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                                    TICKETING                                                             Smart Card
                                   APPLICATIONS                                                            Ticketing
MTA is …
… methodology                                                                                  MTA is the privileged and specialised partner of
MTA leans on its experience in projects management and adapts to your                          Mobility’s operators, for projects integrating smart
environment within an open approach, in order to achieve the consensual                        cards technology.
adoption of your ticketing scenario by all the stakeholders involved in the
ambitions of your project.
                                                                                               Within the frame of projects related to the mobility,
… competencies                                                                                 the ticketing and their applications, MTA offers its
MTA provides its competencies and its partnerships and accompanies you                         services for the specification and the design of ticketing
all along your project from the requirements and legacy analysis to the                        systems based on smart cards technology in the domains
operational implementation of the system.                                                      of public transports and urban services.
… experience
MTA builds on more than 20 years experience on marketing consultancy                           MTA provides its competencies to territorial
and business development and on more than 15 years on smart cards                              communities, regulation authorities, transports
ticketing.                                                                                     operators, and other service operators linked to
… references
MTA counts within its clients: the transport operators of de Brussels (STIB-
MIVB), Lisbon (OTLIS, Metropolitano de Lisboa), the Lille Metropole                            MTA provides operational and validated solutions
Communauté Urbaine (Trendsetter project), Mastercard International                             corresponding to your real needs through the
(PayPass for Mass Transit), the European transports and banking operators                      consensual adoption of a ticketing scenario validated on
de transports from the mutli-applications smart cards : Icare, Calypso,                        the basis of your environment’s functional, technical
Triangle (R&D and demonstration)                                                               and industrial requirements and constrains.

… an independent company                                                                       Contact us !
MTA works in total (financial and commercial) independence of all
operators, industrials solutions integrators. This allows to design solutions
that are technically and functionally adapted to your field reality.
                                                                                 MOBILITY      MTA
Your contact at MTA is ...                                                                     rue de la presse, 11 - B-1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Mr Jorge VIEIRA DA SILVA ‡ +32 473 395 667                                       TICKETING
                                                                                               Tel. : +32 473 395 667
answers your requests in French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.           &         E-mail :
                                                                                APPLICATIONS   Web :
YOUR NEEDS                                                     OUR SERVICES                                                             OUR RECENT
                                                               Our services include ...                                                 REFERENCES
The smart cards ticketing ...
- at the service of mobility and collective transports         - the identification of strategic requirements, markets & needs
- an efficient management and operation tool                   - the analysis of existing business and identification of financial
- a system based on stabilised technology                        constraints                                                               Brussels
                                                               - the design of functional and technical architectures                 STIB-MIVB’s MOBIB
                                                               - the enterprises consultation for the deployment
... at the heart of your objectives
                                                               - the stabilisation of the system’s documentation                         MasterCard
                                                                                                                                     PayPass for Mass Transit
- orientations of public transportation policies               Our competencies help you ...
- imperatives of transports management and operation           - to specify the strategic analysis of your project
- intermodality, interoperability, adaptability, scalability   - to shape your objectives and your expectations
                                                               - to manage your project with your partners
                                                               - to create the consensus among your partners
... solutions to your requirements                             - to understand the stakes and impacts of your decisions                Lille Metropolis
- to manage the production means and the infrastructure                                                                                  TRENDSETTER
                                                               MTA helps you to find the answer to your needs (management,
- to manage the clearing of the fares collection
                                                               operation, intermodality, interoperability, adaptability, …)          European projects
                                                               within your institutional and operational context.                          TRIANGLE
                                                                                                                                       (ICARE, CALYPSO)
... tools for your environment                                 MTA gives you the keys to a better understanding of the
- mono or multi-modal network                                  potential of the Information and Communication Technology
- mono or multi-operator environment                           for ticketing and the organisational and financial impacts of
                                                               your decisions, thanks to its worldwide knowledge of
                                                               operational systems.

... a project adapted to your state of progress                MTA provides the appropriate ticketing environment adapted
- strategic evaluations                                        to your requirements and allows you to design your solution,
- launch of design and specification studies                   technically realistic and economically sound, guaranteeing an
- operational integration’s management                         interoperable and evolving system.

                                                MOBILITY, TICKETING & APPLICATIONS

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