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									                 2009 – 2010 Registration and Career Guide
                             Table of Contents
Forward ...............................................................................................................   1

Canby High School Graduation Requirements ....................................................                            2          Registration is a process by which you select the courses you want and need to take
                                                                                                                                     next year, and give serious thought to the subjects (courses) you probably will take
Minnesota & South Dakota University Admission Requirements .......................                                        2          each year through your senior year at the Canby High School. This guide is a catalog
                                                                                                                                     of courses and programs offered during the 2009-2010 school year.
Agriculture Education Courses ..........................................................................                  3
                                                                                                                                     As you study this guide, make sure that you fully understand the credit requirements
                                                                                                                                     for the grade that you will be in next year. If you have any questions that are not
Art & Photography Courses ..............................................................................                  3-4        answered in this guide, be sure to seek help from Ms. Hunt or myself. In the high
                                                                                                                                     school, you have a chance to branch out with electives. Electives provide the
Business Courses ...............................................................................................          4          opportunity for you to explore special fields of interest. They also make it possible
                                                                                                                                     for you to pursue specialized training in preparation for advanced post high school
Computer Technology Courses .........................................................................                     4-5        training or to enter the job market. Serious thought about your overall plan of courses
                                                                                                                                     will help give you a sense of purpose and direction.
Family & Consumer Science Courses ...............................................................                         5
                                                                                                                                     Students are encouraged to take suggested courses that fall under the career pathway
Industrial Technology Education Courses .........................................................                         5          or career cluster area they are interested in to enhance their training and help prepare
                                                                                                                                     them for a future in their career interest area. As a general rule, required courses fall
Language & Literary Arts Courses ....................................................................                     6          under all of the career pathways. In addition to the suggestions above, it is strongly
                                                                                                                                     recommended that students 1) develop skills in computer applications; 2) complete
Mathematics Courses ........................................................................................              7          an additional year of mathematics and an additional year of advanced science; 3) take
                                                                                                                                     two years of specified electives in a single world language; and 4) select courses that
Music Courses ...................................................................................................         8          offer culturally diverse content and perspectives.

Physical Education & Health Courses ...............................................................                       8          This registration book will be used by the students of Canby High School along with
                                                                                                                                     their parents, teachers, counselor and administrators to develop the proper course
Science Courses ................................................................................................          8-9        selection to best meet the student’s needs. Students should select the program of study
                                                                                                                                     which blends with their interests and abilities and leads to the achievement of personal,
Social Science Courses .....................................................................................              9-10       educational and career goals. Students will not be ―locked into‖ a path or program of
                                                                                                                                     study, but will be encouraged to explore all available opportunities.
World Language Courses ..................................................................................                 10
                                                                                                                                     Canby High School offers equal opportunity in its educational program and does not
Youth Service Opportunity ...............................................................................                 10         discriminate in its educational programs on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, age,
                                                                                                                                     sex, handicap, origin or ancestry.
Academic Assistants & ITV Courses ………………………….........................                                                     11
Dual Credit Course & PSEO Information .........................................................                           11

CLEP Testing Opportunity for College Credit …………………………………                                                                 12         Dr. Robert A. Slaba, Jr.                                     Ms. Teresa Hunt
                                                                                                                                     High School Principal                                        School Counselor

SUBJECT:                  NUMBER OF CREDITS REQUIRED                                     MN STATE UNIVERSITIES                  SD STATE UNIVERSITIES

English                   4                                                                 4 yrs. English (including          Top 60% of graduating class
                                                                                             composition and literature)        OR ACT Composite Score of
Mathematics               3                                                                                                           18 or above
                                                                                            3 yrs. Math (2 years of            OR High School GPA of
Science                   3                                                                  algebra, 1 year of geometry)             2.6 on a 4.0 scale
Social Sciences           4                                                                 3 yrs. Science (including 1        4 years of English
                                                                                             year each of a biological and      OR ACT English sub-test
Computer Skills           1                                                                  physical science)                        score of 17 or above
                                                                                                                                OR AP English score of 2
Fine Arts                 1                                                                 2 years of a single world               or above
                                                                                             language                           3 years of advanced Math
Physical Educ./Health     1                                                                                                     OR ACT Math sub-test
                                                                                            1 year of either world culture           score of 17 or above
Electives                 13
                                                                                             or fine arts                       OR AP Calculus score of 2
                                                                                                                                     or above
Total Credits             30
                                                                                            Students must have satisfactory:   3 years of Laboratory Science
                                                                                              ACT Score                        OR ACT Science Reasoning sub-test
**All students must satisfactorily complete the required 30 credits in grades 9-12
and students must also pass the Minnesota state-mandated tests for a signed                   Class Rank                             score of 17 or above
diploma.                                                                                      Grade Point Average              OR AP Science score of 2
                                                                                                                                     or above
**Everyone is required to take 4 credits each semester.                                  **If you do not meet these             3 years of Social Science
                                                                                         requirements, you may still be         OR ACT Social Science/Reading sub-test
                                                                                         considered for admission, but you           score of 17 or above
**It is the student’s responsibility to know if all requirements for graduation          may be required to take specific       OR AP Social Science score of 2
and college entrance are being met. It is also the student’s responsibility to           course work designed to enhance             or above
register for the courses required for each grade level. Your counselor,                  your opportunity for academic          ½ year of Computer Science
principal, or teachers are very willing to help you decide if your registration          success. Contact the school you        OR AP Computer Science score of 2
supports your career plans and graduation requirements. Schedule changes                 wish to attend for more information.        or above
may occur two weeks prior to the start of school and no later than 3 days                                                       ½ year of Fine Arts
after the course has started.                                                                                                   OR AP Fine Arts score of 2
                                                                                                                                     or above

                AGRICULTURE EDUCATION COURSES                                                     EXPLORING AG SCIENCE                           Grades 9-10                 1 Credit
                                                                                                  This course is offered to freshmen and sophomores. About 66% of the time is devoted
HORTICULTURE                          Grades 10-12                          1 Credit              to classroom topics and 34% of the time is devoted to shop and lab activities. During
This course is offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors. About 60% of the time is               the shop phase of this class students will be required to construct one of three possible
devoted to classroom topics and 40% of the time is devoted to shop and laboratory                 carpentry projects, Students will also be required to bring tools from home for
activities. During the laboratory phase of this class, the student will be assigned to care       reconditioning. Various units include plant science, horticulture, animal science, and
for many species of plants. Students are encouraged to bring plant material from home             AG mechanics. It is recommended that students in this class participate in the FFA
to share with the class and to take plants home to share with their family. During the            extra-curricular program to re-enforce and enhance the classroom instruction.
semester, students will complete a minimum of three landscape designs, completed by
hand. Students will also conduct soil tests on soil from home, construct a dish                   AG LEADERSHIP - HOME & AUTO MAINTENANCE Grades 9-10 ½ Credit
garden/terrarium, perform required maintenance on lawn care equipment, perform                    The primary aim of this class is to develop interests, appreciations, understandings of
surveying operations, and design and construct several flower arrangements. It is                 leadership principles and practices. Emphasis will be placed on personal development
recommended that students in this class participate in the FFA extra-curricular program           as well as being a successful FFA member, student, and community member.
to re-enforce and enhance the classroom instruction. College Credit Offered: 5                    In this course you’ll also perform auto maintenance like changing tires, troubleshooting
                                                                                                  basic home electrical wiring, learn plumbing skills, construct a wood project, perhaps
AG CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE (2010-2011) Grades 10-12                           1 Credit         weld a little bit, get that lawnmower running and do other tasks you’ll likely run into
This course is offered to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. About 50% of the time is              when you begin living on your own. Discover how fun basic mechanics can be! No
devoted to classroom topics and 50% of the time is devoted to shop and lab activities.            previous experience necessary.
During the shop phase of this class students will be applying construction, wiring,
concrete, and interior finishing principles to real-life applications. Machinery                  EMERGING ENGERGIES                            Grades 10-12                 1 Credit
reconditioning, maintenance, and the super mileage car will also be integrated into this          The primary aim of this class is to develop interests, appreciations, and understandings
class. It is recommended that students in this class participate in the FFA                       of renewable energy systems as well as hydraulic and pneumatic technologies.
extra-curricular program to re-enforce and enhance the classroom instruction.                     Emphasis will be placed on ethanol, wind power, and biodiesel as well as the issues
This course is offered alternating years as is Advanced Mechanics.                                surrounding the need for proactive approaches to dealing with our increasing energy
College Credits Offered: 2 credits                                                                needs.

ADVANCED MECHANICS (2008-2009) Grades 10-12                            1 Credit
This course is offered to seniors. Approximately 40% of the semester is devoted to
classroom topics and 60% of the time is devoted to shop and laboratory exercises.
Laboratory experiences include projects in maintenance and repair of power equipment,                                                ART COURSES
welding, autobody, and vehicle repair/maintenance. Students must be prepared to
provide engines, automobiles, and equipment for laboratory exercises.                             ART I & II (Introduction to Art)              Grades 10-12               1 Credit
This course is offered alternating years as is Ag Construction & Maintenance.                     In this course two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms will be learned and
                                                                                                  used. This course will include drawing, water-color painting, oil painting, sculpture
                                                                                                  (using all available materials), working with permanent-fired clay (hand building and
COLLEGE ANIMAL SCIENCE                        Grades 11-12                 1 Credit               using the potter's wheel) and constructions.
This course will investigate scientific concepts relating to the biology of animals.
Specific topics will include taxonomy and classification, cell structure and function,
biological systems, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, genetics, reproduction,                    ART III/IV                                     Grade 12                    1 Credit
pathology, modern biotechnology, science of animal products, distribution and                     This course is designed to meet the standard of Career Investigation. This course is for
adaptation, and selection and evaluation. Laboratory activities will provide                      students who have displayed outstanding artistic achievement. The primary focus of
opportunities for problem solving through practical applications to learn scientific              this course will be to prepare the student for art education after high school or for an art
concepts. Applications to current issues in animals science will also be presented.               career. During this course the student will be required to write a paper on an art career
College Credit Offered: 4 crs through U of M; 3 crs thru Willmar.                                 and help set up the senior art show.

PHOTO I & II                                  Grades 10-12                ½ Credit             * Denotes a MN West Articulated Course
Photo I (Black & White) 1st 9 weeks                                                            * These courses have articulation agreements in place with Minnesota West Community and Technical
                                                                                               Colleges that allows the student to receive high school credit and also receive credit at the post secondary
During the course students will study the camera, its parts and functions, the study of
                                                                                               level. To receive this credit the student must complete at least 80% of the post secondary objectives and
film and print paper. The students will learn how to take good quality pictures. Lab           receive at least a B grade and have the recommendation of the high school instructor.
experiences include rolling film, developing film and making prints.
Requirements: Student must have a 35 mm camera for the course and pay a $15.00
photo fee.                                                                                                          COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY COURSES
Photo II (Black & White)
Prerequisite: Photo I
During the course, students will advance in the study of Black and White photography.          *COMPUTER 9                                   Grade 9                    ½ Credit
An in depth study of the concepts and practices of picture taking and dark room                This course will emphasize the use of PCs and compatibles. The students will be using
printmaking will be conducted. Any student interested in a photography related career          a variety of software packages with emphasis being placed on Microsoft Office.
should definitely take this course.                                                            Microsoft Office is an integrated software package that includes: Word, Excel,
Requirement: Student must have a 35 mm camera for the course.                                  PowerPoint and Access. Emphasis will also be given to researching on the Internet,
                                                                                               while incorporating business related applications. Students will create a web page as a
                                                                                               final project in this class.
                             BUSINESS COURSES
                                                                                               *WORLD HISTORY, GRADE 9                        Grade 9                      ½ Credit
The accounting sequence of courses is designed as vocational preparation for further           This class will help students understand the major development of world civilizations.
business training and as a tool for personal financial management. The business world          Students will also examine the increasing interactions among nations and civilizations
involves all people through taxes, banking and personal investments; therefore                 that have shaped much of our human life with special emphasis on the growth of the
knowledge of accounting contributes to a person's ability to earn a living and manage          political, economic, and social institutions and the relationship of past events to current
his/her personal finances regardless of his/her vocational choice.                             situations. The course will begin with the Prehistory and have sections on Ancient
                                                                                               Greece, the Roman Empire, Islam, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution,
*ACCOUNTING I                                  Grades 10-12                     1 Credit       Imperialism, Nationalism in Europe, World War I, the Russian Revolution, World War
This course presents the complete accounting cycle for a small business, beginning with        II and the Cold War.
recording transactions and finishing with financial statements. The materials will be
worked on manually and with microcomputers. The study of general and subsidiary                VIDEO PRODUCTION                               Grade 10-12                  ½ Credit
ledgers, payroll activities, and personal income tax form preparation will be a part of        Students will be introduced to the world of digital film and editing. They will master
this class. The study of special journals, depreciation, notes, and completion of an           the basic skills of importing, editing, and exporting film using digital technology and
automated business simulation will be done. Calculators and rulers are needed.                 iMovie software. Students in this course will be assigned individual video projects as
                                                                                               well as creating projects for various school events and organizations.
*ACCOUNTING II                                         Grades 11-12             1 Credit
This course is a continuation of Accounting I and its units of study include special           ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY I                         Grades 10-12                 1 Credit
journals, depreciation, notes, accrued income and expenses, dividend distribution,             Graduation Standard: Technical Applications
departmental accounting and completion of an automated simulation. It is intended for          For those of you who are wishing to increase your mechanical skills, improve your
the student whose career plans include administration, accounting, marketing, or other         logical thinking, and do research in teams or as individuals this is the course for you.
areas of business. Calculators and rulers are needed.                                          Some materials of the course are troubleshooting, set-up, application updating,
                                                                                               accessory comparisons, operating systems, networking, disk drive repair, computer
*ACCOUNTING III (Offered during Accounting II)                  Grade 12       1 Credit        repair, etc. of computer systems.
This course is offered as an Independent Study course only with the instructor’s
permission. The student must have successfully completed both Accounting I and II.
The course continues the Accounting II materials adding management and cost
accounting strategies and simulations. Calculators and rulers are needed.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY II                         Grades 11-12                1 Credit              FOOD SERVICE OCCUPATIONS II                   Grades 11-12           1 Credit
Prerequisite: Advanced Technology I                                                              A continuation of Food Service Occupations I, you may take this second half of Food
Students in this course will be participating in the A+ Certification Training Program           Service Occupations I. Food service experiences will be offered similar to Food
that is used in Industry to train computer technicians. This certification, if obtained          Service Occupations I. Please see this listing for more information.
through multiple tests at another location, enables the student to enter the workforce
as an entry level computer technician. Students will also work to maintain the various
computer platforms that the school has in the district.                                          FACS INTERPRISE                            Grades 9-10              ½ Credit
                                                                                                 Learn the techniques on how to develop a business. This is a hands-on class using an
           FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE COURSES                                                   embroidery machine where you will make a product and then sell it.

INTRODUCTION TO FACS                                    Grades 9-10             1 Credit
In this class you will work with basic food preparation, nutrition, and independent                    INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION COURSES
living skills. Most activities will involve ―hands-on‖ techniques. The activities include:
labs, computer usage, field trips, and guest speakers.                                           INTRO TO INDUSTRIAL ED TECHNOLOGY Grades 9-10                             1 Credit
                                                                                                 This is an introductory course for students who have not had any Industrial Education
                                                                                                 courses since grade 8. The purpose of this course is to gain knowledge and skills in a
FAMILY & CHILD CARE                                    Grades 10-12               1 Credit       variety of areas so that the student will be prepared to take the more advanced Industrial
Topics include: partner selection, value of marriage and different life styles found in          Education courses such as Furniture & Cabinetmaking I & II.
society, marriage problems, sexual issues, prenatal development, parenting skills,
special speakers and field trips.
Learn skills about caring for younger children. Explore the realities of parenting and           FURNITURE & CABINET CONSTRUCTION Grades 10-12                             1 Credit
the real world of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Childcare is the second most                The principles and procedures of furniture construction and cabinet making are taught
demanded job in the working force. Learn what a daycare provider does. Guest                     in this class. Planning and the developments of working drawings along with the study
speakers, "Play School", field trips and observations of all ages will be part of this           of good design practices are covered early in the course. Correct tool and machine use
class.                                                                                           and shop safety are stressed along with improving problem solving skills. Students will
                                                                                                 select, design, and construct a suitable project. Students can expect a considerable cost
                                                                                                 for materials used.
BASIC LIVING                                             Grades 10-12          1 Credit
          Personal Images--1st 9 weeks
"Hands-on" class. Individualized projects dealing with you. Improve yourself through             AVIATION/CADD                                     Grades 10-12                  1 Credit
proper clothing styles and maintenance, wardrobe planning and career exploring. Use              AVIATION: The Aviation class will cover the Ground School for aviation and we will
computer and advanced sewing equipment.                                                          also take a look at careers in this field. Topics for the class include: Fundamentals of
          On Your Own--2nd 9 weeks                                                               Flight, Flight Operations, Aviation Weather, Performance and Navigation, Integrating
What will the future be when you are living independently. A basic FACS class. Learn             Pilot Knowledge and skill. A flight simulator will help us with some of these parts.
how to afford a car, have a healthy body, get along with your peers, how to get a job,           Students need to be at least 16 years of age before enrolling. The class will contain
budget your money and what rights and responsibilities you have. Guest speakers, field           substantial math and reading in order to complete the class. At the end of the coarse the
trips, labs and "hands-on" activities will be part of the class.                                 student will take the Knowledge Test and be able to pass it. Students will also be
                                                                                                 traveling on several field trips which include Air National Guard (F16’s), control
                                                                                                 towers, and aviation maintenance schools.
FOOD SERVICE OCCUPATIONS I                    Grades 11-12             1 Credit                  CADD: Students who take the course should have basic drafting skills, good math
This is a "hands on" class that introduces you to the different worlds of the food               skills, and be able to research different ideas and follow through with their ideas. This
industry. Learn how to prepare food for the public, cater food, manage food                      exploratory course is for students who enjoy working with original designs, and using
establishments, and specialize. Material will be covered by LABS, guest speakers, field          creative problem solving techniques. Class size is limited. Time for this class is
trips, shadowing different food establishments and by opening a mock restaurant the              determined by the pace of the aviation class.
second semester. Working in a food establishment in the area is a possible opportunity.

             LANGUAGE & LITERARY ARTS COURSES                                                    ADVANCED LITERATURE College Course                        Grade 11              1 Credit
                                                                                                 Advanced Literature can be taken in lieu of English 11 for the students who rank in the
ENGLISH 9                                                Grade 9                 1 Credit        top 67% or those who earn a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. When students earn a "C" or
This class will focus on basic writing skills needed to pass the Minnesota state-                above, they earn three credits with SMSU. Students are required to read and discuss
mandated Writing test. Students will practice writing the five-paragraph essay and 6 +           elements of fiction, poetry, and short stories using the text chosen by SMSU. In
1 Traits Writing skills. This writing skill will be used to complete the Inquiry standard,       addition, students are required to do three analysis papers which are sent to SMSU and
ultimately a research paper which skill is enhanced in 10th Grade English and Speech.            used to determine their college grade. Additional class time is utilized with group
Incorporated with writing practice, there is short story, vocabulary, novel, and drama           activities, learning strategies of analysis, and student critique sessions.
study to increase comprehension skills and literature knowledge.
                                                                                                                                 LITERARY ARTS
ENGLISH 10                                              Grade 10                 1 Credit        COMPARATIVE LITERATURE                         Grades 10-12                   1/2 Credit
English at the 10th grade level will incorporate curriculum units to enhance student             With the current trend of making books into movies, this class tries to give the student
skills in the four whole-language areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.             the tools to compare and contrast books and movies. It is not a class to make the
Students learn the research process more in-depth, utilizing MLA format and structure.           student a critic but more to make the student see different perspectives from
Speaking skills and solid outline/organizational formats are learned through the speech          classmates, authors, directors, and film and literary critics, then take all that
process including: Informative, Persuasive, Visual Aid, Demonstration,                           information and write compare and contrast papers around the experience.
Extemporaneous, and Impromptu speeches.
                                                                                                 CREATIVE WRITING                                Grades 10-12                1 Credit
                                                                                                 Students engage in various creative writing activities including: Sim-city (where
ENGLISH 11                                              Grade 11               1 Credit          students write and create every aspect of their own town with road maps, characters,
American literature study forms the curriculum core of English 11—a requirement and              and situations that interact through each others’ stories), various styles of poetry and
Graduation Standard for graduates of Canby High School. Students will explore major              music lyrics, fractured fairy tales, comic strips, a ―Fool’s Gold‖ newsletter, and ―friend
American literary themes, their historical context, and their influence on American              and family‖ art projects. Literary aspects of writing are studied to enhance writing
thought. Americas’ multicultural, ethnically rich heritage will be examined through              capabilities and to expose students to a wide genre of creative writing.
samplings of American authors and genres.
                                                                                                 MAKING MEANING: A Multi-Text Approach Grades 10-12                             1/2 Credit
                                                                                                 This mini is devoted to the skills of READING and COMPREHENDING, using a
ENGLISH 12                                             Grade 12                1 Credit          variety of TEXTS, built around a common theme. Though the main text is often a
Academic writing forms the curriculum core in English 12, a requirement for                      novel (young adult and/or adult), other texts are explored, such as film, plays, poems,
graduation from Canby High School. Students will 1) build awareness of and apply                 dictionaries, artwork, cartoons, Internet, etc. Students read aloud, annotate and discuss
writing strategies needed for composition at an advanced level with emphasis on the              the reading, work new vocabulary, write responses, make connections, etc., on a
essay; 2) practice reading strategies needed for academic purposes; and 3) review                DAILY BASIS. Because this class is a skill-building course like Band, Choir, or
grammar and usage with emphasis on rhetorical purpose.                                           Fitness, where students ―work-out‖ everyday, attendance is critical to success.

*ADVANCED COMPOSITION College Course Grade 12                                  1 Credit          *Denotes a dual high school credit and Southwest State University College Credit.
Advanced Composition can be taken in lieu of English 12 for the top 50% of students.
Students who earn a grade of "C" or above can use it as college credit at universities
across the United States. Students are required to write six essays for the class, two of
which are sent to the SMSU mentor. Students are also required to read the text, "The
St. Martin's Guide to Writing" as it is used in class discussion and provides writing tool
exercises. The curriculum consists of developing grammar and writing skills,
vocabulary, and the Senior Poster.

*PUBLIC SPEAKING College Course               Grades 11-12                1 Credit                ALGEBRA II                                     Grades 10-12                   1 Credit
Because the importance of communication is increasing in every occupation, this course            PREREQUISITE: SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF ALGEBRA I. Algebra II
teaches the process of communication, listening skills, interpersonal communication,              is a continuation of the foundations of Algebra I. It is also needed as the basis of the
and applies communication as a life skill. Students are equipped to gain confidence,              study of other pre-college courses in mathematics. Topics will include: a review of
use effective language, and practice methods of delivering speeches. The student will             Algebra I; the study to derive, solve and use the quadratic formula; rational numbers
prepare and deliver various types of speeches including: to inform, to demonstrate, to            and rational expressions; complex numbers and how they work with the quadratic
entertain, to complain, to motivate, and to persuade. Students will apply the life skills         formula; coordinate geometry; solving linear equations by using several methods; and
of communication in activities such as a letter of application, a resume and a job                conic sections. If we have time at the end of the year we will discuss progressions,
interview. Students will also explore and experience other applications of                        series, and binomial expansions.
communication skills through parliamentary procedure, discussion, and debate.

*FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING                                                                  ALGEBRA III/ TRIGONOMETRY Grades 11-12                              1 Credit
This is a 3 credit class from SSU, which is taught in conjunction with                            PREREQUISITE: ALGEBRA I AND II                 ****Recommended: Geometry
Public Speaking at Canby High School. This course is open only to 11th and 12th                   The course will cover the trigonometric functions of right triangles and the unit circle;
graders upon instructor approval.                                                                 an introduction to polar coordinates and radians; points, lines, and conic sections of
*Denotes a dual high school credit and Southwest State University College Credit.                 parabolas, circles, ellipses, and hyperbola. The course is intended for students pursuing
                                                                                                  careers in science/math related fields such as engineering, electronics, drafting,
THEATER ARTS                                  Grades 9-12                        1 Credit         medicine or any vocation requiring advanced mathematics.
Theater arts class is the study of drama from its written form to the play in production.
After the analysis of a play, many hands-on projects will be completed such as set and            *COLLEGE ALGEBRA                              Grades 11-12               1 Credit
costume design, set building, acting, and directing. The end product of theater arts is a         PREREQUISITE: SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF ALGEBRA 11.
play chosen by the class for production.                                                          This class will be a continuation of Algebra 2. Strongly recommended for college-
                                                                                                  bound students. College credit available through SMSU Challenge Program.
FILM STUDY                                    Grades 11-12               1 Credit
Students will study the history of American film from the 1890s to 1990s, focusing on
the complex relationship between American film and American national identity.                    GEOMETRY                                     Grades 9-12                     1 Credit
Exploration will include such topics as the experience of moviegoing; the nature of               PREREQUISITE: ALGEBRA I. Geometry is a course designed primarily to teach
Hollywood story telling; and the roles played by the studio system, the star system, and          the student how to reason and to appreciate the various geometric forms found in nature
film genres.                                                                                      and in the works of man. The course is designed to help you understand the basic
                                                                                                  structure of geometry, develop powers of spatial visualization and learn to use and
                         MATHEMATICS COURSES                                                      apply deductive reasoning in both mathematical and non-mathematical situations. The
                                                                                                  course is open to students who have completed Algebra I.
LIFE SKILLS MATH                            Grades 10-12                        1 Credit
Students will apply mathematics to everyday situations that all adults will encounter.            CALCULUS (ADVANCED TOPICS)                    Grades 11-12                   1 Credit
Topics include: shopping, a house mortgage, options of buying a car, balancing a                  Prerequisite: Trigonometry           ****Recommended: Geometry
checkbook, investment options, insurance, taxes, and planning a vacation. The course              This course will include the theory of equations and the study of limits, sequences,
will end with keeping a budget, while making tough choices.                                       series, vectors, matrices and probability. The course focus will be on differentiation
                                                                                                  and integration and is intended for students pursuing math/science-related careers, such
                                                                                                  as engineering, electronics, and computer science.
 ALGEBRA I                                      Grades 9-12                        1 Credit
The study of Algebra I is needed as the basis of the study of all other pre-college
courses in mathematics. Topics to be covered are variables, formulas, commutative                 *Denotes a dual high school credit and Southwest State University College Credit.
property, associative property, distributive property, integers, and linear equations.
Also inequalities, factoring, solving quadratic equations by factoring, rational
expressions, graphing, systems of equations, functions, relations, and the real numbers
will be covered during this course.

                                MUSIC COURSES                                                                                   SCIENCE COURSES
                                                                                                 SCIENCE 9                                              Grade 9            1 Credit
CHOIR (All Year)                      Grades 9-12                                1 Credit        Science 9 is required for all 9th grade students. We start with a study of the scientific
This is a group of students in grades 9-12. The choir will perform several times                 method and the Grad Standard, Controlled Experiments. We continue with a preview
throughout the year. In the fall, the major performance is the musical. The choir will           of Chemistry and Physics concepts with the Grad Standard, Physical Systems and
participate in large and small group contests in accordance to meeting a fine arts               conclude with the High Standard of History of Science.
standard. Opportunities may be available for groups or individuals to participate in
festivals. Lessons are available for choir members. Students accepted into the concert
choir will be required to purchase white tux shirts, black slacks, black socks, and black        FORENSIC SCIENCE                                       Grades 11-12      1 Credit
shoes. The directors will assist with the purchasing of shirts (approximately $20.00).           Forensic science is a study and exploration analyzing various crime scenes. Students
There is a participation fee for choir.                                                          have an opportunity to solve crime scenes by various methods and utilizing topics in
                                                                                                 Biology, chemistry, physics, archaeology, anthropology. Students also have a chance to
BAND                                    Grades 9-12                                              view film articles on crime scenes and explore the history of Forensics.
1 Credit
The band will perform several times throughout the year. This will include a two week
marching band camp in August to prepare for fall marching. The band will also                    MECHANICAL SCIENCE                                    Grades 9-10     ½ Credit
perform at athletic events and perform in 3 or more concerts. The band will participate          Mechanical science is the study of motion, energy, and simple machines. Emphasis will
in large and small group contests in accordance to meeting a fine arts standard. Lessons         be placed on measurement, problem solving, and conveying results of lab work via
are required for junior high students, and available for Concert band members.                   scientific reports.
Concert attire for the band is as follows; Junior High, boys khaki pants and a button
down shirt, girls, a nice dress, skirt and top, or dress pants; Senior High, boys, black
pants, socks, dress shoes and a white shirt and tie, girls should have a black dress or          BIOLOGY                                                  Grade 10         1 Credit
black outfit. There is a participation fee for 9-12 band.                                        Biology is a study of living things and is required of all 1oth graders. This course
                                                                                                 covers a wide range of topics which include: Studies of all five Kingdoms, Monera,
                                                                                                 Protista, Fungi, Plants and Animals. Studies will also include genetics, respiration,
           PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH COURSES                                                   photosynthesis, cell structure, reproduction and environmental relationships.

                                                                                                 ADVANCED BIOLOGY                                         Grades 11-12      1 Credit
LIFE-TIME SPORT (P-E 11 & 12)                            Grades 11-12       1 Credit             PREREQUISITE: SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF BIOLOGY
Includes individual and team sports. Lifetime sport meets every day. Activities include:         Advanced Biology is an upper level course focusing on topics for college preparation in
softball, soccer, flag football, basketball, golf, badminton, tennis, bowling, weight            Biology. Studies will include: body systems, comparative study of animal anatomy,
lifting, physical fitness, and misc. activities.                                                 cellular functions, and various other current life science issues. Students will also have
                                                                                                 the opportunity to explore science-related careers. Advanced Biology is a college
                                                                                                 preparation course for those with the intention of pursuing a science-related career.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION/ HEALTH 9                             Grade 9            1 Credit
Units that will be covered include the following: Speed ball, soccer, tennis, flag               EARTH & SPACE SYSTEMS                         Grades 11-12       1Credit
football, volleyball, badminton, basketball, softball, bowling, fitness, weightlifting and       Earth & Space Science is a rigorous course study covering geology, astronomy, and
misc. games. Fitness testing will also be administered. Health meets every other day             meteorology. Specific topics of study include basic chemistry of earthen matter,
opposite Physical Education 9. This course involves discussions concerning various               mineralogy, petrology, soil and weathering, earth in space, our solar system, the Milky
forms of physical activities, which will develop a healthy individual; included are types        Way Galaxy, life cycle of stars, weather, climatology, and natural disasters.
of team and individual sports. Equally as important are the studies of fatigue and rest,
nutrition and diets, respiration and digestion, the heart and circulatory system,
infectious diseases and immunities, chronic disorders such as heart attacks, strokes,
cancer, etc., alcohol and drug abuse, first aid and safety.

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES                                 Grades 11-12       1 Credit
PREREQUISITE: SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF BIOLOGY Students will work                                WORLD GEOGRAPHY                                        Grade 10          1 Credit
in the following areas: ornithology, zoology, ecology, botany and environmental issues.          Required for all 10th grade students. This course will concentrate on the Eastern
The focus of study will be determined according to seasonal changes. Students will               Hemisphere. We will explore the countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Students
study relationships between plants, animals and environment. They will prepare a                 should learn the vocabulary and develop the observation and investigation skills of
project dealing with an environmental issue. Observation and collection of specimens             geography. They should learn to use geographic tools to record and organize
will also help students to understand various environmental relationships. Students will         geographic information. Major emphasis will be placed on the five themes of
also read an environmental book, articles and papers.                                            geography. These five themes are location, place, movement, regions, and human
                                                                                                 environmental interaction. Students are completing the Human Geography standard
PHYSICS                                                   Grades 11-12       1 Credit            understand the impact of geography on culture. They understand how the physical
PREREQUISITE: GEOMETRY and/or be currently enrolled in TRIGONOMETRY.                             environment influences where cultures develop (cultural Hearths) and how cultural
This is a course designed to give students the opportunity to think independently,               traits spread (cultural diffusion).
constructively, logically, and practically. Physics is a laboratory-oriented course.
Topics covered include kinematics, dynamics, energy, waves, light, sound, and                    U.S. HISTORY                                           Grade 11           1 Credit
electricity. A scientific calculator is an essential item to simplify all mathematical           Required for all 11th grade students. This course will include the 20th and 21st
operations and is required for the course. A TI-83+ graphing calculator is                       centuries. Major emphasis will be placed on the five themes of history. The themes are
recommended.                                                                                     economic, political, social, culture, and technology. Students will obtain a strong sense
                                                                                                 of how past action affect the present and our current actions would affect the future,
CHEMISTRY                                               Grades 11-12      1 Credit               then they may be more thoughtful about their decisions. They will also understand how
Chemistry consists of a study of the composition of matter; including concepts of                bias, perspective, and values influence the information they receive, and then they may
atomic theory, structures and properties of matter, organic and inorganic bonding,               view the media with a more critical eye. History actually becomes more than a
periodicity, solutions chemistry, chemical reactions, and interactions of energy and             collection of dates, names and events, students will actually understand its importance.
matter. Students will design and conduct their own experiments. A scientific calculator
is required to simplify the mathematics in this course. A TI-83+ graphing calculator is
recommended.                                                                                     WEB HISTORY                                  Grades 10-12                ½ Credit
                                                                                                 Students will maintain and research data on Canby and its history.
ADVANCED CHEMISTRY                                      Grade 12         1 Credit
This course is open to seniors who have had chemistry as juniors. A scientific                   HISTORICAL SURVEY                                    Grades 10-12     ½ Credit
calculator is required. This course will be a continuation and an expansion of the               This course will explore Vietnam and Holocaust eras and the impact on people, places,
materials covered in Chemistry. Topics will include: chemistry of metals and                     and ideas. Multiple perspectives will be emphasized in each era.
nonmetals, organic chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and electro chemistry. **Possible
college credits available. See instructor for more details.                                      *AMERICAN GOVERNMENT/ECONOMICS Grade 12                                   1 Credit
                                                                                                 Required of all seniors. The first part of the course consists of 9 weeks of
                                                                                                 understanding the foundations, rights, and responsibilities of United States citizenship.
                        SOCIAL SCIENCE COURSES                                                   The students will be developing action plans for influencing policy, observing various
                                                                                                 governmental groups that advise and set policy, and creating an information guide for
                                                                                                 citizen participation in a government process. The second part of the course consists of
WORLD HISTORY/CIVICS 9                                  Grade 9            ½ Credit              9 weeks of understanding how individuals, households, businesses, and governments
Required for all 9th grade students. The study of the duties, rights, and responsibilities       use scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs. We will be studying both
of a citizen. We will deal with our political heritage and government, our society and           microeconomics theories and apply them to practical situations. Throughout the course
values and the meaning of citizenship. We will also look at the Constitution, local              we will study and analyze many forms of media and technology.
government policy and leadership and a unit on criminal, civil and juvenile justice              **Possible college credits available, see instructor for more details
system. Included is a trip to a prison, a Minnesota standard on the Constitution and a
project on a family budget.

PSYCHOLOGY                                              Grades 11-12       ½ Credit              SIGN LANGUAGE (See information under ITV Courses)
This class will look at the general interest in psychology. Areas that are covered:
sensation, perception, state of awareness, learning, memory, personality and social                         VOCATIONAL & EMPLOYABILITY COURSES
**Possible college credits available, see instructor for more details.                           The following classes will be offered outside the regular school day to Juniors and
                                                                                                 Seniors. These classes are open to all Juniors and Seniors; however, the student’s
SOCIOLOGY                                               Grades 11-12        ½ Credit             behavior and attendance will play a part in whether the student is or is not allowed in
Two major categories: Social problems, and Community life/culture, with basic                    the class.
concepts and research in the following sociology areas: sociology origins, culture,
social structure, socialization, deviance and social control, racial/ethnic and gender
inequality, collective behavior, and social change.                                              Youth/Community Service Class                                   (Grades 11 & 12)
**Possible college credits available, see instructor for more details.                           If a student wishes to be considered for our Youth Service program the following must
                                                                                                 be completed.
THE EDGE – Building Future Champions                Grades 10-12          ½ Credit               1. A typed letter of application delivered to the office which should include but is not
This course is designed to prepare you for success in your future. Strategies and                      limited to the reason why you wish to participate, what benefits you will receive
techniques will be presented that will allow you to be a CHAMPION at whatever you                      from the class, what area/business you wish to be involved with and if requesting
desire. This course will challenge you to examine your personal goals and build a path                 Youth Service, the community service projects you will be involved with. Both
to reaching them.                                                                                      you and your parent(s) must sign this letter.
                                                                                                 2. A letter of recommendation from 2 staff members of the Canby Public Schools.
                                                                                                 3. A letter from the business or teacher you wish to work with accepting you as a
                                                                                                       candidate for Youth Service This letter must include what your responsibilities will
                      WORLD LANGUAGE COURSES                                                           be and what duties you will be performing.
                                                                                                 4. A certain amount of time during the semester will need to be utilized for
SPANISH I                                               Grades 9-12              1 Credit              community service project(s). Community service projects can include but are not
The student will be exposed to the Spanish Language through an introduction to the                     limited to visiting or helping the elderly, cleaning a community area, working at a
fundamentals of all four language skills; reading, writing, listening, and speaking.                   community facility, or working with your religious organization.
Special emphasis will be placed on communication through listening activities, oral              5. Students must write in a journal daily, describing the activities they participated in
discussion, and dialogs. In order to take Spanish II, III, or IV a ―C‖ average is highly               during that day and hand in each week to the counselor. Journal (a notebook) must
recommended in the preceding course.                                                                   be handed in every Monday morning before 8:20 a.m.
                                                                                                 6. A grade of Pass or Fail will be used.
                                                                                                 7. The Community Service Project must be completed a week before the semester
SPANISH II                                             Grades 9-12           1 Credit                  ends.
PREREQUISITE: SPANISH I.                                                                         8. All school rules and policies will apply to this time period.
An emphasis will be placed on a review of grammar and composition skills to increase             9. The administration reserves the right to deny anyone an academic assistantship or
proficiency. We will review vocabulary and introduce some new verb tenses,                             youth service position.
vocabulary, and grammar. Special emphasis throughout this course will be placed on                          **If you wish to continue in your pursuit of taking this class a typed letter
increasing communicative ability. The students will also view a number of films about                       of application will need to be in the Counselor’s office a WEEK before
historical Hispanic events, discuss, and research them.                                                     the new semester begins.

SPANISH III                                            Grades 10-12             1 Credit         Address the letter to:               Youth/Community Service
PREREQUISITE: SPANISH II.                                                                                                             Canby High School
During the first quarter, we will focus on reviewing grammar and improving listening                                                  Canby, MN 56220
and oral communication skills through different listening activities and daily oral
discussions about current events and general things going on in school. By the second            A maximum of 2 credits total can be taken for Youth Service.
quarter, students should be able to communicate effectively in the language. At this
time we should be able to discuss the more cultural aspects to learning a language.
Academic Assistants                                                  (Grades 11 & 12)                      ARTICULATION AGREEMENT WITH MN WEST AT CHS
1.   Students obtain instructor approval from the staff person they wish to assist, then
     approval from the principal.                                                                      Articulation means that if a student were to take one or more of the following courses
2.   NO Academic Assistant will be assigned until school starts in the Fall.                           and receive a grade of ―B‖ or higher, they would also receive credit for the following
3.   The administration reserves the right to deny anyone an academic assistantship                    courses at MN West. Thus, a student going into a program at MN West that requires
     position.                                                                                         the following courses would not have to take these classes again after high school, nor
4.   Juniors may have 1 academic assistant position in their junior year.                              would they have to pay for them, assuming they receive a grade of ―B‖ or higher.
5.   AA’s do not receive GPA points, but rather receive a Pass/Fail grade.                             Students must also take these courses during their Junior or Senior year. The student
                                                                                                       also receives high school credit(s) for the course(s) as well. See the Canby instructor for
                                     ITV COURSES                                                       more information.

ITV stands for Interactive Television. Courses are basically taught via the television.                NAME                         ARTICULATION AGREEMENT
The human aspect of having a teacher physically teach the class is missing and yet the                 Accounting I, II, III        (Must take all 3 Accounting classes to receive 4 credits of
students are provided opportunities to take classes our schedule does not provide. The                                              Principles of Accounting I)
following are potential course offerings at Canby High School and MN West – Canby                      Computer 9                   (These 2 H.S. courses together equal
Campus.                                                                                                Computer Applications        2 credits of Introduction to Computers)
                                                                                                       Accounting I                 Office Accounting Concepts, 3 credits
Canby High School
Sign Language I, II                    Sign Language III, IV
Psychology 101
Sociology 101                                                                                                  POST SECONDARY EDUCATION OPTIONS (PSEO)

                 DUAL CREDIT COURSE INFORMATION                                                        Post Secondary Education Options (PSEO) is a state program, which allows top
                                                                                                       students to take college-level courses at post-secondary institutions. The program is
                                                                                                       intended for upper-level students who have taken all the upper-level course offerings
Dual credit means that a student may take specified courses for both high school and                   here at Canby.
college or vocational school credit. Classes differ in that SMSU grants certain dual
credit and MN West will grant other dual credit. Do not assume that the post-secondary                 Major requirements for students opting to participate in the PSEO program include:
institution you are attending after high school will accept MN West articulated credits                (Other requirements found in the PSEO contract)
or SMSU/Ridgewater college credits. The post-secondary institutions decide which                       1. Seniors must rank in the top 50% & Juniors must rank in the top 1/3 of their class.
courses they will grant credit for. The student is responsible for researching whether                 2. Students must take 4 credits of college credit to count for 1 credit of CHS credit.
credits transfer. An asterisk has been used in front of a course to identify college credit.           3. Students must meet the requirements of Canby High School course requirements.
                                                                                                       4. Students are required to attend their high school courses on the days/times they
SOUTHWEST MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY, U of M & RIDGEWATER                                                  have open when they are not in class at their post-secondary institution.
COLLEGE CREDITS OFFERED AT CANBY HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS                                                    5. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed of Canby High School activities
 (Must have 5 students signed up to take the class and you must be in the top 50% of your class
to participate in these SMSU Challenge program courses.)                                                   and coursework required.
                                                                                                       6. Students must meet with the counselor and set up an individual session to discuss
NAME                                CREDITS     NAME                 CREDITS                               PSEO options. Students are also required to meet regularly with the counselor to
Advanced Chemistry                     4                                                                   keep the school informed on PSEO progress.
College Algebra                        3        RIDGEWATER COURSES:                                    7. Students must take care to not over maximize their credit load between the high
Government                             3        Horticulture                5                              school and the post-secondary institution.
Psychology and/or Sociology            3        Ag Construction/Main       2                           The PSEO enrollment process normally begins in April for the following Fall Semester
Public Speaking                        3       Animal Science Ridgewater   3                           and November for the following Spring Semester. Applications for PSEO may not be
Advanced Lit.                          3                                                               processed if the student fails to follow these steps or fails to register for classes in a
Advanced Composition                   3   Animal Science U of M           4                           timely manner. PSEO registration must be completed at both the high school and the
                                                                                                       PSEO institution 4 weeks before the start of the new PSEO semester.

The State of Minnesota has implemented a ―Get Ready, Get Credit‖ Initiative for MN
high students to earn college credit through CLEP. CLEP stands for College Level
Examination Program. Listed below are some of the facets of this program.
 ∙ Up to six exam fees ($60.00 each) are covered regardless of score.
 ∙ All MN public, private and home schooled high school students are eligible, no
 minimum age, but they do have to be admitted/enrolled at a MN high school.
 ∙ Rigorous preparation through an advanced high school course and/or supplemental
 self study is suggested and recommended.
 ∙ Check out a copy of our school’s CLEP Study Guide to review the content of any
 CLEP exams you are considering taking. Please see Mrs. Antony for a copy of a study
 guide in the course you are considering taking a CLEP test in.
 ∙ 2007 graduating seniors are allowed to test until June 30, 2007.
 ∙ Interested students planning on taking a CLEP test must register the specific CLEP
 test with the Counseling Office. The ―CLEP: Student Authorization Form‖ is to be
 completed by authorized high school personnel. The form serves as a voucher for
 payment that the student brings to the test center on exam day.
 ∙ Students are to make testing arrangements at SMSU or a similar institution which
 provides CLEP testing and students must pay the administration fee ($15-25
 depending on the institution—SMSU charges $15.00). SMSU at this time only has
 two testing stations. SMSU’s testing center phone # is: (800 642-0685) ask for the
 Testing Center.
 ∙ Students are responsible in finding out the qualifying score(s) necessary for
 transferring/accepting CLEP credits for the particular post-secondary school of choice
 the student wishes to attend after high school and for making the necessary
 arrangements for the post-secondary school to receive the score report.
We also want to caution students taking Challenge Courses through SMSU who have
enrolled at universities in South Dakota. We are being told that they will not transfer
due to an articulation decision by the South Dakota Board of Regents, so the CLEP
testing opportunity could be just the answer for a South Dakota bound college

The courses we have CLEP study guides for are:
Principles of Accounting
College Algebra
Calculus and also Trigonometry
History of U.S. 1
History of U.S. 2
Collge Math
Intro to Psychology
Intro to Sociology


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