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					                                          issue 9         May         2007

                                                  T he

                             New Retail Educational
                             Program...How to Sell
What’s Inside:               Natural Color Diamonds
                             Introduced at AGS
 New Retail Educational
Program for Natural Color

         page 1              Conclave
   NCDIA hosts AGS
Fashion Show with Vogue      The NCDIA introduced a new education program for retailers,
         page 3              “How to Sell Natural Color Diamonds” at the AGS Conclave
                             this May in Denver. Two seminars entitled, “Jump Start a
 Harper’s Bazaar names       Selling Spree with Natural Color Diamonds” were presented by
 8 NCDIA Retail Members      Diane Warga-Arias and the sales training program will be made
To List of Jewelry Leaders
                             available at no cost for NCDIA members in a CD and booklet
        page 4               format.
  Brown Diamonds Win         All of the seminar attendees completed a survey which revealed
     MJSA Award
                             that natural color diamonds are a growing product category
         page 5              for retailers and are becoming an
                             increasingly important component of
                             their inventories. 90% of the attendees
                             revealed that they were positively

                               Greetings from the Executive Director:
                               2007 has been our most successful year ever--membership,outreach,
                               education and public relations! Please visit us at JCK in Booth #20096 to
                               preview our new Retail Sales Training Program, marketing materials and pick
                               up your NCDIA show directory of Trade Members. See you in Las Vegas!

                                                                                    Sam Merksamer
                                                                                      executive Director
                    Natural Color Diamond Training
influenced by the seminar and over half of
the attendees were planning to immediately
implement the strategies presented. 53% said
their customers are interested in natural color
diamonds and they wished to have more in their
inventory. 51% were interested in learning more
about natural color diamonds, but needed easily
accessible resources.

The education program is a series of three
sales meetings designed for a manger to train
their staff which will include a Leader’s Guide
power point presentation, Associate Self Study
Workbook and an Associate Meeting Workbook.

The first meeting is an introduction to natural
color diamonds which includes basics such as
the primary colors of diamonds, origin of color,
geography of color and an explanation of how
natural color diamonds are valued.

The second meeting provides five easy selling
strategies starting with showing pieces
of natural diamond jewelry and sharing
enthusiasm for the product.

The third meeting is a review and provides
additional information about pink, yellow, blue,
brown, black and grey diamonds.

Sam Merksamer, Executive Director of the
NCDIA, stated, “We were overwhelmed with the
positive response of AGS members to national
color diamonds, the Association and their
interest in the NCDIA sales training program.”

The training Power Points and workbooks will be
available to view at the NCDIA booth (#20096) at
the JCK-Las Vegas Show.
                  Natural Color Diamond Outreach
                                                                   Jewelry by Dehres
 Natural Color Diamond Association
Hosts Fashion Show with Vogue at the
           AGS Conclave
The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) attended
the 68th annual AGS Conclave April 26-29th in Denver,
Colorado as a grand sponsor, and host of the fashion
show produced by Vogue Magazine for the second
consecutive year.

NCDIA made a splash at the event by showing a stunning
selection of pink, blue, yellow, brown and multi-color
natural color diamond jewelry from eleven of its members
including Scarselli, Dehres, Martin Flyer, Le Vian, Novel
Collection, Uneek, Maidi Corp, Michael Werdiger,
Diatraco, LJ West Diamonds and Amgad. All of the
jewelry was displayed during the four day conference
and worn in the fashion show produced by Vogue
   “NCDIA made a splash at the event by showing a stunning
  selection of pink, blue, yellow, brown and multi-color natural
       color diamond jewelry from eleven of its members “
Approximately 600 AGS retailers had the opportunity
to view the jewelry at the NCDIA booth and the Fashion
show reception.
                   Natural Color Diamond Trends

Jewelry by Uneek                                    Jewelry by LJ West   Jewelry by Scarselli

                      Yellow jewelry by Diatraco.
                              Pink Ring by Maidi
                        Natural Color Diamond Trends

The May 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar named 8 NCDIA retail
members to their list of “Jewelry Leaders….the best jewelry and
watch retailers in America.”
The May 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar named 8 NCDIA retail members to their list of
“Jewelry Leaders….the best jewelry and watch retailers in America.”

Harper’s Bazaar has shopped the nation to bring you this must-visit list of America’s top
jewelry retailers. Hand picked for their fine product assortment and attention to customer
service, these retailers are the country’s true jewelry leaders. Visit Harper’s Bazzar’s jewelry
leaders for the exquisite jewelry and watches you love and the top-tier shopping experience
you deserve.” (p.96)

Congratulations to NCDIA retailer members who made the list:

                  Grebitus & Sons, Sacramento, CA
                  Hyde Park Jewelers, Denver, CO
                  Mayor’s, Fort Lauderdale, FL
                  Long’s Jewelers, Burlington, MA
                  RF Moeller Jeweler, St. Paul, MN
                  Fortunoff, Westbury, NY
                  Michael C. Fina, New York, NY
                  Bailey, Banks and Biddle, Houston, TX

Brown Diamonds Big Winner
for 2007 Manufacturing Jewelers& Suppliers of America (MJSA) Vision Awards
                    The Natural Color Diamond Association sponsored a Natural Color
                    Diamond Category for the 16th Annual MJSA Vision Award Design
                    Competition for the first time this spring. Brown diamonds were the big
                    winners as they were featured in both the first and second place designs:

                    First place: Nina Basharova of New York City; “Milky Way Pendant” in 18K
                    gold and 950 palladium with 1.6 carats (tw) natural brown diamonds.

                    Second place: Liaung Chung Yen of Liaung Chung Yen Designs in
                    Henrietta, New York; “Blossom” ring in 18K gold with 1.87 carats (tw)
                    natural brown diamonds.

                    MJSA Vision Award winners were selected by a panel of judges consisting
                    of designers, design experts, educators, and industry professionals. The
                    judges for 2007 were Cindy Edelstein of The Jeweler’s Resource Bureau;
                    Michael Coan, Jewelry Department Chair, Fashion Institute of Technology;
                    Beth Braverman, Associate Editor, National Jeweler; Mark Schneider of
                    Schneider Design; Hedda Schupack, Editor in Chief, JCK Magazine; Steve
                    Midgett, President, XPM West; Marlene Richey of Manufacturing Jewelers
                    & Suppliers of America; Suzy Landa of Suzy Landa Jewelry Design; and
                    Sandy Baker of Sandy Baker Jewelry.

                    The pieces were judged on originality, creativity, presentation quality,
                    effective use of materials, wearability, and the design’s perceived
                    manufacturing and marketing potential.
                        Natural Color Diamond In The News


  in the                                                                                     New Jersey


For further information in regards to these articles,                         Bridal Guide
                   please go to:

                                                        National Jeweler

                                                              Solitaire Pro
                     Natural Color Diamond Outreach

NCDIA Schedule of Events at Las Vegas Shows

“Tuesday at Two Marketing to America’s Affluent”
Tuesday, May 29 4-5 pm
Wynn Hotel
Breakout Seminar- Sam Merksamer, Facilitator

Luxury by JCK Registration Sponsor
Monday, May 28-Thursday May 31
Pick up the brochures and information on natural color diamonds you need for the show!

Luxury by JCK Education Session:
Jump Start a Selling Spree with Natural Color Diamonds
Thursday, May 31 9-10am
Venetian Hotel
Diane Warga Arias
Make the smart choice and give your sales associates the information, selling techniques and
rich language they need to sell Natural Color Diamonds.

NCDIA Booth Lux #20096
A selection of yellow, pink, brown and multi-color jewelry from NCDIA members will be shown
at the NCDIA booth #20096. Come see us and learn about the new sales training program
and view new marketing collateral including pink, yellow and brown color cards and a natural
color diamond buying guide exclusively for NCDIA members.

Networking for NCDIA Members
Please Join us for our 3rdth annual networking event in Las Vegas:
Monday, June 4 6:30-8
Venetian Hotel Toscana Ballroom 3601-3604
Cocktails and Appetizers

 Diane Warga Arias
                     Natural Color Diamond Trends

NCDIA Sponsor at JIC Editor’s Luncheon for 2nd
Consecutive Year
The Natural Color Diamond
Association participated in the
JIC jewelry preview luncheon
for the second consecutive
year on May 8, 2007 at Opia
Restaurant in Manhattan.
A selection of natural
color diamond jewelry was
presented to 70 consumer and
trade editors and stylists from
some of the most influential
publications in the jewelry
industry. Six NCDIA members
sent a total of 15 pieces of
yellow, pink, brown and multi-
color jewelry presented at the

Linda Moran Evans, Beauty
and Fashion Editor from Family
Circle Magazine won a brown
diamond pendant that was
donated by NCDIA and raffled
off during the luncheon. The
.75 carats of cognac diamonds
were bezel set in 18k gold and
valued at $1500 retail.
This is part of the ongoing
consumer outreach to promote
the natural color diamond
category to the consumer and
       New NCDia MeMbers
Welcome to new retail
 and trade members!
The NCDIA now boasts over 67 members!:
Armel Diamonds: Michael Melnick, CEO of AGS retailer Armel Jewelers has been
offering fine jewelry to Sarasota and Osprey, Florida Since 1967.

Gems of the Past: AGS retailers Karen and Stevan Adler market fine antique and
estate jewelry and one–of-a-kind diamond, pearl and natural color diamond jewelery in
East Hampton, New York since 1996.

Grebitus and Sons: AGS jewelers from Sacramento, CA, Grebitus and Sons was
founded 80 years ago. Bo Grebitus is the third generation of the family who has sold
more diamonds to more couples for more years than anyone else in the area.

Hyde Park: For over 25 years, Michael Pollack of Hyde Park Jewelers has been
serving the Denver area with premium choices in jewelry, diamonds, timepieces, gifts,
and much more. Now, they bring this tradition to Phoenix and Las Vegas as well.

Jewelry by Gail: Award winning jewelry designer, Gail Kowalski, hails from Nags
Head in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where she has a design studio and gallery,
utilizing natural color diamonds and other gemstones in her designs.

Lynn’s Jewelry Studio: AGS jewelers Bob and Kitty Lynn have been designing and
manufacturing fine jewelry for their clients in Ventura County, California since 1970.

Pieter Andries Jewellery: AGS retailer Pieter Andreis has four stores in the
Houston, TX metropolitan area. Pieter specializes in designing elegant diamond
jewelry for his customers and provides full jewelry services.

Yves Frey Diamonds: Based in London, England, Yves Frey is the fourth
generation of an Antwerp diamond family. Yves is an explorer of natural fancy color
diamonds, ever on the look-out for the most unique stones. He also designs and
creates unique jewelry pieces and collections for his customers.

R.F. Moeller Jeweler: Since 1951 Mark Moeller, AGS President, has bought fine
jewelry to the Minnesota Twin Cities with three stores. In May of this year, Bazaar
magazine name R.F. Moeller Jeweler as a Harper’s Bazaar Jewelry Leader, one of 124
best jewelry retail stores in America.

Long’s Jewelers: AGS retailer since 1878 of luxurious, classic elegance and fashion
forward pieces with 6 locations in the Boston metropolitan area. Boston’s premier hot
spot for high-end designer jewelry and diamonds. With deep roots and rich history
in the Boston landscape and in the jewelry industry, we continue our tradition of
excellence through unparalleled customer service and superior product quality.
           New NCDia MeMbers
Christopher Designs: Christopher Designs has launched a new version of the
Crisscut®. This spectacular version is the Asscher Crisscut®, which utilizes 77 facets
and has inspired an entirely new collection called the Asscher Crisscut® Collection.
Christopher Slowinski, founder of Christopher Designs, impeccably blends old world
luxury and style with state of the art technology.

Cora Diamond: Hagop Baghdadlian of Cora ia a leader in natural color diamonds with
an extensive collection of loose diamonds and a specially designed collection of rings and
jewelry highlighting the finest of fancy color and large white diamonds.

Design by Lani, Inc.: Lani Neween has 20 years experience in designing and
manufacturing high quality, exquisitely crafted and original pieces with locations in Los
Angeles and New York City.

Diarough, NV: Diarough is one of the world’s leading rough and polished diamond
dealers, cutting diamnds of exceptionally high make in a wide range of cuts, qualities
and sizes in its own factories. Operating at all levels of the market Diarough is particularly
noted for its expertise in naturally coloured diamonds.

Fancy Colors, LLC: After over 25 years of serving the European market with rare
natural color diamonds, Michael Namdar of Fancy Colors, LLC opened in New York to
cater to the elite of the US market....from the pink and canary melee for the manufacturer
to the single stone call of the high end retailer. Also specializing in one of a kind collector’s
stones, be it pink, blue or even red.

Gemcut SA: Matthew, Patrick and the Aldrige family have for the past 25 years
specialized in traditional and classic cut, rare and collectible loose natural color diamonds
in pairs, layouts and special collections from Geneva, Switzerland.

M. Vainer, LTD: M. Vanier Ltd is a trading company esablished by Milos Vainer, which
trades in rough and polished diamonds and, in particular, Natural Fancy Coloured Diaonds.
His two sons, Richard and Martin Vainer, now run the company. Their fabulous stock of
natural fancies are sold worldwide and exhibited in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Switzerland and
the UK.                                                                                                Next Issue:
Mark Lazar: Marc Lazar’s company is a niche business dedicated to providing rare                         JCK upDate
whte and fancy color diamonds to fine boutiques and custom shopes. The company
utilizaes its international network to acquire desireable stones from which they create their
signatue minimalist jewelry design.                                                                    MeMber survey

Optimum Diamonds, LLC: David Shara purchases, polishes and markets natural
fancy color diamonds. He specializes in important certified natural fancy color diamond in           Fall eveNt sCheDule
rare colors, particularly GIA certified natural green diamonds.
                                                                                                      traiNiNg rollout
Pancis Gems: Jeff and Audrey Pancis have been dealing in natural color diamonds
since 1984. Pancis Gems manufactures jewelry and polishes and sells loose. With the
huge interest by consumers in natural color diamonds, they have now begun to offer a
mounted line of natural color diamond jewelry.

Scarselli Diamonds: Nino, Bruno and Davide Scarselli offer the highest quality                       New Quarterly
commercial and investment grade natural color yellow, pink and blue diamonds in an
arrary of sizes and shapes.                                                                         Schedule for The
                                                                                                         JaNuary ‘07

                                                                                                           May ‘07
if you know of someone who would like to be a member of the NCDia, please contact
sam Merksamer by email or by phone 212-644-9747.                                           august ‘07

sam Merksamer                                                                                           DeCeMber ‘07
executive Director
212 644-9747

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