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									Parent Alert Letter Information

If you received a Parent Alert Letter, Middle School this means that your son or
daughter may be in jeopardy of not passing or is not passing a local standard. This is not
good since students must pass Communication, Math and one of these three; Science ,
Social Studies and Physical Education, to earn promotion to the next grade. I have sent
several messages home about students not automatically being enrolled in summer school
if he or she does not pass the local standard requirement. I do not believe that a student
can learn the expected skills necessary for promotion in 19 or 20 days.

Therefore, I suggest you make a plan with your child and the teachers to resolve this
before summer school becomes an issue.

Parent Alert Letter, Grades 6, 7, 8

If you received this parent alert letter it is a different issue. This letter means that your
child did not get 3 on an EOG or meet the grade level cut-off score on his or her last EOG
in MATH or READING. In some cases your son or daughter did receive a low 3 on an
EOG but did not meet the grade level cut-off criteria. Since the State of North Carolina
renormed the MATH EOG two years ago and the READING EOG last year this could
be the first time you have received one of these letters. Typically during the renorming
scores take a significant drop the first year. That is definitely the case with the
READING EOG. However, the pattern has been that after schools make instructional
modifications and students take the assessment a second time the scores go up
significantly. I am not sure why this process requires such a roller coaster ride, but it is
not unique to North Carolina.

With all that said, we are required to send these letters home. We do value the EOG
information and use the information to help us plan instruction. We also use teacher
lessons, tests and the MAP Assessment to help us plan our instruction. So, you can see
our plans are data driven. However, we do not use one piece of data like an EOG score
to determine promotion or retention for students. If fact, retention is always the last
option we consider.

Mr. Conner

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