Top Ten Questions to ask a Referral Source

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					Top Ten Questions to ask a Referral Source
Use the following questions as a guide to your referral relations meetings. These questions are
designed to solicit input that will enable you to learn more about your referral source’s practice
and in turn offer a the most pertinent information for both current & future visits.

     Thank you for this opportunity to meet. I am interested in finding out more about your
     practice and letting you know what services are offered through our practice that could
     help to meet the needs of your clients and your practice. But first of all:

     1) Tell me about your practice. (LISTEN!)

     2) Have you had the opportunity to refer your clients to rehab services and what has
        been your experience? (Be prepared to acknowledge both positive & negative
        comments and describe your practice’s abilities to offer exceptional service.)

     3) Where do you currently refer your clients for rehab services and are you satisfied
         with their outcomes?
       (If the referral source has another provider they utilize, differentiate your clinic by
       describing your own strengths and specialties and emphasizing the need for client
       choice & access. NEVER criticize other providers!)

     4) What types of clients do you see in your practice that present a challenge to you that
        rehab may be able to provide support? (Be prepared to describe briefly your services
        as they fit with the MD’s client’s needs.)

     5) What is important to you in developing a working relationship and communicate
        with a rehab provider? (Describe your communication and philosophy as it fits with
        the MD’s requirements.)

     6) What information would be helpful to you in meeting the needs of your clients that
        have rehab type diagnoses? What types of client specific documentation? Client
        Education materials? Research information? (Bring a sample of your documentation
        for review & feedback. Take careful notes on what materials you can bring at future
        visits or send in follow up.)

     7) What client programs would you be interested in that we could offer your clients?
        (Offer Brochures or Practice Information from your Professional Portfolio)

     8) Who else in your office or what other colleagues would benefit from our
        information? (Take Careful Notes!)

     9) What else would you like to know about our services that will insure that we can
        offer rehab services to your clients? (Answer questions thoughtfully and offer a
        prescription pad for referrals.)

     10) I would like to follow up after we start seeing your clients to be sure that we are
         meeting all of your needs, what other information would be helpful to you on follow
         up? (Record on your Referral Tracking Form.)

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