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									Earning A Pirate Football Letter
Earning A Varsity Letter Should Require A Solid And Consistent Effort By An
Athlete To Improve And Contribute To His Team. It Should Also Be Within
Reach Of Every Athlete On The Squad.

To be awarded a varsity football letter an athlete is responsible for earning
a minimum of 30 Letter Points from the end of last season to the end of the
current one, as well as finishing the season as a team member in good

Category I. Strength Training
Strength development is critical in the development of a football player for
two reasons.

1. The stronger you are the less susceptible to injury you will be.
2. You will be able to compete longer and at a higher level.


Our strength program is divided into three nine week phases, winter,
spring, and summer.

Letter Points Will Be Awarded For:*Weight training during PE will count
towards these points.
> 21 participation days earn 3 letter points.
> 18 participation days earn 2 letter points.
> 15 participation days earn 1 letter point.

Category II. Performance
The performance category measures the ability levels of our athletes
preparing for the season, playing the game, and in the classroom.

Points will be awarded for:

>   First varsity game appearance earns 1 point.
>   Every 4 varsity quarters played earns 1 point.
>   Every 6 JV quarters played earns 1 point.
>   Being on the first quarter A Honor Roll earns 4 letter points.
>   Being on the B Honor Roll earns 3 letter points.
>   Obtaining a 2.5 first quarter GPA earns you 1 letter point.
>   Passing our opening fitness test earns you 4 letter points.
>   Joining the 700 lb. club earns you 3 letter points.
>   Joining the 800 lb. club earns you 4 letter points.
      (clubs are Bench + Squat + Clean)
Category III. Activities
Indicates developing a competitive edge and overall skill development.

Points awarded for:

> Participation in high school basketball, track or baseball will earn you 2
letter points.
> Each football or strength & agility camp you attend earn you 3 points..

Category IV. Responsibility
This category measures the athlete's loyalty & dedication to our program.

Letter Points Will Be Awarded For:

> Not missing or being late for a practice will earn you 5 letter points.
> No unexcused missed practices earn you 3 letter points.
> No training rule violations earn you 3 letter points. NOTE: Three
detentions forfeit these points for you.
> Returning all equipment & playbooks in acceptable condition & by the
designated time earn you 1 letter point.) NOTE: For each day you are late
returning issued items in acceptable condition 3 points will be deducted
from your point total.

Category V. Goals
Measures responsibility and effort.

Points awarded for:

> Reaching your bench goal - 3 letter points.
> Reaching your squat goal - 4 letter points.
    Reaching your clean goal – 4 letter points.
     > Reaching your dot goal - 3 letter points.
     > reaching your 40 goal - 2 letter points.

       Freshmen have standard goals built in:

       > Bench: 20 lbs. under their body weight.
       > Squat: 50 lb. over their body weight.
      >Clean: body weight
       > Dots: 49 for backs & receivers. 56 for linemen.
       > 40: 5.2 for backs & receivers. 5.7 for linemen.

       Category VI. Miscellaneous
       > Participating at certain levels in a team fundraiser - 1 to 4 points.
       > Participating in a team community service project - 1 to 3 points.
       > Extra service to the team - 1 to 3 points.
       > Consideration will be given to an injured player that was on track to
       letter at the time of the injury.

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