Project Manager Contract Form for Building a House

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                        CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATE

                                                                 Project Name: 6 St House
                                                                 Project Address: 6 St. Street
                                                                 Landlord: Community Works Foundation
                                                                 Project Manager:
                                                                                                            Square Footage    x
                                                                                                                   $ per SF

                                                    % OF TOTAL                                                                    % OF TOTAL
        CONSULTANTS                                              THERMAL & MOISTURE PROTECTION
        Architect                                                Dampproofing                                                 x
        Structural Engineer                     x                Bituminous Waterproofing
        Mechanical Engineer                                      Sheet Waterproofing                                          x
        Electrical Engineer                                      Building Insulation                                          x
        Site Work Consultant                                     Sprayed Insulation                                           x
        Landscape Consultant                                     Exterior Insulation & Finish System (EIF                     x
        Other Professionals                                      Shingles, Roof Tiles
        Other Professionals                                      Siding                                                       x
        Real Estate Commissions                                  Enviroshake Roof
        Geotechnical                                             Built - Up Bituminous Roofing
        SUB-TOTAL CONSULTANTS                                    Elastomeric Membrane Roofing
        GENERAL CONDITIONS                                       Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing
        Supervision                                              Sheet Metal Flashing & Trim                                  x
        Construction Project Information                         Roof Specialties and Accessories                             x
        Project Manager                         x                Manufactured Roof Specialties
        CAD Operator                            x                Applied Fireproofing
        Legal                                   x                Firestopping
        Trade Contractor Bonds                                   Smoke Seals
        Head Contract Bonds                                      Joint Sealants
        Insurance                               x                SUBTOTAL - THERMAL & MOISTURE PROTECTION
        Permits                                 x                DOORS & WINDOWS
        Publications of Substantial             x                Steel Doors & Frames                                         x
        Deposit for Service                                      Install Metal Doors & Frames                                 x
        Job Signs                                                Aluminium Doors & Frames
        Office / Trailers                                        Prefab Wood / Plastic Door Frame Units                       x
        Office Supplies                                          Wood & Plastic Door Restoration
        Printing                                x                Access Doors & Panels                                        x
        As Built Manuals                                         Special Function Doors
        Fax & Photocopiers                                       Skylights                                                    x
        Precondition Survey                                      Traffic Doors
        Survey & Layout                                          All - Glass Entrances & Storefronts
        Legal Surveys                                            Revolving Entrance Doors
        Inspection & Testing                    x                Aluminum Windows
        Temporary Telephone                                      Wood Windows                                                 x
        Temporary Toilet                                         Special Function Windows
        Temporary Hydro                         x                Door Hardware
        Temporary Water                                          Special Function Hardware                                    x
        Temporary Ventilation                                    Glass & Mirrors                                              x
        Temporary Storage for Equipment                          SUBTOTAL - DOORS & WINDOWS
        Materials Handling                                       FINISHES
        Deliveries                                               Gypsum Board                                                 x
        Progress Photos                                          Gypsum Board Assemblies
        Winter Protection                                        Ceramic Tile
        Winter Heat                                              Natural Cut Stone
        Snow Removal / De-icing                                  Acoustical Ceilings
        Temporary General Protection            x                Specialty Ceilings
        Safety Supplies                         x                Specialty Floorings                                          x
        Safety Auditor                                           Wood Flooring                                                x
        Crainage                                                 Resilient Flooring
        Material / Passenger Hoist                               Fluid Applied Flooring
        First Aid                               x                Carpet                                                       x
        Temporary Fire Extinguishers            x                Flooring Restorations
        Scaffolding                             x                Acoustical Wall Finishes
        Flag Person & Traffic Control                            Wall Covering
        Security                                                 Wall Finish Restoration
        Courrier                                                 Acoustical Treatment                                         x
        Small Tools                                              Paints                                                       x
        Janitorial Services / Supplies                           Decorative Finishes
        Temporary use of Elevator                                Paint Restoration
        Equipment Rental                        x                SUBTOTAL - FINISHES
        Daily Cleanup                           x                SPECIALITES
        Disposal Bins                           x                Washroom Accessories
        Final Cleanup                           x                Markerboards
        Dust Control                                             Tack & Visual Aid Boards
        Trucking & Deliveries                                    Operable Board Units
        SUBTOTAL - GENERAL CONDITIONS                            Display Track Assemblies
        SITEWORK                                                 Metal Toilet Compartments
        Temporary Roads                                          P Lam Toilet Compartments
        Site Remediation                                         Louvres & Vents                                              x
        Subsurface Investigation                                 Vents                                                        x
        Site Demolition                                          Wall & Corner / Guard Bumpers
        Cutting and Coring                                       Access Flooring
        X-Ray for Removals                                       Flagpoles
        Cut and Patch                                            Directories
        Selective Demolition                    x                Exterior Signage
        Soil Disposal                                            Interior Signage
        Locate Underground Services             x                Fire Protection Specialties
        Shoring                                                  Wire Mesh Partitions
        Temporary Bracing and Reshoring                          Demountable Partitions
        Underpinning                            x                Operable Partitions
        Earthwork                               x                Toilet Accessories
        Grading                                                  Batch Accessories
        Building Excavation                                      SUBTOTAL - SPECIALTIES
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                                                                    Project Name: 6 St House
                                                                    Project Address: 6 St. Street
                                                                    Landlord: Community Works Foundation
                                                                    Project Manager:
                                                                                                           Square Footage    x
                                                                                                                  $ per SF

                                                       % OF TOTAL                                                                % OF TOTAL
        Miscellaneous Excavation                                    EQUIPMENT
        Building Backfill                                           Window Washing Systems
        Clear Stone                                x                Security & Vault Equipment
        Miscellaneous Backfill                                      Theatre & Stage Equipment
        Concrete Backfill                                           Audio - Visual Equipment
        Subgrade & Roadbed                                          Loading Dock Equipment
        Erosion & Sediment Control                                  Food Service Equipment
        Structural Caissons                                         Appliances
        Foundation Walls                           x                Residential Equipment
        Hydro Utility Services                                      Industrial & Process Equipment
        Outside Services                                            SUBTOTAL - EQUIPMENT
        Subdrainage                                x                FURNISHINGS
        Asphalt & Flexible Surfaces                                 Art
        Curbs & Gutters                            x                Furniture Accessories
        Sidewalks                                                   Rugs, Mats & Footgrills
        Fences and Gates                                            Window Treatment
        Landscaping                                                 Office Furniture
        SUBTOTAL - SITEWORK                                         Seating
        CONCRETE                                                    Systems Furniture
        Tower Cranes                                                SUBTOTAL - FURNISHINGS
        Structural Concrete Forming                                 SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION
        Miscellaneous Concrete Forming             x                Swimming Pools
        Mechanical & Electrical Concrete Forming                    Leaded Glass
        Concrete Accessories                       x                Security Access & Surveillance
        Bearing Pads                               x                SUBTOTAL - SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION
        Embeded Items                                               CONVEYING SYSTEMS
        Concrete Reinforcement                                      Elevators
        Reinforcing Steel                          x                SUBTOTAL - CONVEYING SYSTEMS
        Concrete Supply                            x                MECHANICAL
        Concrete Finishing                         x                Mechanical Connections
        Specially Placed Concrete                                   Mechanical Materials & Methods
        Precast Concrete                                            Building Services Piping
        Flex Wall                                                   Plumbing
        Precast Concrete Specialties & Stairs      x                Fire Protection Piping
        Concrete Topping                           x                Plumbing Fixtures & Equipment
        Grouts                                                      HVAC         A C Wall Pack                               x
        SUBTOTAL - CONCRETE                                         H V A C Instrumentation & Controls
        MASONRY                                                     Mechanical Miscellaneous
        Brick Masonry Units                        x                SUBTOTAL - MECHANICAL
        Concrete Block Masonry Units                                ELECTRICAL
        Stone                                                       Electrical Materials & Methods                           x
        SUBTOTAL - MASONRY                                          Electrical                                               x
        METALS                                                      Conduit and Tubing
        Structural Steel                           x                Substation Unit                                          x
        Metal Framing Systems                                       Lighting                                                 x
        Steel Joists                               x                Communications                                           x
        Steel Deck                                 x                Electrical Miscellaneous                                 x
        Miscellaneous Metals                       x                SUBTOTAL - ELECTRICAL
        Metal Fabrications #2                      x
        Metal Stairs & Ladders                     x
        Handrails & Railings                       x
        Formed Metal Fabrications
        Ornamental Metal
        Wood Materials                             x
        Rough Carpentry                            x
        Roof Blocking                              x
        Wood Framing                               x
        Sheathing                                  x
        Prefab Joists & Trusses                    x                TOTAL COST OF PROJECT
        Finnish Carpentry                          x                MARKUP, OVERHEAD & PROFIT
        Millwork                                   x                SUBTOTAL
        Custom Cabinets & Tops                     x                GST @ 7%
        SUBTOTAL - WOOD & PLASTICS                                  TOTAL INCLUDING TAXES

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