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					Developing Employability
      Skills Project

      An MEF-HRDC Initiative

   Course in Stock Management
         150-hour course

        MEF-MCCI Building
         Ebène CyberCity
Target Group and Eligibility Criteria                                                  Benefits
      The Student is unemployed.                                                       By the end of the course participants will be able to:

      Holders of either SC/GCE O Level and/or HSC/GCE A Level.                                Handle receipt and issue of goods

      Priority will be given to Social Aid Recipients.                                        Store the various items in the most appropriate way so that an item can be
                                                                                              located quickly and easily when it is required
                                                                                              Ensure the safety of all items, that is, protecting them from theft, damage and
Job Prospects
At the end of the programmes participants will be able to work in basic positions in          Record all stock movements in a ledger or computer.
the field of Stock Management as Stores Clerk, Stores Officers and others.

                                                                                       The MEF Management School will take the responsibility of providing on the job
There will be a practical bias for the programme as follows:                           training to all participants.

  Lectures                                                            40 %
  Practical Exercises                                                                  Schedule
  (Case studies/ mini projects, group projects)                       20 %
                                                                                       Tuesdays & Thursdays from 09 00 – 12 00

  On the Job Training                                                 20 %

  IT Skills                                                                            Certificate
  (Basic Microsoft Office)                                            20 %
                                                                                       Certificate in Stock Management will be awarded to successful participants.
      Guest lectures by practitioners will be scheduled
      Continuous assessments will be carried out throughout the course
      The Programme aims at imparting students with the knowledge and
      understanding in stock handling and stores management.
Syllabus (120 hours)                                     Variations in Lead time and demand – Re-order level method
                                                         Variations in Lead time and demand – Periodic ordering method
Part 1
                                                         Variations in EOQ parameter
The role of stores in a business
                                                         Using stock information in financial management
Relation of stores with other departments
Types of stores                                          Part III
Classification and codification of stock items           Applied statistics in stock management
Methods of storage                                       Applied probability in stock management
Optimisation of space                                    Setting re-order levels
Stock handling                                           Setting quantity of safety stock
Stores Procedures                                        Human resource management
Clearance, claims and insurance                          Just-in-time (JIT)
Losses, shortages and write-off                          Productivity improvement in stock management
Accounting information in stock system                   Quality improvement in stock management
Costing methods                                          Public procurement
Stock taking and spot checks                             Supply chain
Safety and security in stores                            Production planning
Using a software package for recording stock movements   Enterprise Resource Planning

Part II
Costing methods – advanced                               Skills Development (30 hours)
Lead time, cycle stock and safety stock
                                                         Team Building & Leadership*                       15
Stock Control Methodologies – Re-order Level System
                                                         Communication Skills*                             15
Stock Control Methodologies – Periodic Ordering Method
                                                         * These modules are non examinable
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
Financial implications of stock operations
Materials requirement planning and procurement
System design of stock control software
Advanced classification and codification
Bar Coding

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