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									The MSUP Advantage

   PJ Hagerdorn
     Peoria, IL
Peoria Area SeniorNet
   Learning Center

  • Launched October 1989
  • Sponsors allow us to
    charge no fees for classes
  • Longest running LC in
  • Sixth longest running LC
    in the U.S.

  • To Support regional rep-Mel
  • HQ answered request for
    Office software, we support
    their efforts with grant
  • We saw great possibilities
    with this opportunity
     MSUP Requirements

•   501(c)3 status
•   Non-religious
•   Not established educational facility
•   Minimal reporting elements
•   Check HQ website for more details:
Perceived Potential for Growth
  • Revitalize program
    • Something new to offer
    • Creative challenges
  • Baby boomers
    • Potential for new volunteers
    • Different perspectives
    • New ideas
    What we’ve gained…
• Greater community awareness
• New opportunities for volunteers
• Returning students
• New students
• New volunteers
• Sponsor appreciation-not same
  old people/same old thing
• Additional sponsor
Touting MSUP Courses

• Helped us recruit new volunteers
• Helped us recruit a new sponsor
• Helped us provide a new benefit to
  our sponsors by training their staff
  Additional Benefits

• Personal growth for volunteers
• MS Certification nets employees greater
  income possibilities
   (One teacher made $6 hr more with cert.)
• Use MSUP to solicit new sponsors
• New Software & curriculum
     Maintaining the Brain
      with New Learning

•   Increase volunteer contribution
•   Increases employment possibilities
•   Reduces cabin fever & boredom
•   Decreases depression
•   Alzheimer’s association study
Alzheimer’s Association Stats
     • Facts
       • Most common form dementia
       • 10% over 65
       • 50% over 85
     • Uncontrollable risk factors
       • Aging
       • Family history
Alzheimer’s Association:

•   East wisely
•   Stay physically active
•   Remain socially involved
•   Keep mentally active
    • Brain maintenance-mental acuity
    • Slow progression of Alzheimer’s
Maintain Your Brain Campaign

 • Current events, read, puzzles, games
 • Tinker --hobbies, crafts, cars
 • Write letters or e-mail
 • Learn new skills
   • Design or create something
   • Computer programs
Promote Benefits to Sponsors

 • Maintaining sponsorship through
      program expansion
 • Exposure through conferences
 • Sponsor booth space
 • Increased
Sponsor Businesses
• Offer fliers, newsletters, brochures
• Promote benefits
  • To customers
  • Good PR for business
  • Offer staff training - MSUP curriculum
• Solicit help with publicity
  • Marketing Department press release?
  • Offer blurb for employee newsletter


  Word of Mouth Advertising

• Always, always, always promote sponsors
• Ask students to thank sponsors
• Ask students to tell others about the program
  - Goodwill ambassadors
• Students may help solicit additional sponsors
       Tips & Tricks –
     Create a Demand

• Use teasers to promote new courses for
  new semester
• Short seminars to assess interest
• Course evaluations
• Include interest survey
• Focus group among students-
  creates buy-in
         Tips & Tricks

• Distribute & post newsletters & fliers
  • Retirement communities
  • Libraries
  • Churches
• Form strategic alliances
  • RSVP
  • Senior Centers
  • Others in your area?
Sample blurb Web Design

Web design doesn’t need to be complicated
or expensive. Whether you’re interested in
using web design for business or personal
use, this 8-week course will provide the
basics to get you started. Participants must
be computer literate to take this course.
Space is limited so call today to
reserve your seat! (call to action)
           Branch out
• Offer classes at different times
  • Evenings
  • Saturdays
• Find or create special events
  • Health fairs
  • Offer graduation ceremony
• Speaker’s bureau
  • Retired teacher groups
  • Optimist Clubs, Kiwanis, Rotary
       Old adage…

“If you always do the same thing,
   you’ll get the same results.”
    Overcoming Objections

•   Brainstorm pros & cons
•   Pike syndrome
•   Stagnate waters breed bad bugs
•   Recruit new people
•   Recruit new sponsor specifically for
    Personal Methods

• Distribute CDs
• Print & distribute first lesson
• Charge for curriculum
      3 hole/doubled sided advantage
• 5/8 certificates
      appeals to working class
      others like it
    Personal Preferences
•   Longer course time (graphics)
•   Next week, we will explore…
•   Save something good for last
•   Open lab
•   Instructor/coach availability
•   Personal contact info
•   Follow up
•   I’m a volunteer!
        The Challenge

   Take a chance and see how far
it can take YOUR Learning Center!

    What do you have to lose?

   You don’t have to return the
World Volunteer Conference

In response to the observation that
  volunteers are too often seen as
  amateurs, “Just remember: Noah’s Ark
  was built by amateurs. The Titanic was
  built by professionals!”
          Thank You!

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