                             kept on reliable and redundant disks that
                                                                                                          about the measures we are taking to
                                                     are backed up nightly. Additionally, all
Security is of utmost importance to                                                                       protect the system and your personal
                                                     online communication between Edison
Project Edison, the State of Tennessee                                                                    information.
                                                     and the users is encrypted to keep the
and its employees. To that end, we are               communication session and information                Currently, we are working with
implementing Edison using industry best              secure.                                              agencies to compare legacy
practices and accepted procedures to protect
                                                                                                          administrative business processes
your personal information. Project Edison            3) User Profiles. Each employee is assigned
                                                                                                          with Edison business processes and
has taken numerous measures to ensure that           a unique profile that ensures employees
                                                                                                          determine a plan for moving to the new
data is safe and secure. Below are some of           only have access to the appropriate portion
                                                                                                          processes. This important assignment
the ways this will be achieved:                      of their own agency’s information and the
                                                                                                          gives agencies the opportunity to
                                                     tasks necessary to do their job. For instance,
1) Unique Employee IDs. Some of the                                                                       evaluate and potentially streamline the
                                                     if an employee performs payroll functions
current legacy systems use the Social                                                                     ways in which they conduct business.
                                                     at TDEC, he/she won’t be able to access
Security numbers in the employee’s                                                                        In addition to the changes Edison is
                                                     information for any other agency.
authentication or sign-on process, which                                                                  facilitating, we are also working with

                                                                                                                            (continued on page 2)
Will My Information Be Safe?
                                                                                               Letter from the Director
                                                                                             (continued from page 1)

(continued from page 1)                         Project Edison is geared to provide          agency Liaisons to map the roles of

                                                employees with many benefits through         State employees who perform Human
Many people who currently use Internet                                                       Capital Management functions.
                                                Employee Self Service, such as viewing
accessible systems will be glad to hear                                                      Once those employees and their job
                                                your pay stub and checking your leave
that Edison’s systems are using similar                                                      responsibilities are identified, we will be
                                                balances. These are just a few of the
security tools and processes. In fact, the                                                   able to enroll them in training and assign
                                                many ways Edison empowers you to
most important security tool is you! It is an                                                them their necessary security access.
                                                manage your personal information. It is
employee’s responsibility to keep his/her
                                                our goal to provide employees with these     The implementation of Edison will not
Edison user ID and password confidential
                                                conveniences in a secure environment.        only provide an easy-to-use software
and secure. It is a violation of State policy
                                                These measures, along with numerous          solution, but it will also help the State of
to reveal your Edison password to another
                                                phases of system testing, will help keep     Tennessee improve our administrative
person or give another person access using
                                                personal and State information safe and      processes and ultimately, how we serve
your Edison user ID.
                                                confidential.                                our citizens. It is our hope that agencies
                                                                                             take advantage of the new technology
                                                                                             Edison has to offer in developing a new

                                                                                             and more effective way to do business.

                                                                                             We would like to thank the agency
                                                                                             Liaisons, Agency Implementation
                                                                                             Teams (AITs) and other business
                                                                                             process owners for all of your work on
                                                                                             these assignments. We are confident
    “It is clear that you have spent              “I looked through the recent Edison
                                                                                             that your diligence with these efforts
    considerable time, effort, and thought        report and really like the idea of the
                                                                                             will help make the Project a resounding
    in designing the business processes           many ways that employees will be
    for benefits utilizing the PeopleSoft         able to provide our own services. I like
    software. We appreciate your                  the additional flexibility that we will    Please remember to visit our intranet
    dedication to seeing that our business        have such as being able to deposit our     site, http://intranet.state.tn.us/erp, for
    is handled appropriately under Edison.        paycheck into more than one account.       ongoing updates and FAQs about the
    Thank you for the completed design            Online pay statements and the ability      Project. As always, feel free to contact
    documents book.”                              to update our own personal information     us at edison@state.tn.us with any
                                                  are great, too. Thanks for all the hard    questions, comments or concerns.
    Bob Smith
                                                  work your team is doing to enable State    We welcome your feedback and we
    F&A – Division of Insurance
                                                  employees to update our own personal       encourage you to share your thoughts
                                                  information and have more flexibility.”    with us. Thank you for your support!

                                                  Mary L. Morris                             Sincerely,
                                                  F&A – Office for Information Resources
                                                                                             Stephanie Richardson
                                                                                             Project Director

                                    Edison Training Update
Edison end-user training, which begins in         the system to enroll employees into their       new training facility in the Tennessee Tower.
September for the HCM modules, is a vital         specified training courses. Using the current   The new facility, which will be available in
component to the success of the Project.          role mapping information being provided by      October, will host the majority of training in
Training will teach employees how to do           State Agencies, we will provide ATCs with       Nashville.
their job using the Edison application and        information regarding what classes each
                                                                                                  Following their training classes, employees
will give employees a first look at how the       employee needs to take. The classes for
                                                                                                  will have the chance to practice what
system and business processes will work.          each employee will be determined based
                                                                                                  they’ve learned using a test environment, or
                                                  on an employee’s responsibilities and the
With Edison end-user training quickly                                                             “sandbox.” Because the sandbox will contain
                                                  tasks needed to perform the job accordingly.
approaching, Project Edison staff members                                                         test data, employees can feel comfortable
                                                  Most core administrative users will take an
are working diligently to prepare for this very                                                   practicing their exercises without worrying
                                                  average of two courses to be able to fulfill
important effort. Before training can begin,                                                      about impacting the actual Edison
                                                  their current job function.
we will train Agency Training Coordinators                                                        environment. Along with the sandbox,
(ATC) to enroll learners into the Human           Agency Training Coordinators will enroll        Edison will make the User Productivity Kit
Capital Management (HCM) training                 employees or “learners” into the necessary      (UPK) available to employees. The UPK
classes. On July 30, we began training the        training courses. HCM training will begin       courses will provide instructions on how to
ATCs on the PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning        in September and will continue through          execute the training exercises as opposed
Management (ELM) module. This is the              January 2008. Employees will be notified        to the “open” sandbox environment. An
same module that the State will use after         by an e-mail generated through the Edison       example of UPK can be found on the Edison
Go-Live to administer training.                   ELM system about when they are scheduled        Intranet site at http://intranet.state.tn.us/erp/
                                                  to attend training.                             upkdemo.html.
Edison has developed 22 courses to
teach HCM employees how to use the                Training will be offered at locations
new system. By mid-August, the course             throughout the State thanks to agencies that
catalog will be entered into the ELM system       are allowing Edison to use their facilities.
and Training Coordinators will begin using        Training will also be offered at the State’s

                                                                                                               Edison Spotlight
                   Edison Technical Talk                                                                John Grove, Project
From designing the technical architecture           3.   Supports development of appropriate            Edison’s Technical
to configuring the various levels of security            data repositories that will allow              Team Manager, has
access, the technical team is responsible                productive use of multiple reporting           technical/leadership
for making sure Edison will be able to                   tools provided with the various Edison         experience in
function properly when it goes live in                   applications.                                  various industries
January. The Edison technical team is                                                                   ranging from media to the service
                                                    The Security Team                                   industry. An Iowa native, John moved
made up of four areas of responsibility -
application administration, development,            1.   Configures role and row level security         to Nashville in 1998 to become
security and quality assurance (QA) / project            for all applications.                          Gaylord Entertainment’s Director of
coordination. Below you will find information       2.   Confirms navigation to applications and        Information Technology Infrastructure.
about some of the responsibilities of each               use of the PeopleSoft portal from the          He then moved into a similar position
of these Edison technical groups and some                Internet and Intranet.                         at Asurion, followed by project
activities in these areas.                          3.   Coordinates approval of application user       management for the EMC2 Group.
                                                         IDs and passwords.                             Although John was educated as an
The Application Administration Team                                                                     electrical/electronic engineer, he
                                                    4.   Identifies security management tools
1.   Designs and installs application                                                                   credits his military and life experiences
                                                         and processes.
     architecture (this is nearing completion).                                                         for the leadership skills he uses to
                                                    5.   Ensures separation of responsibility for
2.   Conducts load/performance testing                                                                  work with technical employees.
                                                         application access processes.
     for the architecture supporting the
                                                                                                        John believes that Project Edison gives
     production instance (preparation is            The QA/Project Coordination Team
                                                                                                        Tennessee the opportunity to rethink
     underway for the test that will confirm        1.   Identifies & coordinates implementation        its business processes to better serve
     performance for Phase I Edison                      of application support methodology.            its constituents.
     applications. Testing will start in the last
                                                    2.   Documents and coordinates activities
     week of July and extend into October to                                                            “Edison positions the State with current
                                                         that are required to support the Edison
     help ensure Phase 2 requirements are                                                               technology that will be supportable for
                                                         primary project structure.
     incorporated).                                                                                     at least the next two decades,” he said.
                                                    3.   Helps define operational processes that
3.   Participates in technical training on a                                                            “Edison provides the State increased
                                                         will be required for production.
     host of new technologies from Oracle                                                               integration of application functions,
                                                    4.   Works with State audit groups to help
     RAC to Service Oriented Architecture.                                                              which translates to more accurate
                                                         identify technical and functional audit
4.   Implements change control for all                                                                  and timely information that will help
     Edison applications using the Quest                                                                employees make better business
     Stat tool.                                     In each edition of the newsletter, we               decisions for the State.”
                                                    will address various technical issues of
The Application Development Team                                                                        Interesting facts about John:
                                                    importance to agencies, especially within
1.   Focuses on data conversion from                                                                    • In his spare time, John pitches on
                                                    the ISM community. If you have questions
     legacy systems through a process of                                                                  the Edison softball team and likes to
                                                    or topics that you would like to see in future
     extraction, translation, staging and                                                                 collect time pieces, including
                                                    editions of the newsletter, please e-mail us
     component load steps to populate new                                                                 watches, mantel and grandfather
                                                    at edison@state.tn.us. Additionally, we invite
     Edison applications.                                                                                 clocks.
                                                    you to visit the technical page on the Edison
                                                                                                        • John has three children – Todd, Mia
2.   Uses PeopleTools, PeopleCode and               Intranet site at http://intranet.state.tn.us/erp.
                                                                                                          and Jason – and six grandchildren.
     other products to create customizations
                                                                                                        • In his youth, John traveled
     of functionability, interfaces and
                                                                                                          throughout the Midwest riding bulls
     operational environments.
                                                                                                          and bareback broncos on the rodeo

                                                                                                         ASK EDISON
        Agencies Meet to Begin                                                                  Q. How can an employee earn comp
    Business Process Implementation                                                             time and take comp time during the
                                                                                                same week?
On June 8, 2007, approximately 200 agency      effective methods to help their agencies deal    A. In the new system, as employees
Liaisons and Agency Implementation Team        with the changes.                                earn compensatory time or use
(AIT) members met with staff from the          “A lot of information was presented to the       compensatory time, the hours earned
Edison Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits        agencies today,” said Judy Muth, manager         or used will update appropriate
areas. This meeting was a kick-off planning    of the Edison Enterprise Readiness Team,         compensatory balances (regular,
session to begin an analysis within their      “but this is one of the most critical planning   premium, holiday or excess) on a
agencies for business process changes          processes for the agencies. This is where        daily basis. Department of Personnel
brought about by Edison.                       the agency business leaders must decide          policy and Time and Labor rules would
                                               how Edison is going to best fit within their     determine eligibility for usage of hours
The primary presenters for the day were
                                               internal procedures.”                            earned within the same workweek. For
John Moore, manager of Edison Human                                                             example, holiday compensatory hours
Resources, and Patrice Steinhart, manager      Each agency left the day with a binder           earned because the employee worked
of Payroll/Benefits. The purpose of the day    of business process documentation, and           on the holiday would be available for
was to highlight changes created by the new    guidelines and templates to complete the         usage within the same workweek.
system, and to give the agencies additional    agency planning process. The Edison
details about the process.                     Agency Change Experts (ACEs), working            Q. Will employees record their own
                                               through the Agency Liaisons, are following       time or will we still have timekeepers
Using the documentation supplied by the                                                         who will enter time for employees
                                               up to ensure the agency was receiving the
Edison team, the AIT members were then                                                          within a certain area?
                                               support it needed.
led through a sample process of how to
analyze the changes, determine the impacts     “When agencies have completed their              A. The Time and Labor module is set
on the agency, and to develop plans for        business process analysis and planning,          up to allow employees to enter their
                                                                                                own time/leave into the system. Most
the agencies to best accommodate the           and have begun carrying out their plans, the
                                                                                                employees who currently enter their
noted changes. In the meeting, the agency      Edison training classes coming in the Fall
                                                                                                own time/leave into Data Capture will
teams were given some time to practice an      will be much more meaningful,” Judy said.
                                                                                                enter their time/leave into the new
analysis exercise on one of their business
                                                                                                system. However, employees who
processes. It was expected that the agency
                                                                                                do not currently have access to Data
would likely need much more time and
                                                                                                Capture may not enter their own time/
additional agency staff to complete the plan
                                                                                                leave at the Go-Live date of January
for just one changed process. There were
                                                                                                1, 2008. Each agency will determine
many processes to consider. The completed
                                                                                                how many employees will have this
Business Process Analysis plan or Action                                                        ability at Go-Live and will be able to
Plan for each agency was due on July 16.                                                        phase in more employees after Go-
                                                                                                Live. Employees who do not enter their
In addition, Edison invited Dr. Barry Bales
                                                                                                own time/leave will continue to use a
to address the group and provide comments
throughout the day. Dr. Bales is an expert
on large-scale change management efforts,                                                        To submit a question to Ask Edison,
such as the one the State is now going                                                          e-mail us at edison@state.tn.us. Your
through, and was able to offer participants                                                     question may appear in a future issue
                                                                                                         of The Edison Report!