7tOOLsample Letter of Invitation - DOC by katiealibrandi


									Sample Letter of Invitation to Selected Artist

         Domestic Host

                   Date     [Date Month Year]

    Name and address        [Address]
              of visiting   [Town / City]
    international guest     [Postcode]

                            Dear [name],
          Detail specific
   expenses that will be    Fellowship at X
   covered by Domestic
      Host Organisation
     and expenses that
                            I am delighted to inform you that you have been selected for a fellowship award at
  should be covered by      X organised by X.
  International Sponsor
            organization    The fellowship covers the costs for one economy return airfare from the UK to the
                            host country, transfers by rail to the host and return, travel and medical insurance
                 Include    and a subsistence allowance. You will also receive a stipend award of £1,000 per
        specific details    month. The costs for workspace, relevant programme fees, single room
     of activities taking   accommodation will also be covered but not paid directly to you. The host will
      place during visit    shortly send you an information pack containing full details about the facilities and
        Include specific
                            support during your time there. (delete as appropriate)
           dates of visit
                            The costs will be paid to you directly by cheque on receipt of the attached pro-
                            forma invoice for a total of £X. Please can you confirm your acceptance and
                            return the invoice as soon as possible.

                            It is your responsibility to arrange your own travel, medical and travel insurance to
                            X. You may keep any amount unspent, but we do ask to have copies of the travel
                            and medical policy number.

                            If you have not already done so, you should ensure that your passport is valid. It
                            is a condition of this award that you assist in monitoring, which may involve
                            submitting an evaluation report about your experience and support. Further
                            details about this will be sent to you later.

                            During your stay you will have an opportunity to meet with [names], discuss
                            [activities] and meet with artists who have participated in these exchanges. I
                            believe this opportunity will continue to strengthen the partnership we have with
                            the [names of international partners].

                            Your visit will be valuable to both of us and to the future of our exchanges. I look
                            forward to hearing from you about this invitation and if there is anything I can do
                            to help in obtaining your visa.

                            We look forward to your visit.

       Domestic Host        [name]
        Organisation’s      [job title]
   Executive Signature

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