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									  Northeast Harris County,
  Early Head Start
  Pre-Application Recording
Department of Health and Human Services
Administration for Children and Families
Office of Head Start
Washington, DC

   Overview of Replacement Grantee Process

   Overview of the Selection Process

   Review of the Request for Applications (RFA)
    and Evaluation Criteria

   Review of the Electronic Application Process

   Q&A

    Replacement Grantee Process
   A replacement grantee is needed when a Head Start or
    Early Head Start grant is terminated or relinquished.

   The process begins with the RFA being published

   A panel reviews all eligible applications

   Site visits are conducted for fundable applicants

   A notice is provided to the Governor

   The overall selection process takes approximately 10 to
    12 months before an award is issued

             Replacement Steps and Timelines

    Timeframe                             Steps

Start              Replacement notice/effective date of termination or
                   relinquishment; OGM conducts grant closeout
                   with former grantee; RFA drafted
First 45 Days      Fact sheets and inventory list developed

2 Months           RFA published (within 60 days) of termination or
4 Months           RFA posted on ACF Web site and grants.gov for 60
5 Months           Panel review conducted (within 30 days of RFA
7 Months           Site visits scheduled (within 60 days of panel
8-9 Months         Letter to governor sent (45-day comment period)

10 Months          Decision memo approved and forwarded to RO

11 Months          Negotiations completed (within 30 days) of
                   notification from OHS
12 Months          OGM awards replacement grant (within 30 days)
                   of receipt of budget negotiation sheet
                   Congressional notification
    Overview of Selection Process
   Applications are due April 20, 2009
     Must  be submitted electronically, mailed, or hand
      delivered in time to arrive by April 20, 2009 at 4:30
      p.m. Eastern Time
     This is NOT a postmark date

   Official Receipt Point:
       ACYF Operations Center
       118 Q Street NE
       Washington, DC 20002-2132
       Attn: Tanyanic Brown
       (866) 796-1591

    Overview of Selection Process

   When submitting hardcopy applications, please
    mark envelopes “Northeast Harris Cty, Texas
    Early Head Start Replacement”
   Applications will be reviewed by an independent
    panel composed of three reviewers and one
   OHS reviews each application and the panel
    comments as well as other available information
    about the applicant

             Eligible Applicants
   Any local public or private non-profit or local for-
    profit agency or organization, in the community
    to be served (including Faith-Based

   For-profit agencies must agree to waive their

   Proof of legal or corporate status required

        Eligible Applicants must:
   Provide evidence of financial capability
   Demonstrate financial viability to meet the
    requirements of 45 CFR 1302.1 and 1302.2.
     Financial viability means the capability of an applicant
      or the continuing capability of a grantee to furnish the
      non-Federal share of the cost of operating an
      approvable or approved Head Start program

       Service Area and Funded
   Service Area
     Northeast Harris County, Texas (boundaries
      described in the program announcement)

   Funded Enrollment for the area served by the
    previous grantee
     Early Head Start (ages 0-3) = 66 infants and

        Project Period and Funding
   Initial one-year budget

   Continuation awards

       Subject to availability of funds

       Based on grantee’s satisfactory performance

       Subject to review after first year of operation

    Project Period and Funding (cont.)
   Federal Funds Available for Northeast Harris
    County, Texas
       Early Head Start - $680,521

   20% Non-Federal Match = $170,130

            Disqualification Factors
   Applications will be screened out and not
    considered for funding for the following
     The amount of Federal funding requested for the base
      year exceeds the ceiling amount in the announcement.

     The application is not received by the ACYF
      Operations Center or Grants.gov before the
      announced closing time and date.

     Applicationsdo not meet the limited eligibility
      requirements of the announcement.
    Laws, Regulations and Policies
   The Head Start Program, originally authorized
    under Public Law 97-35 (as amended), has
    recently been amended by The Improving Head
    Start for School Readiness Act of 2007, Public
    Law 110-134
   Multiple Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs)
    and OMB Circulars apply to Head Start

    Laws, Regulations and Policies
   Some of the Administrative Requirements include:
       OMB Circular A-102- State and local governments (Codified by
        DHHS in 45 CFR Part 92)
       OMB Circular A-110 –Institutions of Higher Education,
        Hospitals and other non-profit organizations (Codified by DHHS
        in 45 CFR Part 74)
       45 CFR Part 74, Subpart E – For-Profit Organizations

   Relevant USDA Guidelines on For-Profit Center
    Participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
    can be found at:
       7 CFR Part 226: Child and Adult Care Food Program

    Laws, Regulations and Policies
   Some of the OMB Circulars discussing Cost
    Principles include:
     OMB   Circular A-21 - Educational Institutions
     OMB   Circular A- 87 – State and Local Governments
     OMB   Circular A-122 – Other Non-Profit Organizations
     48 CFR Part 31 – Commercial Organizations (For

            Where Do I find…..?
   Head Start legislation, regulations and policies:
   Copies of grant documents (forms, assurances,
   OMB Circulars:
   Pre-application materials:

    The Request for Applications
   The RFA can be found at:

   RFA terms, conditions, and evaluation criteria
    have changed and should be reviewed carefully

             Application Format
   The double-spaced narrative section is limited to
    a length of 100 pages
     Includes   the abstract, budget pages, and budget
      justification text
   Up to an additional 100 pages of appendices
    and resumes will be accepted
   Anything over 100 pages in the narrative
    section, and anything over the 100 pages of
    appendices, will not be reviewed.

          Application Format (cont.)
   Pages removed from the application due to page
    limits may result in a lower score
   Include information specific to the evaluation
    criteria and be concise
   Follow the instructions for ordering application
   Clearly label the beginning of each application

         Application Format (cont.)
   Application Ordering:
     SF-424,  SF424A, SF424B
     Table of Contents
     Program Abstract
     Objectives and Need for Assistance
     Approach
     Staff and Position Data
     Organizational Profiles
     Budget and Budget Justification
     Appendices

           Application Format (cont.)
   Information and forms to include with your
    application when you submit are clearly listed as
    a checklist in the announcement.
   These include:
     SF 424 – Standard Cover Sheet
     SF 424A – Budget Information, Non-Construction
     SF 424B – Assurances, Non-Construction Program

          Application Format                  (cont.)

   Documents to provide in the appendices include:
       Personnel policies and procedures (in whole or in
       Resumes of key staff in the organization and
        proposed Early Head Start program (CEO, CFO,
        Executive Director, Early Head Start Director, and
        content specialists)
       Third-party Agreements
       Letters of Support
       Proof of existing Policy Council approval of grant
        application (if applicable)

                Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 1. Objectives and Need for
    Assistance (10 points)
     Clearly indicate proposed service area to be covered
     Describe proposed service area demographics and
      the greatest needs of the population as it relates to
      Head Start or Early Head Start
     Provide evidence of community support and input into
      your assessment of need
     Present a plan to be fully operational within 30 days
      of an award

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 2. Approach (35 points)
     Describe  how comprehensive high quality services for
      children and families will be provided that prepare
      children to succeed in school
          Educational services that use scientifically valid curricula and
           teaching practices, and that are developmentally appropriate
          Health and Mental Health services
          Nutritional services
          Social services
     Indicatehow the proposed program design and
      approach are responsive to the community in terms of
      days, hours, and weeks provided
     Describe ability to meet program governance
      requirements as described in the Head Start Act

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 2. Approach (cont’d)
     Describe  plans to coordinate services with public and
      private entities that are willing to commit resources to
      assist the program. For example:
          State pre-kindergarten programs
          Early Reading First and Even Start programs
          Other child care and preschool programs

     Describe    a plan to offer referral to local entities

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 2. Approach (cont’d)
     Describe how children and families will be recruited
      and selected, including:
          Children with Disabilities
          Homeless Children
          Children in Foster Care
          Limited English proficient Children
     Describe   plans for implementing best practices in
      terms of child-to-teacher ratios and family service
      worker caseloads
     Describe a plan to meet the needs of limited English
      proficient children and their families
                    Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 2. Approach (cont’d)
     Describe a plan for facilitating parental involvement in
      the education of their children
     Discuss        plans for working with parents in the areas of:
              Literacy
              Substance Abuse Counseling
              Parenting Skills
     Ifneeded, include information on the effects of drug
      exposure on infants and fetal alcohol syndrome
     Describe         plans for outreach and strengthening the role
      of fathers

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 2. Approach (cont’d)
     Discuss how the proposed organizational structure
      supports the proposed program, including:
          How key management functions will be assigned
          How content area expertise will be determined and assigned
          How overall management will be conducted
     Describe    the existing ability within the organization to
          Recordkeeping
          Reporting
          Self-Assessments
          Internal and External Communication
          Internal and External Monitoring

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 3. Staff and Position Data (15
     Discuss the qualifications and experience of the
      organization’s staff
          Provide a clear plan for reviewing qualifications of currently
           employed HS or EHS staff and the employment decision-
           making process
          Detail plans for recruiting and retaining qualified staff who are
           capable of implementing a high quality, comprehensive
          Demonstrate that the proposed program director and key
           staff are qualified and knowledgeable about HS regulations
           and standards
          Describe organizational procedures for staff professional
           development, supervision, and evaluation

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 4. Organizational Profiles (20
     Demonstrate   capability to implement and sustain plan
      to provide services at the community level
          Present organizational structure and clear lines of
          Present potential for administering a program effectively, with
           sound fiscal management, based on past performance
          Describe local community history and experience that
           demonstrates ability to effectively and efficiently manage a
           program similar to Head Start or Early Head Start

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 4. Organizational Profiles (cont’d)
     Describethe ability to provide a timely and efficient
      implementation of the entire program, including:
          The transition period
          Classroom space availability
          Transportation
          Ability to recruit and select children and families

                 Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 4. Organizational Profiles (cont’d)
     Detail the plans for, and ability of Senior Management
      in the organization to:
          Exercise effective oversight of program operations and
           accountability for Federal funds;
          Include the Policy Council in the planning and decision-
           making process;
          Assure representation of the diverse community served
          Set and monitor overall agency priorities and systems; and
          Conduct community assessments, self assessments,
           ongoing monitoring, and outcome based evaluations.

                Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 5. Budget and Budget Justification
    (20 points)
     Provide   a budget to support the proposed program
     Fundsmust support the provision of required
      comprehensive services
     Clearly   explain costs in the budget narrative
     Ifcombining with other funding streams, describe the
      tracking system to manage, account for, and allocate
      Head Start or Early Head Start funds
     Describe  plans to maintain strong fiscal controls and
      cost effective fiscal management

                Evaluation Criteria
   Criterion 5. Budget and Budget Justification
     Discussability to meet 15% limitation on development
      and administrative costs
          Applicant may submit written documentation of need for a
           waiver to ACF
     Detail ability to contribute the non-federal share of
      total project cost

                  Start Up Budget
   If a start up budget is requested, it:
     Must    be justified
     Must be a separate budget from the on-going
      operational budget
     Must    use a second set of budget forms
     Must    be reasonable
     Will   be counted in the 100 page limit
    ** Please note: Start-up funding can only be awarded if
       requested in an applicant’s original proposal.

                 Budget Line Items
   Criterion 5. Budget Line Items should include:
     Personnel     Costs
          Identify staff and time committed to project
          Annual salary

     Fringe    Benefits
          FICA
          Health Insurance

                Budget Line Items
   Criterion 5. Budget Line Items should include:
     Travel
           Cost of staff travel (do not include consultant travel)

     Equipment
           Nonexpendable, tangible personal property having a useful
            life of more than one year and an acquisition cost which
            equals or exceeds the lesser of (a) the capitalization level
            established by the organization for the financial statement
            purposes, or (b) $5,000.

               Budget Line Items
   Criterion 5. Budget Line Items should include:
      Supplies – list all tangible personal property other
       than that included under the Equipment category
     Contractual  – list all contracts for services, including
       contracts with secondary recipient organizations,
       including delegate agencies
     Construction   – Cost of construction by applicant or
       contractor. Specific Head Start regulations on
       construction found in 45 CFR Part 1309

                 Budget Line Items
   Criterion 5. Budget Line Items should include:
     Other  – Enter all other direct costs not shown in
       previous cost categories.
     Indirect Cost – This category should be used only
       when the applicant has an indirect cost rate approved
       by the Department of Health and Human Services
       (HHS), Division of Cost Allocation, or other cognizant
       Federal agency.

   Applications may be submitted electronically via
   Electronic Submission is not required
   Time to set up for first time use is necessary;
    may take 5 or more business days to complete
   Applications will be disqualified by Federal staff
    if not received by due date and time

    Electronic Application Process
   Download free Pure Edge viewer software
   Complete form(s) on local PC, including the
    Central Contract Registry
   Get and register credentials
   Click “submit”
   Users will receive friendly error and correction
    messages if necessary until process is

                 “Getting Started”

   HELPFUL “Organization Registration

   Dun & Bradstreet number (DUNS)
     by phone 15 min. to 2 days
       toll free number in RFA

               “Getting Started”

   Central Contract Registry (CCR)
     allow 3 business days
     use toll free number, first print & fill out worksheet
     business accounts, address maintenance, need
     E-business Point of Contact (E-POC)
     sub-organizations set up with DUNS + 4
     CCR must be renewed annually

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           contact Support@grants.gov

      For Further Information:

Any questions related to this announcement should
  be directed to the ACYF Operations Center at
           1-866-796-1591or e-mailed to
 OHS@dixongroup.com. All registered applicants
 will receive submitted questions and responses.


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