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									                  DOMAIN DEALS INSTRUCTIONS
Once you’ve found the domain or domains you are interested in purchasing just click on it and
it will redirect you to Paypal. Once the payment has been received and cleared (could take up
to 7 days if drafted from a checking account most will only take 24 hours or less) I will transfer
the purchased domains. The easiest and quickest way to get your domain name is to have a
Godaddy account it is free to get an account just visit Follow the details below
after purchase.

Godaddy Account Holders

Send an email to with the domain or domains purchased in the
subject line and your Paypal Transaction ID within the body of the email. In the body of the
email send us your Godaddy ID (numbers or username) and the email you use for your Godaddy
account. Once I receive this information and you payment is confirmed I will transfer it to your
account and all you will have to do is confirm in your Godaddy account and it’s all yours.

Non Godaddy Accounts

You will have order your own domain transfer and once I receive the transfer request I will send you the
necessary codes to approve the transfer. It should only take a couple days, but some registrars still take
up to 10 days before the transfers are complete. If you are having troubles feel free to call me during
business hours 9am to 6pm (EST) and I will do the best I can to help. If the transfer fails I will try to work
out different methods or refund your money.

My name is Izaak Nason and I’ve been in the domain market since 2001, maybe not as involved as I am
today, but I have lots of buying and selling experience. I’ve never had any complaints and what that
means to you is that you are dealing with a true professional and I will always do my best to make sure
your experience goes well here at I look forward getting to know you and hope you
can put out the good word about my business services.

I appreciate your business and look forward to hearing about your successful journey online.

Izaak Nason –
888.246.0972 Toll Free
207.974.8225 Cell

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