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By: Amy Bellows
Background Information
        •   Welcome to Nacogdoches - the oldest
            town in Texas. For a town tough to
            pronounce, it's one easy place to fall in
            love with. That's why we say
            Nacogdoches is as unique as it sounds.
              History. Antiques.
        • Museums. Live theatre. Symphonies.
          Nature trails. Art exhibits. Festivals.
          College football. If diverse entertainment
          and loads of fun are in your plans, you've
          come to just the right place.
            You're in the heart of a Texas treasure
          and we want you to feel right at home.
          So relax and get ready to enjoy yourself.
          You'll be having fun faster than you can
          say, well...Nacogdoches.
• Location
  • Nacogdoches is just a short distance from Houston
    (130 miles), Dallas/Ft. Worth (180 miles), Austin
    (210 miles), San Antonio (275 miles), and
    Shreveport/Bossier City (95 miles).
• Population: 33,500 (est.)
   • Area Taxes
     • Hotel/Motel Tax:
       13% (State 6%, City
     • City Sales Tax:

    From an evening at the opera to
    Saturday afternoon college
•   SFA brings a vitality to
    Nacogdoches that one expects
    to find only in larger cities. SFA
    is noted as one of the most
    respected state universities in
    the South.
•   The College of Fine Arts at SFA
    is a prominent regional
    presenter of fine arts
    performances and events. It
    combines the diverse talents of
    touring and local performers
    with the participation and
FIRM NAME                    PRODUCT                            Employment

Stephen F. Austin            Education                                 1,338
Pilgrim's Pride              Feed, chicks, poultry processing
Nacogdoches ISD              Education                                   845
Memorial Hospital            Hospital                                    750
Nacogdoches Medical Center   Hospital
Wal-Mart                     Department store                            435
Berry Direct                 Yellow Pages                                400
Nibco, Inc.                  Bronze pipe valves                          400
Moore Business Forms         Business forms                              360
J.M. Clipper                 Sealing components                          350
Foretravel, Inc.                                                         350
                             Motor homes
Texas Farm Products          Feed and fertilizer                         335
Nacogdoches County           County government                           300
City of Nacogdoches                                                      280
Cooper Power Systems         Transformers                                262
Brookshire Bros.             Grocery                                     254
Kroger                                                                   175
ARA Serve                    Cafeteria service                           171
International Paper          Strand board                                151
Bright Coop, Inc.            Poultry coops                               150
Burns, Morris & Stewart      Door frames                                 150
Tyson                        Poultry                                     150
North Place Nursing Home                                                 146
                             Nursing home
Cal-Tex Lumber Company       Lumber                                      135
Southwest Canners            Soft drinks                                 115
Fredonia State Bank                                                      105
Westward Trails              Nursing home                                 85
CCE, Inc.                    Road construction                            85
Acme Brick                                                                80
                             Building bricks
Patterson Wood Products      Mill work                                    75
Stone Fort National Bank     Bank                                         70
    Citizen Report 1999-2000

•   Administration
     • Worked with Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau to establish a new
       billboard advertising campaign
     • Developed brochures for new residents, Lake Nacogdoches land owners, our
       regional airport, and Historic Oak Grove Cemetery"
     • Worked with Chamber of Commerce to set up a " Good Counts Committee" for
       the 2000 census
     • Started renovation of the Historic Gladys Hampton Building (City Hall)
     • Secured the Historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot which will be renovated and
       serve as the home of Brazos Transit System
     • Started installment of 60 antique street lamps on East Main St. as part of
       downtown renovation
     • Dedicated new Thomas J. Rusk Plaza and Statue on East Main St.
     • Installed first set of outdoor weather warning sirens
     • Secured full mass transit bus system to be fully operational by late fall 2000
     • Currently in third year of five year program to hard surface all dirt streets
     • Worked to continue program on Interstate-69
     • Working with Union Pacific Railroad to install a new rail spur site below
     • Made application with Texas Water Development Board to expand water plant to
       20 million gallons a day
     • Assumed operation of the Central Heights Water Systems
     • Installed drive-by visitor’s welcome display on West Loop 224, near ball field
     • Upgraded water and wastewater extension policy to encourage business
     • Named a "Millennium City"
       Local Government issues
• Information Technology
• Installed and configured (51) new personal computers for
  various city departments.
• Migrated public safety AS400 software to new release.
• Installed peer to peer network for Convention and Visitors
• Responded to approximately 4,300 help desk requests from
  175 users.
• Coordinated information systems purchasing for 27
• Hosted President's Council on Year 2000 Community
• Coordinated Year 2000 project.
• Greeted Year 2000 with 100% success rate on the date
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