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					                   CITI- Programs for Postgraduates
Here, you can find out more about Citi‟s Investment Banking in EMEA and the two
Associate programs you can apply for. In short, these are:

      Full-time Associate Program
      Summer Associate Training Program

Full-time Associate Program
This begins in mid-August, with an eight-week training program that has developed a
reputation for excellence amongst academic and business leaders worldwide.

Your training begins with a week specifically for new associate hires. This pre-training is
designed to smooth the transition into Investment Banking at Citi. You will cover internal
systems, as well as some tailored financial and technical training. The formal Associate
Training Program then commences in New York with our Global Orientation Week, where
you will join associates from around the globe for an overview of Citi, and specifically,
Markets & Banking.

The remainder of your training is conducted in London. You‟ll complete an intensive
introduction to Investment Banking, followed by a modular programme concentrating on the
major Investment Banking products, in addition to in-depth accounting and regulatory

Extensive classroom training with skilled instructors drawn from within Citi and supported
by external corporate training consultants consists of these modules:

      Orientation Week
      Financial Analysis/Accounting
      Leadership Development
      Mergers and Acquisitions
      Equity
      Fixed Income
      FSA Registration Examination

All modules are interactive and participative, ensuring you get the most you can from the
learning experience and making the training relevant, stimulating and effective.

Once you have completed the full-time program, our commitment to your development
continues with formal courses on a rotational basis. These complement the on-the-job
training you receive throughout your career. Topics covered range from the use of our
internal technology and research capabilities to the product-orientated Investment Banking
“hard skills” curriculum.
Summer Associate Training Program
This begins with a five-day training program in London. Orientation and induction sessions
during the first day provide an overview of Citi and the Summer Associate Program.

You will then complete a four-day program of classroom-based training, specific to
Investment Banking, working with skilled instructors drawn from within Citi. This
comprehensive program covers:

      accounting review
      valuation techniques
      Citi's library and information services
      using external information systems e.g. Bloomberg
      an overview of the most important financial products

To support and compliment this interactive and participative training, we also hone your
computer and information/data gathering skills. Expect to play a full part in the learning
experience, and to find the training relevant, stimulating and effective.

You will be placed in one group for the duration of your internship. This enables you to
perform the roles and responsibilities of a full-time associate from day one, continuously
learning through „on-the-job training‟. Prior to being offered an internship, you will be asked
to submit a list of preferences of which team you would like to join for the summer.
Allocation is based on your preferences together with our specific business requirements.
What Global Transaction Services offers:
In the commercial world, the realisation of innovation and break-out growth strategies are,
from a financial perspective, reliant on a company's operating efficiency (i.e. financial
appetite to invest). They also rely on the company‟s ability to execute and make that vision a
reality. How do they price, how do they connect the financial flows, how do they account for
and report to the respective legal entities and regulatory bodies, etc. This is where GTS plays
a critical role, both with execution and ongoing consultation.

We offer a diversity of roles to challenge talented individuals across a broad base of skill-sets
within our organisation. This also gives you the opportunity to work within a high
performance team and contribute directly to the growth of this exciting business.

In order to give you a better understanding of Global Transaction Services (GTS), we asked
our current associates to describe (in their own words) the areas they work in. It is important
to mention that the GTS Associate Program is a three-year rotational program. It consists of
rotations across different products and countries.

Strategic projects: Analysis of various industries and trends within those industries. You
will identify gaps/areas of financial services needs within a client's value chain and advise the
potential application of GTS products and solutions towards those needs.

Client involvement: From budget setting and account planning all the way to getting
involved in client deals, you‟ll be involved in all aspects of the client relationship and
understanding of the client's business. Through an assessment of the synergies between
various companies and business areas, you‟ll assist Client Managers in various deals and
provide a value-added enhancement to the client team.

Workshops and Training: Working with the Sector Head to identify areas of importance for
the team, you‟ll assist in setting up the origination efforts, various workshops, brainstorming
sessions and training sessions to facilitate discussion and sharing ideas on meeting revenue

Compliance Projects: As a part of your training, you will be involved in important
compliance and regulatory projects, where project management skills, senior escalation and
prioritization will all be extremely important. These projects usually involve working with
the entire Client Management team across EMEA.

Product Teams: Working with various product teams within GTS, you will identify areas
where data could be captured. This in turn leads to new ideas for existing product
enhancement, as well as ideas for new product development.
Finance Management Associate

Overview of the Business
Have you ever stopped to think who controls the finances in a leading financial services
company? Citi Finance is responsible for supervising all financial reporting and controls
pertaining to the flow of capital into and out of our organization globally.

What services do we provide to our clients?
Citi Finance acts as a strategic partner across all sectors and works closely with many of the
global management teams in ICG, Global Wealth Management, Consumer Banking, Global
Cards and the Corporate Center. The Citi Finance team encompases a variety of specific
functions including Treasury, Strategy, Business Development, Planning & Analysis, Audit
& Risk Review, as well as Controllers.

How we're structured?
Citi Finance is part of the support structure for the entire organization. Finance comprises
five major functions:

Controllers watch the bottom line. They are responsible for producing the Firm's financial
reports, for ensuring the accuracy of the Firm's books and records, maintaining capitalization
levels and for meeting regulatory and legal vehicle reporting requirements. "Control" is key
to enabling Citi to embark on its many initiatives with the confidence that our financial and
regulatory reporting -- which drives all crucial management decisions -- is being completed
in a timely and accurate manner.

Treasury is the custodian of Citi‟s balance sheet. This group manages the firm‟s funding,
liquidity and capital and is responsible for maintaining Citi‟s relationships with credit rating
agencies and with regulators.

Strategy and Planning plays a key support role to the CEOs and CFOs of the various Citi
sectors. S&P comprises Strategy, Planning & Analysis and Risk Strategy. All three teams
work closely together to provide senior management with the tools they need to optimally
allocate human, capital and investment resources.

M&A is responsible for proactively identifying opportunities, performing detailed analyses
and diligence on acquisition targets, and for making recommendations to Citi's M&A
committee and senior business leaders. The group reviews deals based on strategic needs and
works across all businesses and functional areas to coordinate the deal process - from signing
confidentiality agreements, to competitive analyses, analytics and modeling, valuation
support, presentation preparation, submission of bids, and contract negotiations.

Tax is responsible for financial, legal and regulatory tax reporting. This group has a keen
understanding of the various sectors across our organization -- including our broker-dealer
business, commodities trading, sales and trading and commercial lending -- and identifies
tax-planning opportunities for these sectors.Print Page Our Programs
Management Associate program

Here, you can find out more about Citi in EMEA, our work, our clients and where you could
fit into the team.

Citi EMEA is divided into two sub regions; WEMEA (Western Europe, Middle East and
Africa) and CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).

Within the Global Consumer Group, WEMEA is led by Gerard Ryan and CEE is led by
Sanjeeb Chaudhuri. Our regional offices are based in London.

Consumer Banking in EMEA:

Our Consumer Banking division has a presence in 23 countries, has strong retail banking and
wealth management franchises, a workforce of more than 28,000 staff, over 1,300 sales
points across the region, 1,788 ATM‟s, and over 24 million customer accounts. We provide a
wide range of savings, investment and loan products and services across a large and diverse
set of developed and emerging markets. Quality of service provided by staff is the key
differentiator between Citi and our competitors. Brand names include: Citibank,
CitiFinancial, Citi Handlowy, Egg and IPB.
Key deadlines

Since exact deadlines vary by program, region and school you should consult with your
career services for specific deadlines.

To provide you with a general idea of our timelines:

      Our full-time recruitment process starts in the late summer so you will want to apply early in
      Our summer recruitment process starts in the winter so you will want to apply in December.
       However, if you will be studying abroad the Spring semester before you’d like to complete a
       summer internship you should submit your application online by early November.

Hints & Tips

How our recruiting process works
We start our recruiting process in the autumn and our online application system this year
opens in August, 2008.

Citi's Recruiting Teams visit a number of campuses during the recruiting season (please
check our Campus Calendar). On campus we give presentations about the company and the
numerous career opportunities we can offer you. You will also have a chance to meet our
people across the businesses, including senior representatives and those who have recently
joined the company. This gives you an excellent opportunity to learn, first hand, about the
company, what differentiates us from other firms and what makes us tick. Before you start
our online application, please review the checklist below and consider the following
motivation questions, which should help you decide whether you would enjoy working with

Motivation questions:
      Are you prepared to take on early responsibility?
      Are you excited by challenges?
      Are you effective working in teams?
      Can you work on your own initiative?
      Are you highly motivated, enthusiastic and driven?
      Have you read our web site to learn about Citi in more detail?
      Have you thoroughly researched the business division you would like to apply to and the
       program it offers?
      Do you have an excellent academic record?
      Are you looking for the opportunity to make a difference and to create change?

If you have answered "yes" to all these questions and are sure that a career with Citi is what
you're looking for, then submit your application and check your inbox for your receipt
confirmation. We will carefully consider your application against our selection criteria. Citi
does not use automated screening tools; a member of our recruiting team will personally
review applications submitted online.
Regardless of the area that you are applying to, interviews will form a part of the application
process. Interviews are a great chance for us to meet with you and find out more about you,
as well as for you to ask us any questions you may have.

If you have been asked to interview, it means that you are already one of a select group of
applicants who have satisfied the initial selection criteria. At this stage, the interviewer will
want both to verify the accuracy of any information in your application and to probe a bit
further, testing and challenging you to think on your feet.

The central purpose of an interview is to assess whether your personality, skills and
experience are a close match with the requirements of the job and the company culture.

There are two basic areas being assessed during the interview process: your knowledge and
your competencies.

If you meet our criteria, you will be invited to participate in our assessment process.

Please Note: The specific assessment tools used at each stage will vary by region and are
specific to each business area. Once you are invited to participate in the assessment process,
you will be encouraged to visit our "Virtual Interview Center" online, which provides specific
information on the assessment process by region and for each business area.

To apply, please register online at

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