2009 TRAILS END POPCORN SALE LEADERS GUIDE As the Unit Popcorn Chair you will be responsible for planning and executing a successful popcorn sal

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					                     2009 TRAILS-END POPCORN SALE
                             LEADERS GUIDE

As the Unit Popcorn Chair, you will be responsible for planning and executing a successful
popcorn sale for your unit. This important fund raising project, if carefully planned, can generate
the necessary funding for your unit’s “Ideal Year In Scouting”. Included in this packet are several
documents that will help you prepare for a successful sale.

•      2009 Popcorn Sale Calendar
•      Unit Popcorn Chair Job Description
•      2009 Key Date Calendar
•      Instructions for adding a Scout to your unit
•      Instructions to place, edit or review orders
•      Instructions for completing unit prize orders

Each Unit Popcorn Chair is issued a user name and password. (You must have valid email
address to be issued a user name and password) This will give you access to the Trails-End
Popcorn System at . The 2009 sale will be broken into two components,
1st Order for “Show & Sell/Show & Deliver” and 2nd Order for “Take Order”.

NOTE: 1st Order popcorn is not returnable.                   This will avoid making a special trip
to the Council Service Center and allow you to extend your “Show & Sell/ Show & Deliver” sale
until all product inventories are sold. Plan your sale carefully and only order the quantity you
plan for “Show & Sell/Show & Deliver”. Show & Sell/Show & Deliver is a supplement to and
should not take the place of your unit’s take order popcorn sale. Surplus product may be
deducted from your 2nd Order “Take Order” sale.

1. Show & Sell - Your unit secures a location and sets up a display to sell popcorn. This is
   usually a neighborhood store with significant customer foot traffic. Your unit must provide its
   own table, chairs, cash for change and signs. Be certain to secure permission from the
   store or property manager well in advance, since many competing organizations will also be
   reserving locations.

2. Show & Deliver - Your unit brings product in a vehicle to a local neighborhood and the boys
   go door to door in much the same way as the take order sale. The exception is that product
   is delivered and payment is received immediately, avoiding having to return to a household
   a second time. You will need cash for change. Show & Sell/ Show & Deliver should be
   scheduled after September 12 and continue until you have sold your entire product

3. Take Order – Scouts and family members circulate the popcorn order form to prospective
   customers in their neighborhood and in the workplace.
After you respond to the email completing the Unit Commitment Form and confirming your
attendance at the August 1st Poptober Rally you will receive an email from Trails-End with
instructions to confirm and change your Trails-End popcorn system user name and password.
(If you do not receive a user name & password, contact your DE or Kimmy Shugart at

To place your 1st order “Show & Sell/Show & Deliver” go to the Trails-End website: and follow these instructions to complete your order:

 A.      Click on the “Leaders” link.
 B.      Click on “Popcorn System” link.
 C.      Enter your user name & password
 D.      Click on orders.
 E.      Click on “1st Order”
 F.      Enter case quantity in the appropriate box
 G.      Click on “submit to council” button.
 H.      Exit

(Online assistance is available at: or by calling Kimmy Shugart at (407) 703-0254)

                           1st Order “Show & Sell/Show & Deliver”
                     must be submitted no later than August Roundtable

The unit “Take Order” sale should run simultaneously with Show & Sell and continue through
October 31, 2009. Before you begin your “Take Order” sale, go to to enter
your Scouts into the unit popcorn system. Follow the enclosed “Instructions for Adding A
Scout to Your Unit”. You may enter all the boys into one single unit or, you may wish to create
“sub-units” for individual Patrols or Dens. This will make it easier to track performance for unit
contests and competitions you may have planned.

Each boy entered into the unit popcorn system will be issued a “Key Number”. This will permit
the Scout to access his online “Take Order Form” and he can enter his sales as they occur, or
you may wish to enter online orders for your boys from their printed “Take Order Form”.

An added feature of the online popcorn system is a separate website
A popcorn customer may place an order online, charged to a major credit card and shipped
directly to their office or home. The unit or Scout “Key Number” is utilized in placing these
orders to ensure the unit and boy gets credit for the sale. The unit commission is the same and
you will receive payment from the council.

When your “Take Order” is complete, go online to and follow the enclosed
“Instructions to Place, Edit or Review Orders”. For the 2nd Order, you may enter both cases
and containers (there are multiple containers packed in each case). Before submitting your
order to the council, be certain to review each boy’s take order screen to confirm that it is
accurate and complete.

               2nd Order must be submitted no later than October Roundtable

You will also place your prize orders online. Go online to: and follow the
enclosed “Instructions for Completing Unit Prize Orders”. Prizes will be shipped directly to
the address provided on the “2009 Popcorn Sale Commitment Form” Your prize order must
be submitted no later than October Roundtable and will be shipped as the order is
approved. If you need assistance to complete your popcorn order, online help is available at: ,or contact Kimmy Shugart at (407) 703-0254.

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