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									                                                             About Us
                                                             Go Instruct Specialists in Dual Control
                                                             Car Hire for Driving Instructors
                                                             Go Instruct Car Hire are a specialist dual control
                                                             car rental company who supply contract hire cars
                                                             to all sections of the driving instructor profession.
                                                             ADIs and PDIs are well catered for, with a wide
                                                             range of contract hire deals. We also offer a
                                                             special GoFlex Hire which is a very flexible
                                                             contract for PDI and expanding ADI driving
                                                             instructors seeking a dual control vehicle (see our
                                                             GoFlex Hire page).

At Go Instruct you the customer is our No 1 priority. We have a great pride and passion in what we do, and
we are determined to offer excellent customer service. We are entirely geared to advising you on the best
possible solution for your needs and financial situation.

We will take all the risk and worry out of running the car. The cost of installing (and removing) dual controls,
all routine servicing, road tax, and replacing worn tyres will be met by Go Instruct Car Hire. Should your
vehicle be off the road we will provide a replacement car* to keep you earning money.

We are here to help your business succeed in any way we can. To help you keep working our staff are
available to help with any issues related to your chosen car, no problem is too small.

By taking a car from Go Instruct Car Hire you are free to concentrate on other areas of your business
beside the car. This reduces your worries and means no unexpected costs, which in turn allows you to plan
your finances more accurately.

* Our replacement vehicle arrangements are subject to our Terms and Conditions (to find out more about
the benefits of dual control contract car hire from Go Instruct - see Hire Benefits page).

                      Nationwide delivery - FREE DELIVERY to most UK locations
                       on a 12 month or longer contract

                      PDI fail pt3 return it FREE

                      All contracts very flexible at the end of term

                      You choose when to return after the end of the initial hire period

                       see ʻBenefitsʼ . . . find out more!

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GoFlex Hire
Why GoFlex Hire from Go Instruct Car Hire
Our GoFlex Hire contract hire option, dual control vehicles, has been designed specifically with PDI and
expanding ADI driving instructors in mind.

What are the Key Benefits of GoFlex Hire?
Well you get all the benefits of our other contracts (see Hire Benefits section) but with one major
difference. You can send the car back at any time by giving us 28 days notice and obtaining a return
reference number. And even better the car is no more expensive on our GoFlex Hire rates than fixed
period rentals. The car will be from of our nearly new fleet.

As a new PDI the future is little unsure, how much work will you generate, is your franchisor going to
support you as promised, will you enjoy the job, will you pass part 3 first time, will the job fit with your
family life? Some or all of these are possibilities so you do not need to make the financial burden of the
car another one. So with our GoFlex Hire package you can return the car for whatever reason by giving
us 28 days notice and obtaining a return reference number. It's that simple.

All the above mentioned benefits also apply to expanding ADI's, the difference being that your concerns
are over your new instructor. Will they work out, will they stay, some instructors may not join you unless
you give them a car. You don't need to worry about being stuck with the car with only 28 days notice
required to return the car.

Our nearly new cars used on the GoFlex Hire fleet are predominantly 3 or 5 door diesels with air
conditioning. We also have a smaller number of petrol models. Please give as call on 01704 84 06 09 to
discuss your preference and current availability.

GoFlex Hire - 28 Days notice to return – It's that simple!

Ford Fiesta or Focus                                    Renault Clio

Peugeot 207                                             Vauxhall Corsa or Astra

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Hire Benefits
These are the benefits to you by leasing a car from Go Instruct
1. A brand new car every 7, 12, 18 or 24 months on fixed term rentals
2. A nearly new car on daily, weekly or GoFlex Hire rentals
3. Flexible end of hire options
4. All routine servicing included in your monthly rental
5. 30,000 miles per annum included in the contract (or pro rata)
6. Road Tax included
7. Replacement tyres for worn tyres
8. He-Man dual controls fitted to all vehicles
9. Free replacement vehicle (see below)
10. AA or RAC cover included
11. Fixed costs to allow accurate budgeting
12. Free delivery on 12 month or longer contracts
13. All rental costs are allowable against profit, thus reducing your taxation liability
14. The VAT can be reclaimed if you are VAT registered
15. Free metallic paint options

What is my monthly rental?
You pay the amount agreed on your lease document plus VAT, this is paid monthly by direct debit.

What do I need to pay to collect my car?
Prior to collection you will need to pay a £150 deposit against the car being returned in good condition. This is
fully reimbursed when the car is returned in good condition. An arrangement fee of £45 is payable, this is only
ever paid on the first car you take from us, all future cars will not incur this cost. Finally one monthʼs rental for the
car, it's as simple as that.

What do I do to get the car serviced?
Take the car along to a garage appointed by Go Instruct for all routine servicing and warranty work. Prior to work
commencing simply get the service department to give us a call and we will authorise payment at our expense.
You are only responsible for ensuring the service book in duly stamped.

What happens if my tyres are worn down?
For tyres just pop into your local ATS garage. Again just ask them to contact us prior to fitting any tyres and we
will authorise payment at our expense. Damaged or punctured tyres are not covered within the lease.

What's happens about the road tax?
If your road tax is due we will post out the new tax disc to arrive with you at least 5 days prior to the end of month
in which it is due.

How do I get a replacement car if my car is off the road?
All vehicles are covered by the AA or RAC for recovery. Should your car be off the road for more than 48 hours
after the fault has been diagnosed we will provide a replacement car free of charge. You must advise us once the
fault has been diagnosed at the garage so that we can monitor the requirement and planning for a replacement

What happens at the end of the Lease Period?
At the end of the initial hire period, with Go Instruct, your contract automatically becomes an open-ended contract,
with 30 days notice required to end the hire period. This type of hire is known as 'Minimum Term'.

Most car hire companies only offer 'Fixed Term' contracts which means at the end of the initial hire period they
choose how long you can extend by, normally in 6 monthly blocks only.

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Go Instruct offer you 4 options at the end of the lease period:
a) keep your car on an open-ended contract
b) sign for a new fixed period at a lower price
c) order a new car
d) end your lease

FAQs about Car Hire
Answers to Frequently asked Questions about Car Hire
If you have any further queries please call us on 01704 84 06 09 and we will be happy to help. See also Hire

Q — 1: Can I have any car?
A: We deal mainly with 4 makes of car and selected models. These are Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa,
Vauxhall Astra, Peugeot 207 and Renault Clio. All are stylish new models and available on short and long term

If you require a model that is not listed on the Contract Hire page, we may be able to provide this on longer terms,
please call us for more details or send the Car Hire Quote form from the website.

Q — 2: As a PDI what happens if I change my mind after 3 months and do not want to become an
A: We would normally recommend a GoFlex Hire to all PDIs to cover you for this exact situation.

Q — 3: What happens at the end of the Lease Period?
A: Go Instruct offer you 4 options at the end of the lease period:
a) keep your car on an open-ended contract
b) sign for a new fixed period at a lower price
c) order a new car
d) end your lease

Q — 4: What happens if I am involved in an accident?
A: Simply notify Go Instruct Car Hire and your insurer. We will normally arrange a replacement car and your
insurer will repair the car. Please note all cars must be returned in good condition.

Q — 5: Can the car be used when I am not working?
A: Yes, subject to the appropriate insurance arrangements having been made.

Q — 6: I have a poor credit rating, can I have a car?
A: Yes, we can normally supply a car at no additional cost. Please call 01704 84 06 09 for details.

Q — 7: Can my partner drive the car?
A: Yes, subject to the appropriate insurance arrangements having been made.

Q — 8: Can Go Instruct Insure the car?
A: Yes, this can normally be arranged subject to prior arrangement, cost is dependant upon circumstances.

Q — 9: What is the cheapest car I can have?
A: This would normally be a 12/18 month, petrol, Fiesta or Corsa, please ring for details.

Q — 10: Can I take the car abroad?
A: Yes, subject to prior arrangement and the appropriate insurance cover.

Q — 11: What happens if I go over the 30,000 mile allowance?
A: Within your lease document an excess mileage charge will apply.

Q — 12: Can I have a higher mileage allowance?
A: Yes, by prior arrangement at an increased cost.

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Q — 13: Do Go Instruct deliver the car?
A: All leases new car leases 12 months or longer are delivered FREE of charge to most UK locations.
Short term and GoFlex Hire leases are delivered at a nominal cost.

Q — 14: Do Go Instruct collect the car at the end of the lease?
A: If you are having another car from us on a fixed term the first car will be collected free of charge.
Otherwise it is your responsibility to return the car, we can collect at a pre agreed cost.

Q — 15: Are there any hidden costs?
A: We have a very open policy with no hidden costs. However please note we do make a nominal charge
(full details supplied with contract) for processing speeding/parking fines and dealing with failed direct debit
payments. You must also return the car in good condition with regard to the deposit.

Q — 16: What 'day to day' running costs do I need to pay for?
A: You need to pay for fuel, and topping up fluids and routine consumables, that's it. Obviously insurance and
damage are also your responsibility.

The Go Instruct OneStop-Shop has everything you need to keep you motoring as a professional driving instructor.
Therefore when you receive the car you are ready to work.

More details about what is available are published on the website.

Please call us on 01704 84 06 09 for prices and to place an order.

Rental Prices
Please see our Website for the latest prices on Daily, GoFlexi and Contract Hire. Promotional prices can also be
found on our Website. A printed price list can also be ordered, and will be enclosed with this brochure if you
requested a Price List to be sent to you.

Please be aware prices are subject to change and our website is the best place for the latest deals.

Alternatively you can call us on 01704 84 06 09 for any information including prices.

Contact Us
Please contact us for more information about any of our services

Phone 01704 84 06 09
Fax 01704 84 10 21
email enquiries@goinstruct.co.uk
web www.goinstruct.co.uk

Go Instruct Car Hire
Unit 15 Hurlston Court
Scarisbrick Business Park
Scarisbrick, L40 8HN

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 8.45 to 17.30 hours
Saturday 8.45 to 12.00 hours
Sunday Closed

Visit the website for details on Current Promotions or give us a call.

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