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									                          Vendor Solicitation (Sourcing) FAQ
How do I register for the MyFloridaMarketPlace Solicitation/Sourcing tool?

To be eligible to participate in Solicitation/Sourcing events, you must be a registered vendor in
the MyFloridaMarketPlace system. If you are not currently registered in
MyFloridaMarketPlace, log on the to begin the
registration process. During the registration process, make sure to select “YES” on the
Solicitation Page to elect to participate in solicitations.

If you are already a registered vendor in MyFloridaMarketPlace, you will need to login to
MyFloridaMarketPlace Online Vendor Registration at
and select the “Solicitations” link located on the left side of the page and elect to participate in
solicitations by selecting “YES”.

Once you have elected to participate in solicitations, your username for the solicitation tool is
the same as the one you established for Vendor Registration. Your initial temporary password
is the word: “welcome”. Your username and password are case-sensitive. There is a 24-hour
turnaround between the time your registration is updated in the MyFloridaMarketPlace/e-
Procurement system and when your account will be active in the Solicitation/Sourcing tool.

What are the minimum system requirements for accessing the MyFloridaMarketPlace
Solicitation/Sourcing tool?

Web browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.x, or Netscape Navigator versions 6.x.
You must have JavaScript enabled (see instructions below).
     In Netscape, choose Edit > Preferences, select Advanced, and make sure you’ve
       checked Enable JavaScript for Navigator.
     In Internet Explorer, choose Tools > Internet Options, the Advanced tab, and under the
       heading Java, make sure you’ve checked Use Java.
Internet connection - Modem, ISDN, DSL, T1. Your connection speed determines your access

Is there training on how to use the MyFloridaMarketPlace Solicitation/Sourcing tool?

Several resources have been developed to help vendors learn how to use the
MyFloridaMarketPlace Solicitation/Sourcing tool:
    Web-based, interactive training is available for vendors to learn how to respond to an
      event using the MyFloridaMarketPlace Solicitation/Sourcing tool at :,
          o Click on Solicitation Help, then the OnDemand Link.
    Specific Vendor help documents by solicitation type are available at:
          o Once at the site, click on Solicitation Help, then click on:
                 ITB Event Vendor Guide
                 RFP Event Vendor Guide
                 ITN Vendor Guide
                    Reverse Auction Vendor Guide

Buyers may elect to schedule additional optional training sessions. Please check each
solicitation’s Calendar of Events for details.

Who do I contact if I have a technical issue?

For technical assistance regarding the Solicitation/Sourcing tool, please contact the
MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Desk at (866) FLA-EPRO (352-3776)

How do I contact the MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Desk?

For general questions regarding the Solicitation/Sourcing tool, contact the
MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Desk by email at or
by calling (866) FLA-EPRO (352-3776) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.
Monday through Friday.

I tried to access the solicitation tool (Sourcing) home page, but I get an error message
“Site Not Found” or Error 404?

We have recently changed our site to run on standard secure Port 443. We recommend that
you try accessing the site again using If you still
have an issue, we recommend that you do the following:
    Contact your Network Administration to make sure that Port 443 is open
    Make sure your software and hardware meet the minimum requirements (see Question
       number 2 above)
    Call the MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Desk at (866) FLA-EPRO (352-3776)

How do I change my initial password in the Solicitation/Sourcing tool?

The MyFloridaMarketPlace Solicitation/Sourcing tool is setup to prompt you to change your
initial password upon logging in for the first time. If you would like to change your password
again, click the Preferences link located at the top center of the Solicitation/Sourcing tool home
page and change your password on the Personal Info tab.

I am located in a different time zone; can I change my time zone?

Yes. Click the Preferences link located at the top center of the Solicitation/Sourcing tool home
page and change your time zone on the Settings tab. The system will adjust the clock to the
time zone settings.

How do I view solicitations if I am not registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace?
You can view solicitations even if you are not registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace. Logon to as Username “publicuser” and password
“publicuser”. Note that the publicuser ID will only allow you to view solicitation, to place bids
on the solicitation you must register on MyFloridaMarketPlace

Do I have to fill out all of the profile information in the Solicitations/Sourcing tool?

Only fields with an asterisk (*) are required. However, Buyers may use the information in your
profile to find vendors for future solicitations, so it is advantageous for you to keep your profile
as complete and updated as possible.

How do I send a question to a Buyer?

Once logged on to MyFloridaMarketPlace Solicitation/Sourcing tool, click the Q&A Board
button located at the middle of the top section of the RFX event home page, and then click the
Ask Question button. Enter your message, and click OK.

Buyers may elect to receive all questions from vendors and then compose and post responses
at one time. Be advised that some Buyers may publish the original vendor question exactly as
submitted along with their formal answers.

Why do I have to download each attached document separately?

Most events are setup to clearly separate the read-only documents from the required
responses documents.

Can my company bid as a team? Would we need separate logins to do this?
You can bid as a team only if the team members share a single login. Different team members
can edit and save the bid to enter their contributions, and then one team member submits the
bid when it is complete. However, only one team member should edit the bid at a time;
otherwise, the edits of one team member can overwrite the edits of another.

What do I do if I make a mistake during the bidding process?

The system checks your bid before you submit it and informs you of any errors (e.g., missing
fields) you need to correct. After you submit your bid, you will receive a notification of a
successful submission. Once your bid is entered, you can revise it as long as the RFX is still
open for Bidding by clicking the Revise Bid button.
Bid improvement rules, as defined by the Buyer, might prevent you from increasing your price
in a revised bid. If your revised bid is not accepted, it may be because you increased your

Will other vendors/competitors see my bid or my name?
Click the Rules tab in the Sourcing Tool, and check the Information Release section to see
what information is revealed to other vendors.

Will the event end automatically?

Click the Rules tab in the Sourcing Tool, and check the Timing Rules section to see the
Closing Rule.

Are there any size limitations on the attachments?

The maximum file size allowed by the system is 20 MB. The Solicitation/Sourcing tool has the
ability to compress files (WinZip). For instruction on how to use WinZip please refer to the
WinZip vendor User Guide on

How long will it take to upload my bid?

Upload speed is dependent on your file size and type of Internet connection. Please see
Connection Speed table located at for approximate upload
times. We strongly suggest that you upload your bid / responses well before the event closes
to ensure that it is received prior to submission deadline.

What happens if I want to revise my submitted bid prior to the event closing?

Vendors can submit revised bids while the event is Open for Bidding. The system will only take
the last submitted bid received before event closes.

How do I submit a signed document with my bid?

Follow uploading instructions provided in the solicitation. Generally, a document requiring
signature should be downloaded, printed, signed and then scanned into electronic format. The
electronic file can then be attached to your response and submitted.

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