ST PAUL’S
LUTHERAN                                St. Paul 's Letter
CHURCH OF                                             JULY VOLUME 13 ISSUE 7

EVANSTON                        Dear Colleagues in ministry,

1004 GREENWOOD                  It‘s hard to believe we are at the end of June – official summer! It means vacation,
EVANSTON, IL 60201              light-filled long summer evenings, gardening, fire-flies (I love fire-flies), camp, the
                                farmer‘s market and for some of us visits to and from distant relatives. Of course
                                there are those other things – too hot, too humid, bugs, floods (this year!), vacation
ADULT EDUCATION                 traffic and for some of us visits to and from distant relatives.
9:15 A.M
SUNDAY WORSHIP                  Community life here at St. Paul changes in the summer in part because of the differ-
10:30 A.M.                      ent pace of our personal lives.
OFFICE HOURS:                   Having a couple of activities during the summer that bring us together in fellowship
TUESDAY-THURSDAY                and service (and over a meal) is a good thing – and we those planned this year. The
9 AM - 4 PM                     first one is on Sunday, July 6th. St. Paul‘s is serving the soup kitchen and Paula
                                Ketcham has planned a BBQ. So come and help serve and we‘ll be sure there‘s
PHONE: 847.475.3403             plenty so we can share in the meal. THEN, on Thursday, July 17th we‘ll host the
FAX: 847.475.3550               Lutheran Youth Choir for the day. The congregation is invited for dinner at 6 pm
                                (the rumor is that dinner will be from the Fish Keg) and then we‘ll enjoy a dress re-
WEB:     hearsal of the program the choir is taking on tour. I hope we will come out in good
                                numbers to support our Lutheran youth.
                                The Book of Faith Initiative encourages congregations and individuals to become
                                more fluent in our ‗first language of faith‘ – the bible. I love a good story – which is
                                why I love the bible and why I love to read the bible in community. Each Sunday
                                during the summer we will gather in the library at 9:15 am and spend some qual-
Sheri Delvin,
                                ity community time listening to Paul‘s letter to the Romans and discussing how Paul‘s
                                theology is alive and well in our community today. In September we‘ll move on to a
Kurt H. Westerberg,
                                new study based on a different theme.
Director of Music
Marlene Miloch
                                The Chapel, our main worship space on warm and humid Sundays, is being remod-
Parish Assistant
                                eled -including the addition of quiet and efficient air conditioning units. This project
Michael Copeland
                                was postponed from last year and we hope it will be finished by the end of July. The
                                objective is to make the Chapel space more flexible, more comfortable and larger
                                (we‘ll remove the built in altar and platform, rearrange the set-up).
Melissa Gauger,
Congregational President
                                The sound system in the sanctuary is no longer working. The sound technicians be-
Lisa Bedner,
                                lieve we might have had a lightening strike and since the system was not plugged into
Congregational Vice-President
                                to a grounded outlet the system and speakers were ‗fried‘ (this was their technical
Bill Kastilahn,
                                term!) We will replace the system with more and adequate speakers and hearing as-
                                sists, using money given for the renovation of the sanctuary – since this was one of
Sue Salisbury,
                                the items on our renovation list. The sound system is such an important part of wor-
                                ship and it is frustrating when scripture, prayers and liturgy cannot be heard. We are
Debbie Nelson,
                                grateful that we have the funds to replace the old system.
Financial Secretary,
Nancy Hoffman,
                                No matter the pace, life here at St. Paul‘s lives out of God‘s abundance – in every sea-
Harvey Wolf,
Paula Ketcham
Council Members
                                See you in church,
                                Pr. Sheri
         MARK YOUR CALENDARS for                                      LIVING THE HEART OF CHRISTIANITY
             Thursday July 17, 6 pm                                               FALL 2008

St. Paul‘s will host the choir for a day in Evanston and we in-
vite the congregation to come for fellowship and dinner at 6       A sign up sheet for participating in a study based
pm. Following dinner the choir will perform their 2008 tour-       on the bible and Marcus Borg‘s book ―The
ing program for us. The 22 members of the high school choir        Heart of Christianity‖ is available in the narthex.
come from all over the United States and include our own           Pr. Sheri will lead this small group through a 12
Michael McVey. They will leave for their first European tour       week session subtitled: Putting your Faith into
on Saturday, July 19. As they touring the places of Martin Lu-     Action. We are seeking to determine the best
ther and Bach, they will sing in several large city churches and   weekday evening for this study so please mark
also stay in homes of congregants. Let‘s give these young          on the sign-up sheet which evening works best
people a warm and enthusiastic welcome.                            for you.
Call Catherine McVey for more information, 773-508-5684.

                 Study of Paul‘s Letter to the Romans
            Sunday, 9:15 am (sharp) through the summer
         We gather to ponder the meaning and the purpose of
          Paul‘s letter and how it can deepen our own faith.

                                                          KNITTING MINISTRY
             C O M E                                      SUNDAY JULY 20
                                                          3:00 PM—5:00 PM

              G R O W                                     The knitters will meet at Kathy Kastilahn‘s home.
                                                          816 Hinman Avenue. Apt # 6, Evanston. All are wel-
             S E R V E                                    come.


We pray for safe travels and times of recreation for all of our members and their families. When
you are home we hope you will worship with us on Sunday – your presence is important to our life
together. Remember when you are away ministry at St. Paul‘s continues so please make arrange-
ments to send in your weekly/monthly pledge. Your brothers and sisters who manage our com-
munity finances will be deeply grateful.
                                      A VIEW FROM THE PEW
  Theological Perspectives from the end of a Call Button and Other Trenches By Catherine McVey

One of the clearest memories of my childhood           at times, so unless the caller i.d. on the tele-
is of warm summer nights that I was sure would         phone stated ‗God‘ I probably wouldn‘t pick
never end. I don‘t remember being bored and            up. If God has an 800 number forget it. I
listless, although my mother could probably            definitely wouldn‘t pick up.
conjure up a few memories of me whining                         I have one call story. I was called,
‗there‘s nothing to dooooo.‘ What I recall is          quite specifically, to teach. In 1993 I was sit-
eating my dinner as fast as possible in order to       ting in my dining room in London, England
race back outside to the drainage ditch filled         reading Newsweek magazine. I had two teen-
with sand, never-ending games of hide and seek,        agers; two toddlers in diapers and a husband
serious discussions about Nancy Drew and for           who was getting ready to retire from the Navy.
some reason, an obscene desire to                                 We owned a home in Florida but
chase the mosquito truck sniffing the                             were unsure about what we wanted
bug spray fumes.                                                  to do. As I thumbed through the
          My family received two offi-                            pages, I came across an article about
cial ‗calls‘. The last call was the street-                       a Master‘s program at DePaul Uni-
light. When the streetlights went on,                             versity. The program was targeting
we were to drop everything and re-                                people to teach in urban schools, es-
turn home for the evening. The first                              pecially high-risk schools with low
call was for dinner. This call emitted                            achieving students. I read that article
from my father‘s original WWII boat-                              twice. Then I called my husband and
swain‘s pipe and could be heard from                              said ―Honey, God just called me to
one end of our neighborhood to the other. As           teach in Chicago.‖ Poor man. I think he was
pipes were created to pipe messages from stem          so relieved I wasn‘t phoning to tell him I was
to stern for sailors on board large, noisy ships, it   pregnant he didn‘t think twice. ―Well, if that‘s
was a no brainer that we were to venture no fur-       what God wants, I guess we better go do it.‖
ther than the sound of that whistle. Dinner was                 The move was not without pitfalls; it
served promptly at 1800 hours and the whistle          was not easy or seamless. I tell the tale for
was the signal to return home, wash up and set         what it is: a true, believable, unvarnished story
the table. Trust me. Woes betide the child who         of one called by God for one human being to
was late for chow.                                     perform one specific act. It taught me that
          All of our gospels and many of our read-     even in this increasingly chaotic world we in-
ings have spoken of being called by God, or            habit that God does speak. If I am wise
called by Christ. Last Sunday I was thinking that      enough to listen, the voice is heard as easily as
even our music has mentioned being called. In a        the notes from a boatswain‘s pipe carried
world of cell phones, emails and unlimited text        through my neighborhood at the end of a long
messages I wonder if there is enough silence to        summer day.
hear God calling us. My life is extremely chaotic

                                    FINANCE AT A GLANCE
       REGULAR GIVING                 BUDGET               DIFFERENCE           LAST YEAR’S GIVING
           May 2008                                                                     May 2007
            $14,192.00                $18,000.00             -$3,808.00                  $15,686.00
                                    YTD BUDGET               YTD GIVING
                                    $ 89,000.00              $ 85,583.00
                 Thank you for your continued generous support of our mission and ministry.
                                                COUNCIL NOTES
                                                 By Nancy Hoffman
We are tracking a little under in giving at the end of May. Expenses are also overall within the budget through
April. (see previous page) ($8,000 air-conditioning & $5,000 renovations)
The property committee submitted a proposal for renovating the Chapel which includes installing an air condition-
ing system (to replace the inefficient and loud window units). The total cost will be approximately $13,300, which
would put us $7,000 over budget for this line item for the year. Most of what we have spent in this category so far
this year is for expenses for the kitchen renovation which were in the budget for last year (we ended the year
$9,000 under budget for this category last year). Council decided to go ahead with this work. We should have a
wonderful new (cool) space for worship during the hot summer months.
Council voted to put new procedures in place to segregate and track memorial funds and scholarship funds.

                                       SOUP KITCHEN BBQ
                             SUNDAY JULY 6TH
St. Paul's is serving an Independence Day feast on Sunday, July 6. We'll be serv-
ing classic 4th of July fare -- and that means barbecue! We are looking to bor-
row several charcoal grills, and we are looking for a few folks to be grill masters
on Sunday from about noon to 3:30.
Can't help on Sunday? On Saturday, July 5, we'll be gathering in the kitchen
from noon to 3:00 to make ahead the potato salad and other fixings.
Can't help on Saturday or Sunday? As always, we need monetary contributions
to purchase food for our guests.
If you can volunteer, please contact Paula Ketcham at 847-733-8285. Thanks!

                                    "THE SOUP KITCHEN AND FAITH"
                                                  By Paula Ketcham
Sometimes, serving at the Soup Kitchen is the last thing you feel like doing on a Sunday afternoon. You think of
the unread Sunday paper, the grass that needs mowing, the looming Monday morning deadlines, the to-do list, or
sometimes, just ... the couch. At least, that's how I felt on the Sunday morning of May 11 -- the last time St. Paul's
served. It was Mother's Day, too. And I was feeling just a bit entitled. I was thinking that a nice leisurely after-
noon with my son would be the least that I "deserved." Maybe we could even go buy me a little Mother's Day gift.
Instead, my five-year-old would have to spend four hours at the Soup Kitchen, bored and restless to go out and
play. In other words, on that particular morning, the idea of spending the afternoon at the Soup Kitchen had me
feeling put out. I had to drag myself, kicking and screaming (at least in my head), up the stairs to the Fellowship
Hall and the kitchen.
As it happened, I was in for a surprise. To begin with, although I had anticipated that -- because it was Mother's
Day -- we would be operating with a lean crew of volunteers and pressed to the limits in getting the meal prepared
and served, what I found instead was a large group of cheerful faces and willing and capable hands. To mention
only a few, Pr. Sheri and Diane W. got there early and had everything ready to pop into the oven. Martha H. and
Marilyn S. were in the kitchen right after church, efficiently getting everything done before I made it to the top of
the stairs. Nancy H., Grace and Anna C. were cheerfully serving the guests lemonade and coffee before it even
occurred to me to ask someone to do it. No one was complaining about being there. In fact, everyone pitched in
with good humor and grace. The kitchen was a flurry of activity. The Fellowship Hall was lovely and cheerful,
with bright tablecloths and pretty flowers. As the afternoon and the meal progressed, the guests were gracious and
warm, the volunteers hard working and enthusiastic. In a word, it was fun.
In the end, of course, spending an afternoon at the Soup Kitchen was an uplifting delight -- the very best way I
could have spent Mother's Day. I arrived feeling resentful, selfish, and small, and left feeling inspired, happy, and
grateful to be a part of a generous and caring community. The Soup Kitchen that day was a lovely gift. I invite
you all to come experience it for yourselves.
                      Stirring the Spirit Within

What's in a name?
Café is an electronic magazine for young women who want to build Community, participate in Advocacy,
strengthen Faith, and strive toward Enlightenment (CAFE!). It incorporates a Lutheran perspective for women of
Christian faith or simply for any woman who is interested in how faith can relate to the issues that women face

Read. Connect. Grow.
Our new URL,, is not only shorter and easier to remember it also reflects Women of the ELCA's
mission statement. Women of the ELCA, the women's organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Amer-
ica, creates and publishes every issue of Café.

How did it get here?
In 2003, Emilie Rommel and Sarah Dreier accepted internships with Women of the ELCA. Many others within
the Lutheran Center in Chicago, Illinois, provided guidance and support for Sarah and Emilie as they took the
idea for Café and ran with it.

Although Café was developed to reach out to women between the ages 18 to 35, a group often falling between the
youth and women's organizations in the church, women of every age visit Café.

Café is made possible by grant support from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and Women of the Evangelical Lu-
theran Church in America.


What is the Book of Faith?
The Book of Faith is an initiative of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The Book of Faith initiative in-
vites the whole church to become more fluent in the first language of faith, the language of Scripture, in order that
we might live into our calling as a people renewed, enlivened, and empowered by the Word.

Saturday, August 2, 2008
Trinity Lutheran Church
675 E. Algonquin Road
Des Plaines, IL
Featured Speaker: Rev. Mark Wilhelm, ELCA, Vocation and Education Director for Theology in Daily Life.

This event is sponsored by diakonia in the Metropolitan Chicago Synod
Cost: $12.50/person if registration received by July 25, 2008
$15.00/person at the door

Questions? Call the church office
                                       Worship Assistants
                             July 6               July 13               July 20           July 27
Coordinator          Arlynne Ostlund       Brigitte Bell         Marilyn Starenko   Joan Brandt
Assisting Minister   Rick Delvin           Theresa Nollette      Bill Kastilahn     Lisa Bedner
Lector               Miltoria Sangobiyi    Del Leppke            Catherine McVey    Carol Garrett
Communion Asst.                            Bill Kastilahn        Louise Davis       Miltoria Sangobiyi
                     Nancy Hoffman         Kathy Kastilahn       Arlynne Ostlund    Paula Ketcham
Gift Bearers         Hoffman Cable         Melissa Gauger        Bell               Paula Ketcham
                     Family                Sue Salisbury         Family             Jonas Gonzales
Ushers/greeters      Arlynne Ostlund       Rick Delvin           John Croft         Melissa Gauger
                     Louise Davis          Rudy Mastalerz        Barb Horlacher     Merritt Napravnik
                     Larry Gartman         Andres Nelson         Harvey Wolf        Joan Brandt
Counters             Del Leppke            Rita Lasich           George Siegfried   Rick Delvin
                     Rick Delvin           David Lasich          Larry Gartman      Joan Brandt
Nursery              Erika Nelson          Grace Cable           Clara Williamson   Erika Nelson

                                           July Birthday

                                Martha Hanson                 7/10
                                Fiona Delmenico               7/10
                                Julie Boleyn                  7/11
                                George Siegfried              7/13
                                Mary Williamson               7/16
                                Katherine Hanson              7/17
                                John Salmen                   7/18
                                Michael McVey                 7/18
                                Kurt Westerberg               7/28
                                Anna Cable                    7/29

                               July 6—Lisette Pohl & David Bates
                           In memory of Christine Bates & Alfred Pohl
                                    July 13—Anne Humphrey
                                  In Celebration of my children
                               July 20 George & Norma Siegfried
                                           Glory to God
                                      July 27—Anna Salmen
                                    In memory of my mother

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