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JANUARY 22, 2009

        2009 Annual Meeting
                       New Members
                               Cameron Butcher
Sylvia Bauder                  Colorado Community Bank
Keith Jenkins   Kevin Gildea   NextEra Energy Resources
Rocky Joy                      Joy Development
Kent Sager                     KCI Communications
Mark                           McDonald-Keil Physical
McDonald                       Therapy
Dave Lebsock                   Mr. D's Ace Hardware
Bill Henry                     Skyline Machine
Anna Merrill    Ralph Becker   Sterling Sundowner
Tom Ashburn                    Xcel Energy
Sterling Regional MedCenter
Wind Energy
Northeastern Junior College
                              Retail Sales
   Through December 31, 2008, the City of Sterling reported that taxable sales
    increased slightly to $195,161,123 YTD compared to 2007, which was a
    record year. Sales tax collected increased .11% to $5,854,833.

   The Colorado Department of Revenue has not issued year end results for Logan
    County; however, the first three quarters maintained a level comparable to

   With the approved wind energy developments of NextEra Energy Resources
    and Colorado Highlands Wind, and the planned Blue Sky underground gas
    storage project, it is expected that over 450 temporary construction workers will
    be active in Logan County during 2009. This activity has contributed greatly to
    increased sales in past years.

                Workforce   Employment   Unemployment   %
     Oct 2008   12,092      11,637       455            3.8
     Oct 2007   11,331      10,950       381            3.4

Although the unemployment rate is up slightly, there were an
additional 687 people working in the Sterling/Logan County
                area compared to a year ago.
 October 2008 is the latest data available and some seasonal
   adjustment is normal, but construction projects already
    underway should help the employment level in 2009.
New and Expanded Business
   Over 10 new and expanded businesses opened in
   Total capital investment exceeded $6,200,000 and
    79 new jobs were created
   Beall’s, Burger King, Dickinson’s Country Store,
    Frenchman Creek, Jimmy’s Pizza and Italian
    Restaurant, McDonald’s, Mike Meat Market and
    Serenity Women’s Clothing were some of those
    opening in 2008
NECALG Annual Report
   NECALG reported over $16,300,000 in new,
    qualified capital investments in Logan County.
   In 2008, total revenues in support of programs in
    the six county area were $5,351,671 and that total
    is budgeted to increase to $7,143,698 in 2009
   Programs include home weatherization, community
    service block grants, services to seniors, County
    Express and others.
2009 Economic Developments
   Two wind energy developers have made
    commitments for over 100 new turbines
   Blue Sky underground gas storage
   NJC’s 14% enrollment increases and community
    support via the Hope Scholarships
   Sterling Regional MedCenter and the David Walsh
    Cancer Treatment Center
                   Strategic Plan

   The Mission of the Logan County Economic
    Development Corporation is to provide leadership
    and assistance to all Logan County communities in
    their efforts to grow, while improving their
    economic stability and diversity.
                 Strategic Plan

               Approved: 05 August, 2008
   Economic Development Toolbox
   Industrial / Commercial Property
   Industrial and Retail Targeting
   Using LCEDC Cash Resources
   Community Collaboration
                Report on Significant Prospects
                   Jan. through Dec. 2008
   State Prospect #08-040 “Project Alloy” is a European client seeking to open a
    foundry/metal processing business in Colorado. Requires 50 acres zoned heavy
    industrial and estimating 500 employees.
   State Prospect #08-050 “Project Green” is a company looking to manufacture
    fiberglass and composite components for diversified OEM manufacturers of
    wind turbines. They are seeking an existing 50-100,000 square foot building,
    preferably in a rural industrial park and anticipate creating 200 jobs.
   State Prospect #08-055 Green Building Manufacturer is a company looking for
    2-4 acres for a 30,000 square foot building to manufacturer a patented
    building system for residential and light commercial green buildings. They
    would start with 50 employees and grow to 150 over three years.
   State Prospect #08-065 Project Beam is a light manufacturer looking for a
    6,000 sq. ft. building with all utilities, internet and close to interstate
                Report on Significant Prospects
                   Jan. through Dec. 2008
   BNSF approached the City and County about expanding their rail year north of
    East Chestnut Street in Sterling. Initial discussions were held with property
    owners in the affected area and alternative access routes to the industrial areas
    northeast of the City were proposed. There are been no action by BNSF on this
    proposal since 12/2007.
   Trillium Corporation approached the City about developing their property west
    of South Third Avenue running to South Fifth Avenue. There has been no action
    by Trillium since June, 2008.
   A light fabricator of farm fencing materials approached LCEDC about re-
    locating to Sterling this past summer. New jobs were estimated at 5-10 to start
    and several sites were visited by the client. This project is on hold because of
    economic uncertainty.
   A fabricator/supplier of oil field equipment approached LCEDC about re-
    locating to Logan County. Initial operations would include assembling, testing
    and distributing oil field equipment and would create 10-15 new jobs.
Major Projects during 2008
   Contacts with 10 retail matches via Buxton
   Attended ICSC in Las Vegas, May 18-20
   Helped sponsor CSU Labor Study/NE Colo.
   Education/Workforce Consortium/BETR
   New website design and updates
   Asset Resource- Commercial Property Listing
   Retail Development/TRIP policies approved
   Assisted NextEra Energy/ Sidney Airport issue
   It is hereby declared to be the policy of the City of Sterling, Colorado (City) to
    encourage the location, relocation or expansion of commercial enterprises within the
    corporate limits of the City, and to that end to encourage the expansion of our existing
    retail sales outlets or restaurants and to secure the location of new, large-scale retail and
    certain, targeted commercial businesses within the City.
   The intent is to solidify our current position in the NE Colorado Region as the Retail
    Center of business and trade. To that end the City desires to facilitate the attraction of
    large-scale retail or targeted commercial development, including malls (to include
    outdoor venues of clustered retail); entertainment venues or complexes; destination
    restaurants, including nationally recognized chain outlets, not yet existing within the
    municipal area and meeting the criteria set forth below; destination hotel/conference
    centers; automobile dealerships or auto malls; truck stops; regional health centers;
    central office or headquarters of large-scale or regional professional or technical firms,
    including architects, engineers, attorneys, accountants, and/or physicians; and other
    mixed-use centers consisting of multiple retail and commercial businesses operating on a
    single site.
   The intent of this policy is to attract businesses, grow and expand our own businesses
    and strengthen our center of business and trade that demonstrate one or more of the
       The retail or professional services will generate or draw regional customers or customers
        who reside beyond 30 miles from the municipal boundaries of the City;
       The sales volume is projected to meet or exceed $750,000 per year after three years of
       The business is a food service or restaurant with a seating capacity of not less than 75
       The business is a full service hotel of not less than 100 rooms;
       The business will provide employment for at least 35 full time employees (FTE);
       The business is a car dealership with estimated minimum annual volume of sales of 300
        units; and
       The business represents a substantial expansion of an existing business operation within
        City, at least doubling existing square footage or increasing retail space by 15,000 square
        feet, whichever is less.
Major Projects
   Assisted 3 new retailers: Bealls, Jimmys Pizza and
    Serenity Dress Shop
   Broadway Plaza re-development
   Developed a major re-location effort for Foster
   Logan County Commissioners agreed to enter
    negotiations for new 100 acre industrial park.
   Facilitated Centennial Mental Health is discussions
    with County, USDA and DOLA
New Industrial Site
Major Projects
   Sponsored “Revitalizing Downtown Sterling” seminar
   Met with City officials to promote airport
    development during 2009
   Revised By-laws to include SURA as voting member
    and addressed attendance requirements
   Co-sponsored with Colo OEDIT a “Financing Forum”
    in Sterling
           Airport Expansion?
Sterling Municipal Airport (Crosson Field)
Major Projects
   NextEra Energy and Colorado Highlands Wind
    approved for wind energy projects totaling over
    400 mW.
   Supported NJC’s plan to establish a wind technician
    training program
   Co-sponsored with NextEra, Xcel, MediaLogic Radio
    and South Platte Sentinel the Holiday Ramble and
    Window Display Contest
   Supported the Logan County Master Plan
             Design/Build Planning

   The Design/Build Committee has accepted the
    proposal of The Architect Group, Bruce Glass of
    Garden City, Kansas, to prepare preliminary
    construction drawings for three different sized
    commercial/industrial buildings
                Design/Build Planning

   The committee has determined the size and general
    specifications as follows:

         Size         Height   Site Acreage   Overhead
                               (estimated)    Doors
         35,000 sf    20 ft    5 acres        2
         50,000 sf    25 ft    10 acres       4
         100,000 sf   25 ft    20 acres       6
             WINDPOWER 2009 Conference & Exhibition
                    May 4 - 7, 2009 Chicago

 WINDPOWER 2009 Conference and Exhibition is the largest annual wind
conference and exhibition in the world featuring over 13,000 attendees and
                            over 776 exhibitors.
                  Logan County Economic Development Corporation
                                     P.O. Box 72
                                       City Hall
                                  421 N. 4th Street
                             Sterling, Colorado 80751
   Committees:
   Asset Resource
   Workforce Development
   Marketing and Communications
   Membership Development
   Strategic Planning
   Commercial / Industrial Development
   Retail Development
Thank You
 2009 LCEDC Annual Meeting

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