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                              VIRGINIA STATE BAR
                           BANKRUPTCY LAW SECTION
                         BOARD OF GOVERNORS MEETING
                                 August 20, 2008

Members in attendance: Robert Copeland, Roy Terry, Malissa Giles, Cecelia Weschler,
Tyler Brown, Steve Ramsdell, Brian Kenny, Doug Foley, Jason Gold
Also attending: Ric Scott, editor of Bankruptcy Law News

    I. Approval of June Minutes
The June minutes were passed over to be reconsidered at the September meeting. There
were no minutes from July, as no meeting was held, per tradition.

   II. Law News (Scott)
Ric Scott, editor of Bankruptcy Law News, reported the Spring issue was published in
July, and the Summer issue is progression. He has two submissions forthcoming, upon
which finishing touches need to be made.
For the Fall issue, he is considering a tribute to Howard Beck, a Western District
bankruptcy attorney who is former Clerk of the Court and is retiring. Judge Tice has
offered an issue for publication on courtroom decorum/etiquette, which will be published.
He is lining up articles for the Winter issue, and is going to see if Judge Adams would
consider being interviewed or writing something about the differences in venue between
the Florida Bankruptcy Courts, where his is substituting, and his former bench in

  III. Project Reports

           A. Website (Tavenner)
           This issue was passed over.

           B. Public Seminars (Cox)
           This issue was passed over.

           C. Bankruptcy Brochure (Gold)
           Jason Gold reported the Bankruptcy Brochure has been translated into Spanish
           and is currently being reviewed.
           Malissa Giles offered to contact the Clerk’s Offices to see if they would
           permit public dissemination of the brochures in their offices.
           She also offered to follow up with Ric Scott about placing an announcement
           in the Bankruptcy Law News.

           D. June 2009CLE (Terry)
           The group discussed potential partners for the 2009 Summer CLE, and
           suggested the Real Estate Section or the Domestic Relations Section.

           E. Proof of Claim Seminars
           It was suggested that a seminar next be scheduled in Staunton or
           Harrisonburg. Dale Davenport will be contacted to see if he would assist.
           It was also suggested that David Greer could help organize a seminar in
           Tidewater/Newport News
           Robert Copeland agreed to follow up with these two individuals.

           F. Mid Atlantic Seminar (Terry/Maxwell)
           Participants reported that meeting of various presenters were underway and
           material appeared to be on track for timely submission.
           It was noted that while the original plan was to have multiple break-out
           programs separating commercial and consumer issues, because of space
           limitations the break-out sessions were limited to Friday. The group agreed to
           evaluate the success of the program to determine how to better attract more
           Additionally, it was discussed whether the group could have the October
           meeting at the conference, with non-attendees joining by conference call.
           This is to be reviewed.

  IV. Other Business
      A. Nuts and Bolts Seminar
      Roy Terry reported that the Section is joining with VA CLE to present a Nuts and
      Bolts seminar in Richmond and Roanoke on March 5 and 6, 2009. This is
      basically the basics seminar re-established.

       The section also briefly discussed the merit of an ethics seminar targeted to
       bankruptcy attorneys.

       B. Virginia State Bar Monthly Edition News
     Robert Copeland proposes we publish a Banrkuptcy Section issue, focusing on
     articles of interest to the bankruptcy bar and the general bar. He will follow up with
     the Bar.

   V. Next Meeting – September 17, 2008
     Everyone was reminded.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

/s/Malissa L. Giles

Malissa Lambert Giles

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