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                              June 1, 2005, Board Meeting:
The first order of business for the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board of Trustees was
to approve the consent agenda for PINCO (Food Services). This included bids for goods to be used
during the upcoming school year. The Board then considered and approved the ROP agenda including
course outlines and curriculum for Principles of Marketing, Careers in Retail and Marketing, Retail
Marketing & Sales, Fashion Industry Careers, Project Management, Business Administration Careers,
Computerized Office, Business Communications, and Theater Production.

The pledge of allegiance was led by Sergeant Robin Reed, ROTC Instructor, Highland High School.

ICC students from Palmdale High School impressed the Board first with a video presentation depicting
various activities at Palmdale High School. Palmdale High School Ag Chemistry students then served
homemade peach and cherry pie and homemade ice cream to the Board of Trustees and cabinet
members. Palmdale High School Ag Mechanic students made creative metal paper towel holders that
were displayed during the meeting.

Ms. Gaya Shanmuganatha, student Board member for the 2004-2005 school year was recognized and
applauded for the excellent job she did as the Antelope Valley Union High School District student
Board member. Board members expressed appreciation for Ms. Shanmuganatha’s open and honest
approach toward her position.

Reports for the meeting included:

       A detailed review of Knight High School’s instructional plan. Dr. Michael Vierra,
        Principal of Knight High School, highlighted the extensive efforts of Knight High
        School staff in addressing the educational needs of their students.

       Mr. Jeff Foster, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, gave a
        presentation on the variables related to decisions that needed to be made for the
        development of High Schools #9 and #10. Funding and the length of time it will take
        to build High Schools #9 and #10 will be critical issues related to these two future

Ms. Melanie Dohn Walker, CSEA president, thanked Ms. Shanmuganatha for the excellent job she did
as the student Board member. Ms. Dohn Walker also reminded the Board to take a good look at the
cost of the governor’s special election and the initiative that will address teacher tenure. Ms. Dohn
Walker told the Board that eliminating tenure would effectively reduce the number of people who look
to teaching as a career.

Mr. Gene Smith, AVTA president, thanked the Board for the teacher appreciation cakes that were at
every site in appreciation for the dedication and hard work from Antelope Valley Union High School
District teachers. Mr. Smith also suggested that attention needs to be given to the problem of attaining
qualified substitute teachers.
Ms. Gaya Shanmuganatha talked of her experiences as a student Board member. She said that she
originally thought the District’s business was single-minded; however, she found it to be very complex
and was impressed by the amount of research and thought that goes into every decision.

Ms. Donita Winn attended the Lancaster High School Eagle Robotics appreciation dinner and
presented a plaque that was given to the Board of Trustees by the Lancaster High School Eagle
Robotics Team in appreciation for the District’s support of their program. Ms. Winn also commented
on several things she learned from judging senior projects. Ms. Winn read from several student letters
and suggested that if the senior project prepared students as life-long learners and gave them the
confidence to approach any task set before them, then the program was indeed a success.

Mr. Beattie elaborated on his California School Board Association meeting in Sacramento last month.
He relayed the particulars of a speech made by one of the presenters who applauded charter schools.
Mr. Beattie said that he could not help but compare the elements of that speech to the progress and
achievements of AVHS. He is even more convinced that public schools are doing a good job of
educating students.

Mr. Robinson shared with the Board that he was able to join in the celebration for Highland High
School’s Distinguished School Award at Disneyland. He also expressed his hope that more of our
high schools will apply for this award, possibly placing the entire District in the position of being
considered as a distinguished district.

The Board removed item a. of the regular consent agenda items to be voted on separately. Issue was
taken with the assignment of coaching positions.

The Board approved the course outline, Masonry Occupations, that will be offered in the “WE CARE”
summer program.

Curriculum guides for Advanced Health Technology, written by Ms. Sharon Newton, and Power
Technology, written by Mr. David Calvert, were also approved.

Note: Approval of bids and any business related to the many construction projects addressed
       at each meeting are available through Business Services, attention to: Mr. Jeff Foster.

       A revision to the leadership calendars for 2005-2006 was approved. The revised
        calendars are available through the Personnel Department.

The Board adopted a revision to Board policy/administrative regulation 5123 – Promotion/
Acceleration/Retention. All policy updates can be viewed online at

The first reading of a proposed Civility policy was presented. Employees are encouraged to review
this policy as it is being formulated by concerns expressed by the Board of Trustees and cabinet from

Next regularly scheduled Board meeting: Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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