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					Using the Coldwell Banker PreListing Package
          and Listing Presentation

            A Tutorial
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                  1

The Coldwell Banker PreListing Package and Listing Presentation
The Coldwell Banker PreListing Package and Listing Presentation and work together to form a powerful listing
system and point of differentiation for Coldwell Banker Sales Associates – to give you a competitive listing edge
in your marketplace.

PreListing Package
   • Designed to serve as a confirmation of the listing appointment
   • Provides background on yourself and Coldwell Banker prior to the initial appointment
   • Hand deliver to your clients or mail

Listing Presentation Features
   • High impact, full color listing presentation
   • A flexible pre-listing, listing or leave-behind marketing piece
   • Organized in seven sections:
        o Introduction
        o Professional Qualifications (Features Agent Attributes)
        o Coldwell Banker (Features Company Attributes)
        o Marketing Strategy
        o Market Analysis
        o Property Profile
        o Blank
   • First page available for customization with Agent and client contact information
   • Back cover pocket pages for inserting additional support materials
   • PowerPoint version available
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                    2

Components of the Coldwell Banker PreListing Package
Creating a PreListing Package saves you and your sellers time and effort. The PreListing Package provides your
seller with information that builds value for your services before you meet to give your full presentation. The
PreListing Package reflects your and Coldwell Banker’s commitment to service.

The standard PreListing Package includes:

Introductory Letter
Purpose: Confirms in writing your listing presentation appointment and outlines the information you will be
providing during the presentation itself. The letter also encourages the client to complete the two inserts,
Qualities of Your Home and Priorities in Selling Your Home, prior to the appointment to help “determine the unique
aspects of your home as well as the items that you value most in the sale of your property.”
The standard PreListing Package includes a generic letter that should be customized. You may download the
customizable version of the PreListing Package Introductory Letter via
                           Top 10 Reasons to List Your Home with Coldwell Banker
                           Purpose: Introduces Coldwell Banker’s “Full-Service” approach to real estate by
                           focusing on our strengths including dominant market share, superior training, full-
                           time management and administrative support, superior marketing, unparalleled
                           Internet exposure and more.

                                                    Priorities in Selling Your Home & Qualities of
                                                    Your Home
                                                    Purpose: These two pages are excerpts from the listing
                                                    presentation. The Introductory Letter suggests that the
                                                    seller should complete the two pages prior to your arrival
                                                    at the appointment. Doing so gets the client involved in
                                                    your presentation and encourages him/her to review your
                                                    introductory package.

                           How to Personalize Your Pre-Listing Guide
                           Purpose: Gives you ideas on how to customize the package to best suit your business
                           and your clients’ needs. Be sure to throw this page away before presenting to client.
                           Suggestions include:
                           • Personal Information
                             o Biography
                             o Testimonials on similar listings that you have successfully closed and/or from
                               satisfied clients
                             o Consider including a list of closed transactions YTD and/or past five years
                             o Include information about designations and recent education you may have
                               received and how it will benefit your seller
                             o Provide samples of property brochures from previous listings
    • Lender Information (for sellers who will also be buying a home)
    • Industry Information
        o Newspaper articles to inform clients about current real estate trends
        o Market Flash (included in Marketing Briefs once per month or available on
    • DVD of a sample Spot Runner ad
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                      3

Components of the Coldwell Banker Listing Presentation
A well-developed listing presentation should address the following seller concerns:
1. “Why should I list with you?”
2. “What will you do to get my home sold?”
3. “What will I get (net) from the sale of my home?”

The Coldwell Banker Listing Presentation effectively addresses the above questions. The “standard” presentation
is available in the offices unbound. Sales Associates must develop the customized listing presentation by choosing
the pages that addresses their clients’ wants and needs.

Helpful Hints:
    • Consider binding two or three listing presentations in advance so you have them on hand when
       a seller requests an immediate meeting
    • The recommended page order of the complete listing presentation is available on our Intranet site

The listing presentation is organized in seven sections:

SECTION ONE: Introduction
Purpose: Introduces the seller to the advantages of working with you and Coldwell Banker. Features:
    • Customizable Marketing Proposal page (a customizable template [applicable for most printers]
      is available on
    • Qualities of Your Home (also seen in the PreListing Package)
    • Priorities in Selling Your Home (also seen in the PreListing Package)

SECTION TWO: Professional Qualifications

                     Purpose: Provides a progressive scope of marketing services. Included in the “standard”
                     Professional Qualifications tab:

                     • Sales Associate Education Program
                     • Limited Service vs. Full Service
                     • Full Service Representation
                     • Realtor® Matrix

                     Sales Associate Customization Enhancements:
• Sales Associate Profile
• List of closed transactions YTD and/or past five years
• Testimonials
• Include information about designations and recent education you may have earned and include
   how that education benefits your client
• Office Profile Page
• Manager Profile Page

SECTION THREE: Coldwell Banker

                     Purpose: National, international and quotables after second page of directory, local information
                     and statistics that demonstrate the advantages of listing with you and Coldwell Banker.

                     • History of Coldwell Banker
                     • Your Partner to the World (International Coldwell Banker statistics)
                     • California Real Estate Company Report
                     • Coldwell Banker Northern California (our company statistics)
                     • Coldwell Banker Northern California Office Directory (two pages)
                     • Quotables
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                 4

                     • Setting the Standards of Professionalism
                     • Business Journal Reprint (usage dependent on area)
    • Connecting Buyers
    • Legal Services, Ed Blum
    • Added Value Services
    • Helping Others…It’s What We Do
    • Moving and Storage

Sales Associate Customization Enhancements:
    • Market Share Flyer(s)

SECTION FOUR: Marketing Strategy

                     Purpose: To introduce Coldwell Banker’s full-service approach to marketing that corresponds
                     to the seller’s needs and interests.
                     • Creating a Partnership for Success
                     • Plug into the Technology that Puts Your Home on Top
                     • Leaders on the Web
                     • Website Statistics
                     • Showcase Enhanced Listings
                     • LeadRouter
                     • Spot Runner
                     • Local Newspaper Advertising
                     • Local Magazine Advertising
                     • Bringing Buyers to Your Home
    • Staging Tips
    • Marketing Your Home

Sales Associate Customization Enhancements:

    • Title company brochure
    • Sample Just Listed card
    • Sample property brochure
    • Sample broker’s open invitation
    • Local newspaper ad sample/tear sheet
    • Marketing/advertising samples
    • Current listings and recent sales lists
    • Virtual tour information
    • Staging information
    • List of professional resources (i.e. landscaper, carpenter, etc.)
SECTION FIVE: Market Analysis

                     Purpose: Supports your pricing strategy presentation and recommendation by using a CMA.

                     • Evaluating the Competition
                     • Pricing Strategies
                     • The Effects of Overpricing
                     • Market Value Strategies
                     Sales Associate Customization Enhancements:
                     • Competitive Market Analysis of the property
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                            5

SECTION SIX: Property Profile
                   Purpose: Provides title and background information on the property.

                   Sales Associate Customization Enhancements:

                   • Tax record
                   • Title company report: Property Profile
                   • Plot map


                   Purpose: Additional information not applicable in other areas.
                   • Client Satisfaction Survey
                   Sales Associate Customization Enhancements:
                   • Business card
                   • Listing Agreement
                   • Transaction Forms
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                        6

Listing Presentation Dialogues
SECTION ONE: Introduction

Introducing the Listing Presentation

                      • “Mr./Mrs. Seller, I have prepared this portfolio of important information and data
                        to assist us in developing a customized marketing plan and pricing strategy for selling
                        your home.”
                      • “But before we discuss marketing and pricing, I’d like to take a moment to tell
                        you about the company you’ll be entrusting the sale of your home to as you consider
                        working with me and Coldwell Banker.”

Welcome to Coldwell Banker

                      • “Few real estate companies have the resources or contacts to market your home to large
                        areas. As the number one real estate company in key regions throughout California and
                        the United States, Coldwell Banker represents hundreds of buyers and sellers throughout
                        the state and across the nation, every day.’”
                      • “These connections, together with our range of powerful marketing resources,
                        make it easy to see why no other company is better equipped to deliver more potential
                        buyers to your front door.”

Qualities of Your Home and Priorities in Selling Your Home

                            • “I previously dropped off a package that introduced you to both me and
                              Coldwell Banker and also included two pages that I hoped you would complete.
                              Did you have a chance to?”
                            • If yes: “Great, thank you. These will help me in determining the unique aspects
                              of your home as well as the items that you value most in the sale of your property.”
                            • If no: “No problem. I understand you must be very busy. Following this
                              presentation we can complete them together. They will help me in determining the
                              unique aspects of your home as well as the items that you value most in the sale
                              of your property.”

SECTION TWO: Professional Qualifications
Sales Associate Education

                      • “When choosing a real estate Agent it is important that you look for an Agent
                        who is a full-time professional dedicated to their client’s specific real estate needs. Equally
                        important is ensuring that the Agent attend ongoing educational training to stay abreast
                        of timely legal issues that may affect the sale of your property.”
                      • “As a Coldwell Banker Agent, I attend ongoing education training to maintain
                        the highest level of expertise and knowledge to ensure my clients make informed decisions
                        and I continue to offer more value at every step of the transaction.”
                      • “You’ll find that when working with an Agent, it’s not enough to know what goes
                        in the blanks on the contract. I receive extensive training on the entire contract and use
                        of forms. When properly used, the contract provides customer
protections, minimizes liabilities and can be a tremendous tool in accomplishing your goals.”
• “The California Legislature is prolific when it comes to passing new laws. Additionally, our courts
  are continually rendering opinions that mandate close monitoring. And finally, industry trends and complications
  are always adding new areas of concerns for buyers and sellers. Coldwell Banker Agents receive regular legal
  updates to make sure that our customers are being protected.”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                7

Limited Service vs. Full Service and Full Service Representation

                 • “There has been a great deal of talk in the marketplace about the differences between
                   limited service companies and full services companies.”
                 • “In a changing market like ours, now more than ever, you need the support of a full-
                   service company like Coldwell Banker.”
                 • “Limited service companies cost less but they will also do less, taking away the
                   necessary exposure and support you need to net the highest possible price for your
                 • “The three main reasons you should consider hiring me: Equity position, risk reduction
                   and trust. In addition to the services you see here, my specialized program goes beyond
                   even the standard full-service model helping to maximize your equity position and reduce
                   your risk.”

Realtor Matrix
                 • “As a full service Realtor, I will handle the complexities of the transaction documents,
                   inspections, escrow, marketing and the important art of skilled negotiation…so you enjoy
                   the peace of mind that the sale of your home will be smooth, efficient and satisfying.”
                 • “Here is a look at the professional duties I will perform on your behalf.”

SECTION THREE: Coldwell Banker

History of Coldwell Banker
                 • “Coldwell Banker has a proud heritage of industry leadership dating back more than
                   100 years.”
                 • “Our company was founded in San Francisco in 1906 immediately following the
                   1906 Earthquake. At the time, respectable business practices were rare and Coldwell
                   & Banker saw an opportunity to distinguish themselves by offering honest, knowledgeable
                   and competent real estate services.”
                 • “The two blazed a trail in our industry and have helped set the standard of
                   today’s Coldwell Banker.”

Your Partner to the World

                 • “With a worldwide sales team of over 119,000 sales professionals in 3,900 offices
                   spanning the United States and 30 countries around the globe, Coldwell Banker receives
                   strong national and international brand name recognition.”
                 • “This name recognition means national and international buyers purposely look
                   for Coldwell Banker when searching for their new home which means a larger pool of
                   available buyers for your home.”
                 • “Interestingly enough, one out of every nine homes sold in the United States
                   involves a Coldwell Banker Sales Associate.”
                 • “People know and trust the Coldwell Banker name. Each and every day we help
                   people buy their first home, help families put down their roots, customers change lifestyles
                   and others fulfill their dreams.”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                    8

California Real Estate Company Report

                 • “People use Coldwell Banker time and time again because we simply have
                   more resources.”
                 • “This report, reprinted from an industry publication known as REAL Trends shows
                   our strength to many of our competitors in California.”
                 • “You’ll see that as a company, we do a remarkable 700% more business than
                   our nearest competitor.”

Coldwell Banker Northern California Office Directory (two pages)

                 • “Because we have Northern California covered, wherever a buyer is interested
                   in buying, we can assist them. That means your property will receive broad
                   exposure beyond our local market area. That is the great advantage of working
                   with Coldwell Banker Northern California.”
                 • “Our clients rest assured that they receive the fast, responsive personalized
                   services of a local company, backed by the resources of Coldwell Banker.”

Setting the Standards of Professionalism

                 • “Coldwell Banker and I are committed to providing the highest standard of care
                   to sellers and buyers we represent. When working with me, you can be assured of the
                   highest level of customer service – from our full-time administrative staff to our professional,
                   and highly skilled non-competing leadership team.”

Connecting Buyers

                 • “Our local market is greatly influenced by the greater San Francisco Bay Area
                   as well as Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego.”
                 • “We sell more than 120 homes per day in California. It is likely that one of my
                   fellow Coldwell Banker Agents is working with the buyer of your property now.”

Optional: Market Share and/or Business Journal Top Real Estate Firms List

                 • “In addition to our national and statewide success, we have quite a success story
                   to tell here in CITY/COUNTY. As you can see on this graph, according to sales statistics
                   provided by our local MLS, Coldwell Banker ranks #1 in sales volume (or units sold) in
                   our area. That means more people have entrusted the sale or property of their home
                   to Coldwell Banker than any other company in CITY/COUNTY.”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                   9

Legal Services, Ed Blum

                     • “As part of the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage full-service program, we have
                       created an unprecedented service for our valued clientele. In addition to the professional
                       representation you receive from me, I am pleased to offer expert legal support as well.”
                     • “Until now, such a service was unheard of in the real estate industry.”
                     • “In partnership with a highly respected, outside legal firm, my clients who have a valid
                       listing agreement have access to one hour of complimentary, professional legal advice
                       with regard to any contract or escrow issues.”
                     • “I have found that occasionally my clients have questions that are beyond the scope of
                       our real estate expertise and fall into the area of law. Through this service, my clients
                       now have access to professional legal support, without incurring additional, out-of-pocket
                       expenses. My goal is to offer my clients peace of mind throughout the transaction.”

Added Value Service
                       • “Our international relocation and referral network benefits you in two ways.”
                       • “The first benefit is the additional exposure to out-of-town home buyers your
                          property receives.”
                            o “As broker of choice for Cartus, the world’s largest relocation
                               company, we enjoy a high level of corporate transferees in this area. Each
                               year we bring in an additional 5,500 home buyers and sellers into our Northern
                               California market which become your home’s window to more qualified buyers.”
                            o “Additionally, our Coldwell Banker International Network of 3,900 offices
                               and more than 119,000 Sales Associates creates more connections and referrals
                               from within our family of companies.”
• “The second benefit is the assistance you can receive if you relocate upon the sale of your home.
  Through our Coldwell Banker relocation network, we have brokers in your destination who will assist you
  in finding a home. And there is absolutely no cost or obligation to you for this service. If you are interested,
  I will have one of our brokers in your destination city contact you and provide you with maps and housing
  information for that area.”
• “Do you see how our relocation and referral services can benefit you?”
• “Mr./Mrs. Seller, I know how important working with a full-service company
  is to home sellers like yourselves in order to ensure a seamless and hassle free one-stop shopping experience
  when selling their home.”
• “You’ll be pleased to know that at Coldwell Banker, we have a full complement
  of transaction support services under one roof.”
• “We offer the Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan, administered by American
  Home Sheild. A home warranty builds buyer confidence and peace of mind and can go a long way toward
  enhancing the marketability of your property by helping it stand out from the competition.”
• “A home warranty can also more than pay for itself by saving you unexpected
  repair bills and potentially allowing you to obtain a higher price than without
• “Let’s look at what the plan offers.” (Show application/advertising materials)
• “What questions do you have about home warranties?”
• “Do you think it would be an advantage to offer a home warranty with your house?”
• “Through our affiliation with Coldwell Banker Mortgage/Princeton Capital, home
  buyers are offered timely mortgage pre-approvals at competitive rates. The advantage of this service to you
  is during the negotiation of a sale. We can suggest or even insist that a buyer be pre-approved before you
  enter into a contract with them. This can be done at no cost and results in the elimination or reduction of
  wasted time in the home selling process.”
• “Coldwell Banker Mortgage/Princeton Capital literally offers hundreds of loan
  programs so that you can secure a loan tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Working with them,
  you can expect extremely low rates and fees and because of our size, we can pass the savings on to you.”
• “Would you be interested in having Coldwell Banker Mortgage/Princeton Capital provide
  mortgage marketing on your home?”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                      10

Moving and Storage

                      • “To assist in your moving process, Coldwell Banker is affiliated with Suddath United Van
                        Lines, a respected moving and storage company known for its high level of service and
                        dedication to client satisfaction.”
                      • “If you choose to work with Suddath, you will receive a complimentary moving kit
                        complete with two wardrobe boxes, one book carton, tape, packing paper an inventory
                        checklist and moving tips.”

Helping Others…It’s What We Do

                      • “Mr./Mrs. Seller, at Coldwell Banker we believe in making a difference in the
                         communities we serve through our association with a variety of charitable organizations
                         including Habitat for Humanity.”
                      • “Since 1999, we’ve supported this nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating
                         poverty housing worldwide. Through our grassroots fundraising campaign, we’ve raised
                         more than $1.5 million dollars and participated in the construction of 40 Habitat for
                         Humanity construction builds.”
                      • “Our goal is to help ensure a brighter future for all children and families who
                         call Northern California home.”

SECTION FOUR: Marketing Strategy

Creating a Partnership for Success
                      • “As a full-service Realtor I never use a pre-determined plan to sell my clients’
                      • “In contrast, I will listen to your goals, address your concerns and use my
                         knowledge and experience to create a custom plan that will effectively result in the sale
                         of your home.”
                      • “My goals will be to provide comprehensive service, enable you to obtain the best possible
                         price and terms for your home and accomplish the sale in a timely manner.”

Plug Into the Technology that Puts Your Home on Top
                       • “I’m sure you are aware that the Internet is a powerful medium for advertising
                          real estate. That is why it is so critical in today’s world that the marketing plan for your
                          home include a strong Internet presence.”
                       • “Coldwell Banker Northern California is part of the largest full-service brokerage
                          in the nation and with that, we are also part of the nation’s largest residential real estate
                          brokerage on the Internet.”
                       • “87% of today’s home buyers use the Internet to search for a home, which is
                          40% more than those who use the newspaper.”
                       • “Furthermore, studies show that only 2% of the buyers who call in on an ad
                          actually buy that home. We want to talk to the other 98%.”
• “Companies who lack a comprehensive Internet marketing plan are outdated in today’s competitive
• “Coldwell Banker Northern California recognizes the opportunities the Internet creates. We are
  the first real estate company to fully leverage the Internet in the way we have to help sell your home.”
• “Our technology initiative includes $45 million worth of the most comprehensive Internet marketing
  in the industry.”
• “On average, most real estate companies spend only 4% of their advertising budget on online
  advertising, which means they are far behind the curve in servicing their customers. They are still relying on
  old fashioned ways to market homes to modern consumers.”
• “By virtually dominating the Internet’s most exclusive real estate websites, Coldwell Banker Northern
  California provides you added services to sell your home.”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                  11


                     • “When surveyed, 93% of buyers felt an Agent’s speed of response was very
                       important and second only to the Agent’s knowledge of the buying process.
                      Timing is everything.”
                     • “We have exclusive rights to a system known as LeadRouter, a revolutionary new
                       program that is one of the most powerful tools available today to ensure every
                       buyer lead on your home gets to me and receives a fast, professional response.”
                     • “All inquiries on your home on,,
             ,, Google, Trulia,Yahoo!,,,
             ,Classifieds and are fed directly to my cell phone within
                     • “After our meeting, I would be happy to give you a demonstration of how it

Leaders on the Web
Tip: This is also a good time to introduce the Client Technology Brochure.

                       • “It is critical that the marketing plan for your home include a
                         strong Internet presence. Sellers who hire Coldwell Banker
                         Northern California receive maximum online exposure.”
                       • “We will place your home on our local Internet site,
               , our national site,,,
               ,,, the country’s most visited
                         real estate website,Yahoo! ,,,,
                         Classifieds, Zillow and
                       • Our partnership with Google, where 61% of all online searches
                         are performed worldwide, ensures your home appears on Google within a day of entering
our system. Furthermore, it is refreshed daily so it outperforms less frequently updated listings and your listing
will link directly to the full listing at
• We’re proud to be among the first national real estate companies to become a listings provider with, a popular site amongst home buyers who enjoy the Web 2.0 map-based search interface. Like our
  affiliation with Google, your listing will be uploaded within 24 hours of entering our system, will be
  refreshed daily and will link directly to your full listing on
• “And by placing your property on, it will also be seen on the real
  estate channels of major Web portals like MSN, Juno, Net Zero, iWon, Excite, Digital City and more.”
• “Our state website,, receives 626,000 hits per month and features
  all homes listed on the 20 Multiple Listing Services in Northern and Southern California. We are the only
  site in California that offers this service which makes ours a highly visited website for home buyers throughout
  the state.”
• “ welcomes more than 2.3 million potential buyers a month, ranking it as the
  leading real estate brand website in the industry.”
• “Through alliances with other popular Internet sites such as The Discovery Channel, TLC, and, the award winning website provides direct linking to our local website, where potential buyers can find more details on your home. is
  advertised nationally on television, radio and in publications such as USA Today.”
• “We are very proud of our Coldwell Banker websites. However, we know that homebuyers spend
  the majority of the time they search online for a home at While is the Internet's
  #1 real estate website, most real estate companies fail to leverage all of the benefits of on behalf
  of their sellers.”
• “Coldwell Banker Northern California has launched an unprecedented alliance with
  I am going to tell you more about how we use this partnership to enhance your home online in a moment.
  First, I want you to know that our relationship with also allows us to provide maximum exposure
  to your home on partner websites such as AOL Digital City, MSN and The Wall Street Journal
  Online in a way that no other brokerage has been able to accomplish.”
• “You may have noticed I brought my digital camera. Did you know research shows home listings
  featuring six photos are viewed 299% more often than homes without multiple photos?”
• “In fact, many consumers will not even look at homes with only one or no photos. I will use the
  multiple images I take to showcase your home on all our featured websites.”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                  12

• “I mentioned our exciting partnership with This arrangement allows me to position
   your home on as a Showcased Enhanced Listing.”
• “Most listings on have either one or no photos, very limited property descriptions
   and the contact information is minimal.”
• “By making your home a Showcased Enhanced Listing on, I can provide six images
   of your home along with a detailed property description and my own contact information so that buyers
   can reach me quickly and easily.”
• “My job is to position your home to be more attractive to buyers than your home’s competition.
   Fewer than 10% of listings on are Showcase Enhanced so you can see how I can help make your
   home stand out among the rest.”
• “It is important for you to choose a company and an Agent that will be able to provide this feature
   to you. Don’t you agree?”
• “Can you see how our Internet capabilities can expose your home to a bigger market thereby
   allowing you to receive the highest price in the least amount of time?”

Spot Runner

                        • “I previously mentioned that one of my biggest strengths was to generate
                           maximum exposure of your home through a consistent and aggressive marketing plan.”
                        • “One way I intend to do this is through local cable television advertising. When
                           marketing my listings, I have been extremely successful with a program in which I create
                           a television commercial of my clients’ homes and advertise them on stations that target
                           our key buyer demographic including…(list stations that you recommend, i.e. CNN,
                           HGTV, MSNBC, Golf Channel, etc.). I can do this in a confidential way that generates a
                           great deal of excitement in the marketplace regarding your home.”
                         • Tip: You should create your media buy based on the interests of the clients or the
                        property; i.e.
if the property is located on a golf course, consider advertising the listing on the Golf Channel; if the seller is
an avid chef, consider advertising the listing on the Food Network; you can use this program to play up to the
interests of the client which they’ll appreciate
• Tip: At this point, (if you have your lap top) show an example of one of your own Spot Runner
   television commercials or an example of one of the sample versions posted to > Marketing
   > Advertising > Spot Runner
• “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, in preparation for today’s meeting, I created a television marketing plan I feel
   will effectively target our key buyer demographic.” (Show the marketing plan you developed)
• “Do you agree a television commercial is an effective way to advertise your home?”
Local Newspaper Advertising and Local Magazine Advertising

                     • “While Internet advertising is extremely important, we do create local demand
                        for the estimated 50% of buyers who are still using traditional newspapers.”
                     • “On a local level, we create eye-catching ads in the area’s most popular
                        newspapers to ensure your property is seen by the largest pool of potential
                     • “When you list with me, your home will be seen in…”
                     • “I’d like to show you an example of our advertising in…”
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                   13

Bringing Buyers to Your Home

                     • “Understanding where buyers come from allows me to market your home more
                     • “While buyers use a variety of information sources to learn about homes for
                        sale, statistics show that 33% first found their home through their real estate Agent. But
                        even more important is the fact that 33% of buyers in California come from outside the
                        county when buying a home – 8% of which are from out of state and abroad. That is
                        why it is imperative that you associate with a firm that is not only known beyond your
                        local neighborhood, but around the world as well.”

Marketing Your Home

                       • “Because we believe that each home has individual marketing needs, we have
                          also created a customized level of service that enables you to select services that best
                          work for you.”
                       • “As I go over each of these services, I’d like you to tell me if you would like
                          include in your marketing plan.”
                       • “My property flyers have been very effective in communicating the best features
                          of a property directly to buyers.”
                       • “Here are some samples of flyers I am using with my current listings. In fact, the
                          property on this flyer sold last week as a direct result of the buyer seeing the flyer.”
                       • “We’ll keep a supply of flyers here at the property for buyers and their Agents
                          to pick up at open houses and showings. In addition, I’ll distribute flyers to other real
 estate offices in our immediate market area and I plan to distribute flyers to my sphere of influence, distribute
to your neighbors, to the Agents in my office, flyer box on the yard sign, to all Coldwell Banker Agents in the
X region and throughout Northern California”
• “What do you think about this idea?”
• “When you select us, we will post your home on the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. The MLS
   allows us to multiply our efforts in selling your home by enlisting the support of real estate professionals
   throughout this market.”
• “The MLS is a computerized resource that allows us to share information on your property with
   members of the local Board of Realtors. This is important because it allows Agents to match their buyers’
   needs with the prices and features of available properties on the market.”
• “Do you agree that the MLS is an important ingredient in the marketing plan for your home?”
• “The next step is networking with other brokers. When you list your home with me, we will
   cooperate with and invite other brokers in the community to your home to find the perfect buyer. I will
   follow-up with each broker who visits the property to gain feedback on their clients’ thoughts on pricing
   as well as their overall response to the home. This feedback is extremely important to ensure that the home
   is priced well and shows well.”
• “I know from our discussion earlier how important it is to you to be kept informed. Communication
   is a priority for me and I will call you at least once a XXX to keep you up-to-date on the results of marketing
   activities, keep you current on trends in prices, interest rates and sales, and I’ll share suggestions from other
   Agents as to how we can boost our marketing efforts.”
• “Of course communication is a two-way street so please feel free to contact me whenever you
   have a question or concern.”
The remaining portion of this section should be used to showcase how you plan to market this home. It may
• Title company brochure
• Sample Just Listed card
• Sample property brochure
• Sample broker’s open invitation
• Local newspaper ad sample/tear sheet
• Marketing/advertising samples
• Office tour information
• Broker’s tour information
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                   14

• Current listings and recent sales lists
• Virtual tour information
• Staging information
• List of professional resources (i.e. landscaper, carpenter, etc.)
• Door knocking information
• Spot Runner ad
• Neighborhood only open house with sample invitation

Market Anticipation Dialogue Tips:
                     • “It is important to build curiosity and interest. That is why I strongly recommend
                        my Market Anticipation Program. This program utilizes a series of marketing techniques
                        to build interest and curiosity about your property even before it comes on the market.”
                     • “While everyone wants to sell their home quickly, exposing your home to the
                        widest possible market ensures that you receive the highest possible net.”
                     • “Some may choose to sell their property to ‘the guy down the street’ or perhaps
                        someone else who has expressed an interest. There is nothing wrong with helping others
                        out, but if it’s your goal to get as much as you can from your home, building the largest
                        possible demand and exposing your property to the largest possible buyer pool will net
                        you more money.”

Open Home Dialogue Tips:

                     • “Open homes have been a very successful marketing tool for us in this area.
                        Through advertising and strategically placed signs, we have the opportunity to make
                        direct contact with prospective buyers. I will also invite your neighbors who frequently
                        are good sources of buyer leads.”
                     • “I suggest we schedule our first open home for a week from Sunday from 1:00
                        to 4:00 p.m. How does that work for you?”
                     • To gain maximum exposure of your home, we will announce it on,
                        the only national website denoted to advertising open homes.
                     • If the seller insists on an unreasonable number of open homes: “It would really
                        not be in your best interest to wear out the effectiveness of open homes by holding too
                        many of them. We’ve found that one per month is a good pace to maintain buyer interest.
                         Are you comfortable with that?”

For Sale Yard Sign Dialogue Tips:

                     • “The Coldwell Banker yard sign is an important market tool. It is a ‘silent
                        salesperson,’ at work 24 hours a day.”
                     • “The Coldwell Banker sign is a good example of how our name recognition
                        works. Buyers drive by your house and instantly recognize the Coldwell Banker name,
                        and they tend to be more comfortable calling us than a company they’ve never heard
                     • “A sign also lets neighbors know your house is on the market. No one likes the
                        area better than those living there, and they have friends, relatives or business associates
                        who they know would want to live near them.”
                     • “How do you feel about having a sign in your front yard?”
The Selling Process

                     • “Once offers are presented, my job is far from over. One of the most important
                        aspects of my job is to help you obtain the best possible price and terms. I do this
                        through skilled negotiation.”
                     • “Effective negotiation is a skilled art. Step one in any good negotiation is to
                        define our goals and objectives so we can stay focused on our target without getting
                        distracted by personalities, challenges or situations. Counseling with you and identifying
                        clear objectives is one of the most important things I can do.”
                     • “As important as understanding the most important issues facing our decisions,
                        is to understand the same about the buyer. Whenever possible, I interview the
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                                 15

   selling Agent to get as much information about the buyer as I possibly can. The more I know, the better I
   can negotiate on our behalf. I have a systematic way of doing this, which in most cases will give us an upper
   hand in the negotiations.”
• “Whenever possible I try to meet with the buyer’s Agent face-to-face. It may be more convenient
   to utilize a fax machine, but I find it is easier to communicate and negotiate on your behalf if I can actually
   meet with the buyer’s Agent. The way you negotiate can often be more important in the long run than the
   terms on a piece of paper. It adds a spirit of cooperation and allows the other side to better understand
   our position.”
• “Negotiations aren’t always done upfront. Many times, others will continue to negotiate through
   the escrow. To minimize this and to help the escrow go smoother, I provide the other Agent a Summary
   Recap of our negotiations that highlights important timeframes and buyer obligations when we have an
   acceptance. By doing this, it helps the other side comply with their obligations and time frames and clarifies
   our important issues. Unfortunately there are times when the buyer’s representation isn’t as thorough as
   it should be. I have found that by providing the summary information, it actually helps others do their job
• “Furthermore, it is imperative that the contract to the closing process be closely monitored and
   managed in order to get the transaction closed.”
• “I will handle the complexities of the transaction documents, inspections, escrow, marketing and
   the important art of skilled negotiation so you enjoy the peace of mind that the sale of your home will be
   smooth, efficient and satisfying.”
• “At Coldwell Banker, we understand the trust you’ve placed in us. You can be assured that we
   will use diligence. We also have a second set of eyes looking at the transaction – double-checking is our way
   of making sure important issues don’t get overlooked.”

SECTION FIVE: Market Analysis

Evaluating the Competition
                     • “It is very important that you realize that neither you or I will set the selling
                        price for your home. That price can only be determined by thoroughly and aggressively
                        testing the market – challenging the competition for the attention of the right buyer who
                        is ready, willing and able to make a decision now.”
                     • “The highest price you can hope to realize is the best price obtainable from the
                        best buyer available in the present market. Therefore the list price needs to attract and
                        generate activity. We’ll create that price in a number of ways.”
                     • “One thing I would like us to do is drive around and tour the homes in our
                        market that are ‘comparable’ to yours. This will help us view the competition and will
                        base our price on today’s competitive marketplace”

Pricing Strategies

                     • “Pricing your home is a complex task. If the listing price is set outside of the
                        proper parameters, potential buyers may be deterred from considering your home.”
                     • “The closer your home is priced to fair market value when it first comes on the
                        market, the more likely it will sell quickly, at the highest price.”
                     • “I know from experience, the higher your home is priced above market value,
                        the fewer number of available buyers.”
                     • The stronger our pricing position is to start with, the better our negotiations
                        will end up. It is common for a seller to want to leave room to negotiate. There is also
                        a common notion that if you price a home high, you can always come down. In practice,
                        however, just the opposite is actually our best strategy.” (Go to Market Value Strategies)
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                               16

The Effects of Overpricing

                 • “We’ve seen the statistics. Now let’s look at what happens in the mind of a
                    consumer when a home is overpriced.”
                 • “Overpricing your home will attract fewer potential buyers and may cause it to
                    sit on the market longer than desired. To the buyer, too much time on the market
                    indicates an overpriced property and often is perceived as an opportunity to negotiate
                    a price lower than the market might typically bear.”
                 • “Pricing your property outside of the reasonable range can also cause low level
                    of broker activity, reduction in exposure, difficulty in obtaining financing for prospective
                    buyers and an increased amount of time on the market.”
                 • “This is why it is imperative that we remain competitive in our pricing strategy.”

Market Value Strategies
                 • “Statistics have shown that a home has a 95% chance of selling if it is priced at
                    market value.”
                 • “In contrast, the home has just a 50% chance of selling if the home is priced at
                    just 5% over market value. The statistics worsen as the home price continues to rise
                    over market value.”

SECTION SIX: Property Profile
                 • Use this section to show the time and effort you put into researching the client’s
                   home before arriving.
                 • Also take this time to discuss any issues that may relate to the title or property

Client Satisfaction Survey

                                        • “As part of our commitment to offering you truly remarkable
                                           service, following the transaction we will be e-mailing you
                                           a Client Satisfaction Survey.”
                                        • “The survey takes only five minutes to complete and is
                                           helpful in ensuring that we continue to provide the highest
                                           level of service possible in this industry.”
                                        • “May I have your e-mail address so we can be sure to get
                                           your feedback following the close of escrow?”
                                        • Perfect time to transition into having the seller/s sign the
                                           listing agreement and associated transaction forms.
Listing Presentation Tutorial                                                                             17

Going Green

                 • “One final note that I am personally proud to share is the fact that I and Coldwell Banker
                   believe in embracing environmentally responsible practices.”
                 • “The materials we are reading here today are produced by a company that is at the
                    forefront of environmentally sound manufacturing, using wind-generated electricity,
                    reducing emissions, using raw materials responsibly and offering a wide range of recycled
                 • “Thanks to this paper, we’re proud to say that this year alone 130 trees were saved, nearly
                    12,000 pounds of greenhouse gases were not generated and thousands of pounds of
                    crude oil – enough to fuel the average car for 22,500 miles – were saved.”

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