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Continuing Education
  Green Architecture, Design and Technology
              Electrical and HVAC
     Professional Engineering Exam Prep*
Contracting Applications for Technical Managers
          Process Excellence and QMS
                Industrial Safety
             Project Management
Continuing Education
 Certificate in Construction Management*
     Certificate in Project Management
    Certificate in Program Management
     Certificate in Systems Engineering
  Certificate in Modeling and Simulation*
 Certificate in Manufacturing Engineering*
Continuing Education
       Green Courses

     Lunch and Learns

      Online Courses

Continuing Education
       Green Courses

     Lunch and Learns

      Online Courses

ODU Military Programs
                Military Distance Learning
           VA Assistance – University Registrar
          Navy College Distance Learning Partner

 Navy Nuclear Engineering-Engineering Technology Credit
Masters of Engineering Management 12 credit hours for
“Officer Nuclear Power School who are qualified Engineering
Officer of the Watch at a prototypes”
MEM CD ROM courses for shipboard study
 ODU Military Programs

Military Distance Learning

ODU’s Veterans Affairs Website
                                      SMART Transcript
An official transcript endorsing and recommending college credit for military education and
training and recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) increases college credit
      awarded, enhances opportunities to complete a college degree, and offset tuition
assistance costs through increased college and university recognition of military schools and
                                    experience for credit.

 SMART is now available to document ACE-recommended college credit for military training
and occupational experience. The primary purpose of SMART is to assist service members in
 obtaining college credit for their military experience. SMART will eventually replace the DD
295, the Application for Evaluation of Learning Experiences during Military Service, which is
   the form currently submitted to colleges by Sailors and Marines to verify their military
 experiences. The DD 295 may still be necessary to document some training and experience
 that is not contained in and cannot be added to current personnel and training databases.
 Frank Batten College of
Engineering and Technology
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
General Engineering Technology
Civil Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology Option
Electrical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Nuclear Engineering Technology Option
Civil Engineering Technology Surveying option
 Frank Batten College of
Engineering and Technology
               Aerospace Engineering
               Civil Engineering
               Computer Engineering
               Design and Manufacturing
               Electrical Engineering
               Engineering Management
               Environmental Engineering
               Experimental Methods
               Mechanical Engineering
               Modeling and Simulation
               Systems Engineering
 Frank Batten College of
Engineering and Technology
                             PhD PROGRAMS
                           Aerospace Engineering
            Civil and Environmental Engineering
            Electrical and Computer Engineering
                        Engineering Management
                       Environmental Engineering
                          Mechanical Engineering
                         Modeling and Simulation
 Frank Batten College of
Engineering and Technology
 Frank Batten College of
Engineering and Technology
Modeling and Simulation Programs
§ Master’s
§ Ph.D.
§ Bachelor’s- just approved
Doctor of Engineering
§ engineering practice oriented
doctorate with leadership education
Marine Engineering Programs
§ bachelor’s within engineering technology
§ graduate certificate within mechanical
§ Coastal Engineering Certificate
  2008- 311 undergraduate
student graduated (up 21% in
           5 years)

  $21 Million in research
     Dollars(up 17%)

  Over 20,000 Engineering
Post 9/11 GI Bill
 Post 9/11 GI Bill

    Am I eligible?
      Active Duty – Eligible

On active Duty after Sept 10, 2001
               Post 9/11 GI Bill

When Can I receive Benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill?
                 After August 1, 2009
    Training done before this date is not eligible
                Post 9/11 GI Bill

How does this work with other GI Bill programs or
  the Reserve Educational Assistance program?

  If you choose Post 9/11 GI Bill, you forfeit all other Bill benefits
               Post 9/11 GI Bill
              How Much will I receive?
 Percentage is based on length of active duty service
Tuition and feed- not to exceed the most expensive in-state undergraduate
               tuition at a public institution (paid to the school)

  Monthly housing allowance equal to basic allowance for E-5 with dependents
   (not eligible-active duty , half time training or enrolled in distance learning

               Yearly books and supplies stipend up to $1000

 One time payment of $500 to certain individuals relocating from highly
                             rural areas
                   Post 9/11 GI Bill
               How Much will I receive?
  Percentage is based on length of active duty service
                             36 months- 100%
30 continuous days and discharged due to service connected disability-100%
                       30 months <36 months- 90%
                       24 months <30 months- 80%
                      18 months < 24 months- 70%
                      12 months < 18 months- 60 %
                       6 months< 12 months- 50%
                         90 days < 6 months- 40%
           Post 9/11 GI Bill
        How many months of assistance ?
              Up to 36 months

              How long am I eligible?
      15 years from last period of active duty

               What does it cover?
          Approved Institutions in US

               Continuing Education
Approved Certificate Programs or Licensing programs
           Post 9/11 GI Bill

Can I transfer my entitlement to my dependents?

         Active duty on August 1, 2009
                    Transfer of Benefits
Any member of the Armed Forces (active duty or Selected Reserve, officer or enlisted) on or
              after August 1, 2009, who is eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill, and:
  Has at least 6 years of service in the Armed Forces on the date of election and agrees to
           serve 4 additional years in the Armed Forces from the date of election.

Has at least 10 years of service in the Armed Forces (active duty and/or selected reserve) on
the date of election, is precluded by either standard policy (service or DoD) or statute from
  committing to 4 additional years, and agrees to serve for the maximum amount of time
                             allowed by such policy or statute, or

Is or becomes retirement eligible during the period from August 1, 2009, through August 1,
 2013. A service member is considered to be retirement eligible if he or she has completed
              20 years of active duty or 20 qualifying years of reserve service.
             Post 9/11 GI Bill
            Frequently Asked Questions
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Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts
Sponsor- Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
for Military Community and Family Policy

Description- This DOD program will provide up to $6,000
of Financial Assistance for Military spouses who are


Portable Career Field
Spouses of Active Duty and activated National Guard
Must be registered in DEERS

Spouses of severely injured ill wounded or killed in action
are eligible

Legally separated, are not eligible

Spouses who are active duty or activate Guard or Reserve
are not eligible

Coast Guard are not eligible
                      Pays for…..
Education and Training Programs, tuition, licensing and
credentialing fees.
Degree Programs
Continuing Education
State Certification for Teachers

Does not pay for books, computers, application fees
                            Getting Started

                 Get a Counselor…..Develop a plan
A Career and Training Plan includes the spouse’s chosen career field, name of
school and course information (course titles, codes, costs and start/end dates).
Clair Dorsey
Director, Professional Development
Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Norfolk, VA

                                Answers to Questions
If I used some of my benefits under a previous plan, how will that affect my benefits under the new Post 9/11 GI

It would depend on the veteran’s situation. This probably should be addressed on a case-by-case basis with the VA.
Please also see the VA Power Point posted for more details on former GI bills if those are forfeited for the Post 9/11

If there are multiple service members in one family, does this have any affect on the benefits available to each?

A veteran’s entitlement is a veteran’s entitlement. Having a family member in the service does not effect that.

The presentation notes that the Bill provides benefits for 36 Months? Clarify whether this is 36 Calendar Months
from start of usage, or 36 Months of actual class time.

36 months is calendar months.

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