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					                          THOREAU LETTER AWARD

At the end of the school year, a Thoreau letter will be awarded to each seventh
and eighth grade student who earns a sufficient number of points by participating
in a variety of activities. Students must apply for the letter at the end of the
school year, and letters will be presented at the final awards assembly. In order
for a student to earn a LARGE letter, the student must accumulate 250 points. In
order for a student to earn a SMALL letter, the student must accumulate 150

Listed below are the activities and achievements for which students may earn
points, along with the number of points awarded for that activity or achievement.
Activities or events may arise during the year that are not listed here. Students
are asked to list those achievements on the application at the end of the year and
points may be awarded for them as well. Any question about the letter program
or the procedure that will be used should be referred to Mr. Simmons.

ACTIVITY                                               NUMBER OF POINTS
All A Honor Roll                                       30 Points (Each Nine Weeks)
A-B Honor Roll                                         25 Points (Each Nine Weeks)
Achievement Honor Roll                                 15 Points (Each Nine Weeks)
Presidential Honor Roll                                20 Points
Yearbook Staff                                         20 Points
Newspaper Staff                                        20 Points
Literary Arts Magazine Staff                           20 Points
Drama Production (Cast And Crew)                       20 Points
SCA Team Officer                                       20 Points
National Junior Honor Society (8th Grade Only)         20 Points
WEXL Staff                                             20 Points
Student of the Quarter Award                           20 Points
District Band, Orchestra, Chorus                       15 Points
Band, Orchestra, Chorus Festivals                      15 Points Per Festival
France and Spain Trip                                  15 Points
SCA Representative                                     15 Points
Outstanding Character Recognition                      10 Points
Solo and Ensemble Participant                          10 Points
Navy Federal Art Show                                  10 Points
Published in Literary Arts Magazine                    10 Points
Theater Sports Participant                             10 Points
Club Membership                                        10 Points
Math Contests                                          10 Points Per Contest
Eagle Power                                            10 Points
Intramurals                                            10 Points Per Sport
Presidential Physical Fitness Award                    10 Points
7th or 8th Grade Dinner Attendance                     10 Points
School Guide                                           10 Points
National Junior Society Tutor                          10 Points
Special Olympic Participant                            10 Points Per Sport
Lip Sync Contest Participant                           10 Points
School Service Project                                 10 Points Per Project
Participation in a School/PTA Function                 10 Points
Track Meet Participant                                 10 Points
Participation in School Fundraiser                     10 Points
Special Team Recognition                               10 Points
Shining Star Award                                     10 Points
Writers of the Month                                   10 Points
Special School Award or Recognition                    10 Points
Five or Less Absences During the Year                  10 Points
Virginia Young Reader                                  10 Points
Community Award or Recognition                         10 Points