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					                                             ASSISTANT G-1 FOR CIVILIAN PERSONNEL,
                                                 EAST REGION - SOUTH CENTRAL AREA

                                                   CIVILIAN PERSONNEL
                                                HUMAN RESOURCE BULLETIN
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1            FROM YOUR EDITOR!
                                                                                   anything negative. If we make
2           CAREER PROGRAM 13                                                      it through one day, then try
                                                                                   2 days and so on, until you
3                SEASON                                                            get to 21 days. Can you just
                                                                                   imagine     the     kind     of
          HEALTH FAIR CANCELLED                                                    atmosphere we could create
5                                                                                  at work and at home? When
           FEHB INTO RETIREMENT                                                    you eliminate complaining
6                                                   FROM YOUR EDITOR!              from your life, you will enjoy
                NSPS TIDBITS
           REST & RECUPERATION                                                     happier relationships, better
                 PROGRAM                       Happy October everyone! It’s        health,      and       greater
                                               that time of year for crisp cool    prosperity. It may sound silly
          FEDERAL GOVERNMENT                   mornings, crunchy apples, and       to some, but I challenge each
9           PENSION PLAN IRS                   pumpkins galore. A change of        of you to just try it for one
               LIMITATIONS                     season seems to agree with          day. Fort Bragg is already
             ONLINE TRAINING
10         WORKING WITH GOV’T                  most of us in a positive way,       known as the center of the
              CONTRACTORS                      but have you heard about the        universe…now let’s really give
              ATTENDANCE &                     pastor who is taking it one         them something to talk about!
             COMPLETION OF
                                               step    further?        He     is
                                               challenging his congregation to
12              COMPETITIVE                    go at least 21 days without
                                               complaining about anything
                                               even once. The result is to be                ACTEDS
13            CHRTAS CHANGE
                                               a focus on the positive in life         CAREER PROGRAM 13
                                               instead of the negative. He is          SUPPLY MANAGEMENT
14             CERTIFICATES                    challenging them to wear a
                                               purple wristband for 21 days.       The Army Civilian Training,
               HR FOR NSPS                     Anyone        who       catches     Education, and Development
                                               themselves complaining is           System (ACTEDS) is designed
                                               supposed to take off the            to       ensure        planned
                                               wristband, switch it to the         development of the civilian
           ARMY CIVILIAN CORPS                 other wrist and start all over      work force through a career
                 CREED                         with the 21 complaint free          management system which
                                               days.      Why 21 days –            blends     formal     training,
                                               supposedly that’s how long it       progressive and sequential
     Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel,
                                               takes to establish a new habit.     assignments,      and      self
      East Region, South Central Area
              Civilian Personnel               Imagine if we all pretended we      development for civilians as
            Fort Bragg, NC 28310               were wearing the purple             they progress from entry level
                   Director                    bracelet right now…. and for        to key and senior positions.
         Ronna Rowe Garrett, SPHR
                                               just one day, tried to not say      Career Program 13 covers the
                                                                                   following Supply Series:
Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01
                                        SPECIALIST CAREER PHASE
301 SM Specialist                            (ENTRY LEVEL TO
340 Program Management
346 Logistics Management                       JOURNEYMAN).
2001 General Supply                   Specialist-level employees are
2003 Supply Systems Analyst
2010 Inventory Management
                                       encouraged to participate in
2030 Distribution Facilities          courses which broaden overall
& Distribution Management             logistics knowledge and skills.
2032 Packaging Specialist
2050 Supply Cataloging               INTERMEDIATE CAREER PHASE
                                             (JOURNEYMAN TO
Under       AR    600-3,       the            MANAGEMENT).
personnel proponent for the          The developmental focus at this
Supply Management Career                   level is on managerial,
Program is the Deputy Chief of            interpersonal skills, and
Staff for Logistics who is              program management. The          Federal Benefits Open Season
responsible for the eight life-       careerist should seek a variety        12 Nov – 10 Dec 07
cycle management functions:            of assignments and increased
structure,            acquisition,       responsibilities, including    The     Office     of   Personnel
individual      training       and      supervisory experience as a     Management         (OPM)       has
education,           distribution,          means of professional       announced that an average
deployment,         sustainment,                development.            premium increase of 2% percent
professional development and             MANAGEMENT THROUGH             will be effective in the 2008
separation.      The Functional        SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE.        Federal      Employees     Health
Chief (FC) is the Deputy Chief           Careerists at this level are   Benefits Program (FEHBP), with
of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG).     developed through broad-based      premium increases for enrollees
The     FC     retains      career      assignments requiring staff     varying according to plan. OPM
management responsibilities          contacts with top management,      also announced the renaming of
for        career         program    officials within the Department    the Federal Employees Health
occupations. The Major Army              of Defense (DOD), outside      Benefits Open Season to the
Command                  (MACOM)           agencies, and industry.      Federal Benefits Open Season to
Commander designates an                SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE         reflect a broadened scope of
individual, usually the most          MANDATORY TRAINING: Joint         benefits available, including the
senior person in the Career                                             Federal Employees Dental and
                                           General Officer/Senior
Program position to serve as                                            Vision      Insurance     Program
                                         Executive Service Training
the MACOM Career Program                                                (FEDVIP) and Federal Flexible
Manager (MCPM). In many                                                 Spending      Account     Program
                                      Force Integration; Center for     (FSAFEDS).          FEDVIP has
cases, this     person has an            Creative Leadership (CCL)      become the largest employer-
extensive background in the               Leadership Development        sponsored dental-vision program
career program. The MACOM            Program (LDP); Senior Executive    in the nation in its first year of
Career      Program       Manager       Equal Opportunity Training;     operation. The FEHBP features
delegates responsibility to a        DOD APEX Orientation. With the     283 plan choices in 2008, one less
senior person in CP-13 at the         exception of the first one, all   than in 2007. Some plans are
Major Subordinate Command               training is to be completed     adding hearing benefits for
(MSC) and other subordinate                within the first year of     children up to age 22 and many
activity levels to serve as an           becoming an SES member.        plans are providing benefits in
Activity     Career       Program       To see the Master Training      accordance      with   the    U.S.
Manager (ACPM).                           Roadmap and a detailed        Preventive Services Task Force
Chapter Two of the ACTEDS            description of all of the above,   guidelines, while others have
plan outlines the Master               go to the following website:     enhanced their preventive–care
Training and Development       benefits for 2008.
Plan for Specialist through               ain/acteds/CP_131724/
Management levels.                                                      Employees who wish to elect
Briefly, these are:                                                     coverage or make changes must
Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel                                                                  Page 2
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01
visit the Army Benefits Center            authority, or take discontinued        The Department is taking the
(ABC)                    website:         service retirement due to a RIF,       next step towards a more                  directed              reassignment,    robust       pay-for-performance
No forms can or will be accepted          reclassification of your position to   system        to     enable      the
locally by the Civilian Personnel         a lower grade, or abolishment of
Advisory      Center     (CPAC).                                                 Department          to       better
However, should you need                                                         compensate its employees based
assistance accessing the ABC              If your retirement opportunity fits    on     contribution    to    mission
website, please contact 910-396-          one of those situations, your          accomplishment. As a result,
1402.                                     agency will need to attach a           the GPI for Spiral 1 employees
**************************                memorandum to your retirement          will be distributed as follows:
    Health Fair Cancelled                 papers stating that your retirement    * Local market supplements will
                                          meets the criteria for a pre-          be      the      same     as     the
 The Health Fair scheduled                approved waiver of the FEHB five-      Government-wide increases for
  for November 13, 2007 is                year requirement.                      locality pay for employees
**************************                                                       with an acceptable performance
                                          Note: These waivers only apply in
                                          certain situations. If you decide to   rating (rating of record of 2 or
Carrying Federal Employees                                                       higher).
                                          retire without meeting either the
  Health Benefits (FEHB)                  requirements in law or the waiver      * 1.25% of the January 2008
 Coverage into Retirement.                criteria, you'll probably be out of    GPI (not allocated for locality
                                          luck. Although OPM has been            pay) will be added to pay pools
Can you carry Federal Employees                                                  and distributed through the pay
                                          given the authority to grant
Health Benefits (FEHB) coverage
                                          individual waivers, it rarely does     pool      process      based      on
into retirement?                          so. That's because the law has         performance.
Yes, if………you have been
                                          set a very high threshold. Your        * The remaining portion of the
enrolled continuously in the FEHB         failure to satisfy the five-year       GPI (not allocated for locality
                                          requirement must be due to             pay) will be granted as an
for the five years immediately
preceding retirement or from your         circumstances so exceptional that      increase to base salary for
                                          it would be against equity and
first opportunity to enroll in it. This                                          employees with an acceptable
                                          good conscience to deny you
does not mean that you have to                                                   performance rating. (Although
be enrolled in a specific plan for        coverage.
                                                                                 employees on pay retention are
that period of time. In fact, you                                                eligible     for    locality     pay
could have changed plans every                                                   increases, they are ineligible
year and still meet the five year (or
                                                 NSPS TIDBITS                    for this base salary increase.)
first opportunity) requirement.
                                                                                 The minimum of NSPS pay
                                            How will the 2008 January            bands will be adjusted by this
*** Note: You can count any time
                                          Government-wide Pay Increase           remaining portion of the GPI.
under Tricare toward meeting the
five-year requirement as long as          Affect Employees under NSPS?           Additionally, the maximum of
you are covered under the FEHB                                                   pay bands will be adjusted by
                                          Under the General Schedule,
when you retire.                                                                 the full amount of the GPI, not
                                          most     employees   currently
                                                                                 including locality pay (pay bands
There is an exception to the five-        receive       the     January
                                                                                 for Physicians and Dentists will
year requirement that you need to         Government-wide Pay Increase
                                                                                 be adjusted if the Department
be aware of. OPM has granted              (GPI) in two parts: a base
pre-approved waivers to any of                                                   of Veterans Affairs makes
                                          salary increase and a locality
you who receive a buyout and                                                     adjustments).
                                          pay increase. While the final
retire   during      your    agency's                                            Spiral 1 employees ineligible for
                                          amount of the GPI is still not
statutory buyout period, take early                                              a     rating     of   record     and
                                          known, it will be distributed
optional retirement as a result of                                               performance payout and all
                                          differently    under   NSPS.
your       agency’ s        early-out                                            Spiral 2 employees will receive
Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel                                                                              Page 3
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01
the equivalent of     the   full   volunteers    in   very    limited
January 2008 GPI.                  situations:
                                    (1) Written agreements with
                                   educational         institutions
                                   (educationally related     work
                                                                         IRS Announces Pension Plan
                                   assignments)                              Limitations for 2008
REST AND RECUPERATION              (2) In military hospitals (American   On 18 Oct 07, the Internal
 (R&R) LEAVE PROGRAM               Red Cross)                            Revenue Service announced cost
                                                                         of living adjustments applicable
DUE TO RECENT DEPARTMENT OF        (3) In military museums or family     to dollar limitations for pension
DEFENSE        ROTATION     AND    support programs                      plans and other items for Tax
MOBILIZATION POLICY CHANGES,                                             Year 2008. Many of the pension
THE OFFICE OF THE UNDER             Exceptions to this prohibition are   plan limitations will change for
SECRETARY        OF     DEFENSE    provided only for:                    2008 because the increase in the
                                                                         cost-of-living index met the
APPROVED AN EXTENSION OF           * Employment in emergencies
                                                                         statutory thresholds that trigger
CHARGEABLE R&R LEAVE DAYS          involving the protection of life,
TO 18, VICE 15, FOR SERVICE        or property.                          their adjustment.
MEMBERS       WHO     WILL   BE                                          However,       for   others,    the
DEPLOYED TO THE OEF OR OIF         * Employment of assistants to         limitation will remain unchanged.
AREA OF OPERATION (AOR) FOR 15     handicapped employees.                For example, the limitation under
MONTHS. EFFECTIVE DATE OF THIS                                           Section      402(g)(1)    on    the
POLICY IS 13 JULY 2007.                                                  exclusion for elective deferrals
                                   * Employment of experts, and
                                   consultants.                          described in Section 402(g)(3)
PERIODS, EVEN WHEN QUALIFIED,                                            remains unchanged at $15,500.
OFTEN        HAVE       REDUCED    * Employment of students to           This limitation affects elective
OPPORTUNITIES        TO    TAKE    further their educational goals       deferrals to Section 401(k) plans
CHARGEABLE R&R LEAVE. TO                                                 and to the Federal Government’s
ENSURE RC UNITS DEPLOYING TO       Student      volunteer    service,    Thrift Savings Plan, among other
USCENTCOM THEATER ON 12            federal        agencies,      and     plans.        So-called    catch-up
MONTH OR 400 DAY TOURS ARE         departments offer unpaid training     contributions to the TSP for
AFFORDED AN OPPORTUNITY TO         opportunities to students in high     individuals who are age 50 or
                                   school and college to provide         over during the 2008 calendar
                                   work experience related to their      year—and who          already   are
DEPLOYED TO THE USCENTCOM          academic program. They are only       contributing the maximum—also
AOR ON 12 MONTH DEPLOYMENTS        eligible if they are enrolled, at     remains unchanged at $5,000.
WITH MINIMUM 270 DAYS BOOTS        least half-time, in an accredited
ON GROUND (BOG) CONTINUE TO        high school or trade school; a
BE ELIGIBLE FOR 15 DAYS            technical or vocational school; a
CHARGEABLE R&R LEAVE AT THE        junior or community college; 4-
COMMANDER S DISCRETION. WHEN       year college or university or any       Online Training For Those
                                   other accredited educational            Working With Government
MONTHS IN THE CENTCOM AOR,         institution.    Normally student               Contractors
THEY ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE FOR THE     volunteers would only work 3 to
EXTENDED 18 DAYS LEAVE.            4 months either during the school     The U.S. Office of Government
                                   year or on summer break.
                                                                         Ethics (OGE) is now offering
                                   Federal agencies are prohibited       online ethics training for
                                   by law (section 1342 of title 31,     federal employees who work
                                   United    States   Code)     from     closely     with   government
   FEDERAL GOVERNMENT              accepting    volunteer    service     contractors. Titled "Working
                                   except as noted above. No             with Contractors: What You
Do you know someone looking for
volunteer work?                    person may provide unpaid             Need      to     Know,"    the
                                   service to the Government or          interactive,        web-based
Federal statutes and agency        provide    service   with      the    training is designed to answer
regulations allow for use of       understanding that he or she will
                                                                         some of the most common
student volunteers, and other      waive pay.
Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel                                                                    Page 4
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01
ethics questions that federal     Most formal Army schools             The CPD application package and
employees might encounter         allocate      an       extremely     additional details are available at
when        working       with    limited number of civilian 
contractors. OGE says the         quotas,     and      a   lengthy     log/ch03cp10.html .
training may be particularly      process must be followed to
useful for employees who          request and justify those
work with contractors situated    quotas. The quotas are
in a government facility.         authorized and distributed
                                  through the Army Training                    CHRTAS CHANGE
                                  Resource         Requirements        A change was made to CHRTAS
The new course may be found                                            that will require the applicant
                                  System                  (ATRRS).
on website (                                             to enter their Supervisor's
                                  ATRRS      is     the     Army's
under "Computer and Web-          Information        Management        email address twice when
based Training," or clicking      tool for the administration          creating/updating          their
here:                             and     input      of    student     CHRTAS          profile/training      training. It is extremely            application. In addition, if the
omp_web_trng/comp_web_trn         important        to      identify    applicant attempts to copy
g.html                            individual     formal      school    and     paste     the     initial
                                  requirements during the              Supervisor    email     address
                                  annual      training       needs     entry, they will receive an
                                  assessment process and               error message in the form of a
                                  document them as part of
      DID YOU KNOW?                                                    pop-up. If the two Supervisor
                                  the Installation Training
                                                                       email addresses entered are
DoD will implement Spiral         Needs Survey.          Access to
                                                                       not exactly the same, another
2, the next phase of the          the    ATRRS        varies      by
                                  installation      and       Army
                                                                       error message will appear in
NSPS conversion, between                                               the form of a pop-up.
October 2007 and March            Commands. You can learn
                                  more about          this quota
2008 with over 85,000 non-        system by contacting your
bargaining unit employees         organization’s           training
transitioning to the new          coordinator       or      Civilian       CHRTAS- CES DISTANCE
personnel system.      Upon       Personnel Advisory Center
                                                                           LEARNING CERTIFICATES
completion      of      this      (CPAC) Human Resources
conversion, almost 200,000        Development                (HRD)
                                                                       In     coordination      with      Army
employees will be in NSPS.        advisor.
                                                                       Management Staff College (AMSC), a
                                                                       new capability has been added to
                                                                       CHRTAS. It allows students who
                                   Competitive Professional            have successfully completed the
                                                                       CES Foundation Course or the CES
    ATTENDANCE AND                   Development (CPD)                 Phase 1 Distance Learning (dL)
 COMPLETION OF TRAINING                                                requirements to print their Certificate
Managers and supervisors          The ACTEDS funded Competitive        of completion.
are responsible for ensuring      Professional Development (CPD)       To access, log on to CHRTAS and
that       employees      are     program is viable again for          under “Student Functions”, click
available      to      attend     Career    Program     10-Civilian    “CES dL Certificates.”        If all the
scheduled training. Once an       Human        Resource       (HR)     requirements are completed for a dL
employee is confirmed in a        Management. Funding is reported      Course, you will see a dL Certificate
class, other duties and           to be robust. This program is for    button on the display. Click the
activities     should      be     HR employees needing funding         button to view the Certificate (must
scheduled      around     the     assistance to take university-       have Adobe Reader loaded on
employee’s        attendance.                                          Computer). The date on Certificate
                                  type courses that are related to
Cancellations should occur only                                        will be that date or the date following
in emergency situations.          job competencies.
                                                                       the day requirement was completed.

Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel                                                                      Page 5
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01
As a result of this new capability,   the mission does not stop            Joseph Damian        DPW
AMSC will no longer have to email     and in one of our divisions          Orley Denning        WAMC
the Certificate to the student.       alone, a whopping 497 jobs           Joseph Dennison      USASOC
                                      have    been   filled   this         Patricia Eaton       SOTF
                                      summer with over 300 to              Lori Faust         USASOC
                                                                           Robin Foskey         JSOC
                                      go! We saw our largest In-
                                                                           George Greer         WAMC
      NEW COURSE!                     processing group ever with           Rebecca Hagler USACAPOC
HR FOR NSPS SUPERVISORS               146 employees in-processed           Deborah Harper       WAMC
                                      one Monday this month.               Anneliese Hess       WAMC
As you scroll through the 2008        Changes occurred in our              Christina Hughes     WAMC
courses listed below (and this        leadership also with Dr.             Kenneth Kassens      DOIM
is not the complete list – more       Susan Duncan taking over             Milagros Kizzie      WAMC
classes will be added), but you       Melinda Darby’s position as          Lawrence McCauley DPTM
                                      Assistant G-1 for Civilian           Karen ―Kem‖Miller USASOC
will see a new course: HR for                                              Linnett Miller    4th PSYOP
NSPS Supervisors (April and           Personnel. Our new South
                                      Central Area Director at             James Napier         DMWR
October).     This course was                                              Berdinia Newkirk     WAMC
                                      Redstone Arsenal, AL has
developed to train new civilian                                            Irvina Perez         WAMC
                                      yet to be announced. The             Cassandra Rattler    DPW
and military supervisors who
                                      NSPS and other CPAC                  Yvonne Reid          WAMC
supervise      at     least    3      training classes continue            Denise Rhodes        WAMC
appropriated      fund      NSPS      and you will find the 2008           Carrie Smith         WAMC
employees. The HR for NSPS            calendar of classes listed           Donald Snyder        DPTM
Supervisors Course certifies          below – this is not yet              Teresa Talton        WAMC
supervisors to be NSPS rating         complete but a good start            Salli Underwood      WAMC
officials and certifies them to       for calendar year 2008.              Bonita Wallace       JFK
be a Pay Pool Panel Member.                                                Jennifer Ward       USASOC
                                                                           Charlie Watson       DIO
New NSPS supervisors who
                                                                           Deborah Wiggins      WAMC
complete this course do not                                                Danny Williams       DPW
need to complete the 2-day                 LEAVE DONOR                     Lucille Williams     WAMC
NSPS course for supervisors.                                               Jeffrey Wroblewski DOIM
Supervisors     of    non-NSPS
                                          Would you like to assist a co-
employees, will take the               worker who is in need of annual
traditional HR for Supervisors         leave? Then consider donating            UPCOMING TRAINING
course. If you have questions,             annual leave to employees
                                       enrolled in the Voluntary Leave           HR for Supervisors
please call me at 396-6001 or                                                        4-8 AUG 08
email:                                  Transfer Program. To donate
                                          leave, submit a "Request to      HR   FOR   NSPS SUPERVISORS (NEW!)              Donate Annual Leave to Leave                    21-25 APR 08
                                      Recipient," OPM Form 630-A, to                    20-24 OCT 08
                                      Ms. Simona Green, Ms. Kim
                                      Williams, or Ms. Sheree Rhodes,            LABOR/MER TOOLS FOR
      THE CPAC CORNER                 CPAC, Bldg 2-1414 Jackson St.
                                                                                    14-15 NOV 07
                                      or fax to (910) 396-1968.
                                                                                     11-12 MAR 08
We want to say thank                                                                 10-11 JUN 08
                                      Annette Bonner          WAMC
you……… to you……. our                                                                 9-10 SEP 08
                                      BeverlyAllen-Brown      IAG                    9-10 DEC 08
customers, for bearing with           Angela Clingerman       WAMC
us as we continue our                 Daniel Cunningham       DPW            NSPS HR ELEM/PERF MGMT FOR
transformation. We realize                                                          SUPERVISORS
Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel                                                                   Page 6
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01
     30-31 OCT 07 (USASOC)
     17-18 OCT 07
     6-7 NOV 07 (USASOC)
     13-14 NOV 07
                                         Army Civilian
     27-28 NOV 07 (USASOC)
     16-17 JAN 08
                                         Corps Creed
     13-14 FEB 08
     16-17 JUL 07
                                          I am an Army Civilian
                                           – a member of the
 NSPS    HR ELEM/PERF MGMT FOR             Army Team.

     1 NOV 07 (USASOC)
     8 NOV 07(USASOC)                     I am dedicated to our
     14 NOV 07 (JSOC ONLY)                 Army, our Soldiers
     15 NOV 07                             and Civilians.
     29 NOV 07 (USASOC)

        NOTE: USASOC        HAS FIRST
                                          I will always support
         COURSES MARKED USASOC.            the mission.
         TO ONLY JSOC.

                                          I provide stability and
                                           continuity during war              and peace.

         RESUMIX CLASSES                  I support and defend
                                           the Constitution of
     See your training                     the United States and
  coordinator to register                  consider it an honor
    for RESUMIX classes.                   to serve our Nation
            14   Nov    07
                                           and our Army.
            12   Dec    07
            30   Jan    08
            27   Feb    08                I live the Army values
            19   Mar    08                 of Loyalty, Duty,
            16   Apr    08
            14   May    08
                                           Respect, Selfless
            18   Jun    08                 Service, Honor,
            30   Jul    08                 Integrity, and
            20   Aug    08                 Personal Courage.
            24   Sep    08
            29   Oct    08
            19   Nov    08
                                          I am an Army

Fort Bragg Civilian Personnel                                        Page 7
Human Resource Bulletin
October 2007 Issue 08-01

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