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					           Volunteer Recruitment Letter
To:      Parents & Grandparents

From: Elisa Pener, R.N.

RE:       Body Venture February 5, 2009

Your expertise is needed at Holy Cross Catholic School! Body Venture, is a traveling
exhibit from the Kansas State Department of Education, Child Nutrition & Wellness. Our
HBHA kindergarten through 5th grade students will visit the exhibit that will be set up at
the Holy Cross Catholic School. Body Venture is a unique educational program
designed to involve students in learning the skills and choices for a healthy lifestyle.
Body Venture consists of a 35-foot by 40-foot walk-through exhibit representing the
human body,

Please consider one of the following ways you can get involved:

       Take down Body Venture Exhibit: Take down will be February 5, 2009
        approximately 2 pm upon conclusion of the last group. 10 - 15 adults are
        needed. Taking down the exhibit takes approximately 1½ hours.

       Station Presenters: The exhibit has 11 different stations. A volunteer
        presenter is needed for each body station. A script will be provided. The only
        requirement is enthusiasm for working with children!! Our students will be going
        through the exhibit beginning 12 pm and should end around 2pm.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at epener@hbha.edu. Please
complete the form below and return to Pat in the lower school office.

YES!!! I can help with Body Venture. I will

_______Take down

________Be an afternoon station presenter

Name __________________________________________