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					                                                                                                   January 2010

                        Authorized Signer Procedures
   What Does Your
                           What Does Your Signature Acknowledge?
                           Your signature indicates the following:
   Background       2                                                            Application Forms
                           The applicant has an operational need for
                                                                         No blank applications will be accepted.
   Identification          an identification badge.
                    3                                                    The application must be completed in
                                                                         your presence and then signed and
                           Authorizes the access the individual will
   Badge Renewal    4      require to conduct their job duties ( SIDA
                           access vs. sterile area only ) .
   Training         4                                                    Your signature must be an original; no
   Requirements                                                          stamps.
                           Authorizes the Airport to process the
   Badge Status     5      badge application and issue a badge if the
                                                                         The ID badge must be issued within 30
   Changes                 employee meets all badging require-
                                                                         days from the date you sign the appli-
   Lost Badges      5                                                    cation or an updated signature will be
                                                                         required prior to badge issue.
   Access Level     6
                           Your company agrees to pay all charges
   Changes                 not paid by the applicant to obtain or re-
                                                                         Applications submitted prior to the fin-
                           place a badge, including the cost for proc-
                                                                         gerprint appointment must have copies
   Badge Audits     6      essing fingerprints.
                                                                         of the ID documents attached in order
   Forms                                                                 to start the Security Threat Assess-
                    7      Your company is responsible for any fines
                                                                         ment ( STA) process. Failure to at-
                           or penalties levied against the Airport in
   Verifying SSN    7                                                    tach the required copies will delay the
                           connection with badges issued to your
                                                                         issuance of the badge.

                           Your company has complied with all laws
   Badging Hours           relating to employing individuals who are
                           not U.S. citizens, to include verifying the
                           employee ’ s social security number and
                           reviewing identification documents
     and Friday               Applicant must provide documents
8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.            from the “ List of Acceptable Docu-
                                 ments ” found on page 3.
9:00 a.m.—6:30 p.m.
                            All company representatives ( authorized signers ) who authorize the issuance of
                            identification badges for unescorted access to SIDA areas must first complete the
                            FBI criminal history records check and the security threat assessment process to
                            ensure they have not been convicted of a disqualifying offense ( refer to section
                            on criminal records check for requirements ) .

  Page 1                                                                             Authorized Signer Procedures
          Criminal History Records Check ( C HRC ) and Security Threat Assessments ( STA )

                              Applicants must make an             a copy that will be kept      will notify the applicant. The
                              appointment with the Badg-            on file in the Badging        applicant will have 30 days to
                              ing Office for the fingerprint        Office ) .                    advise the Airport, in writing,
                              process.     Fingerprints are      Acceptable forms of identifi-    that he/she wishes to correct
  Before an individ-
  ual may be issued           captured electronically and       cation are listed on the chart    their record. If the applicant
  an     airport    ID        take approximately 15 min-        on page 3.                        does not notify the Airport
  badge that allows           utes to process. The appli-                                         within 30 days of his/her in-
  unescorted       ac-        cant must submit a signed         It takes between one and          tent to correct the record, a
  cess to SIDA or             application at the time of fin-   seven days for the FBI to         decision to deny an ID badge
  sterile areas, a            gerprinting.                                                        will be made.
                                                                complete the CHRC. Results
  fingerprint based
  criminal     history                                          taking longer than seven
  records check and           The Badging Office will proc-     days may be due to unclassi-      When the CHRC and STA
  a security threat           ess and submit the finger-        fiable prints or a record which   are completed, the results
  assessment must             prints and the threat assess-     may require additional review     are posted on the Badging
  be conducted.               ment information. The proc-       by Airport Police.                website. This indicates the
                              essing fee of $30.00 for the                                        applicant is cleared to con-
                              fingerprints is billed to your    The threat assessment proc-       tinue the badging process.
                              company on a monthly basis.       ess takes between 3 to 14         The applicant has 30 days
    You are required to       The processing fee for ven-       days. Please allow a mini-        from the posting date to ob-
     immediately notify
                              dors or sub-contractors that      mum of 14 days before con-        tain the badge.
                              you sponsor is also billed to     tacting the Badging Office to
         the Airport of any   your company unless other-        request the status of a back-
                              wise arranged through the         ground check.                                  Warrants Check
      badged employee
                              Airport ’ s Finance Office.                                             A local warrants check is run on
   who is subsequently        There is also a $3.00 fee for                                           each applicant to ensure there
                                                                If the TSA requires the Air-          are no outstanding warrants. If
            convicted of a    the security threat assess-       port to deny issuance of an           a warrant is found, the applicant
                              ment. This fee is an annual       ID badge based on the threat
     disqualifying crime                                                                              will be referred to Airport Police.
                              fee for each active badge         assessment, the TSA will              The badge will not be issued
    and the badge must        holder.                           provide redress information           until the warrant has been re-
   be returned within 24                                        to the applicant.                     solved. If the warrant results in
                              ID documents are required at                                            a conviction for a disqualifying
                    hours.    the time of fingerprinting:                                             offense, a badge may not be
                                                                If a CHRC indicates a dis-
                               original documents; and        qualifying crime, the Airport

                                Employment Eligibility and Identification Requirements

 Employment eligibility to work in the U.S. must be confirmed by the employer. This must be accomplished by review-
 ing identification documents prior to submitting an application to the Badging Office. Acceptable forms of ID for em-
 ployment eligibility are outlined on the “ L ist of Acceptable Documents. ” When verifying eligibility for employment,
 only those documents listed in Column A or C are acceptable.

 The Badging Office will verify the identity of each applicant by visually checking identification documents. The appli-
 cant must present one document from Column A. If the applicant does not have a document listed in Column A, he or
 she must present one document from Column B and a second document from Column C, one of which must have a
 photograph. Each applicant must present ID for fingerprinting, training, receiving a new badge, and when a badge is
 renewed. Due to TSA requirements, exceptions cannot be made for the ID requirement; therefore, please make sure
 you advise the applicant of the need to bring ID documents with him or her for these badging processes.

Page 2                                                                                            Authorized Signer Procedures
                                                                                                     Note: Laminated
                                                                                                     birth certificate cards
                                                                                                     issued by the state
                                                                                                     and/or hospital certifi-
                                                                                                     cates are not accept-
                                                                                                     able documentation

         Individuals are required to bring both the originals and a copy of the required identification
                documents to the Badging Office when obtaining an initial and renewal badge.

Page 3                                                                                 Authorized Signer Procedures
                            The date on the front of the badge is the expiration date. Badges expire one minute after
                               midnight on the date shown. It is the employee ’ s responsibility to renew his/her
   Badge Renewal               badge before it expires. Each month a list of expiring badges is posted on the web-
                            site. The information is listed alphabetically by company to assist you in reminding your
                            employees of the renewal requirement.
            A badge may be renewed six weeks prior to the expiration date.
            All employees renewing a badge must complete the recurrent SIDA or security awareness training
              course ( depending on badge type ) prior to reissue. The recurrent training course takes approxi-
              mately 30 minutes.
            If the employee has a driving icon on the badge, he/she must also complete the recurrent AOA driving
              course. A valid driver ’ s license must be presented at the time of renewal to retain driving privileges.
              The driver ’ s license will be verified; if it is expired or has been suspended, driving privileges will be
              revoked until a valid driver’ s license is presented to the Badging Office.
            Remind employees of the need to schedule an appointment for training by calling the Badging Office at
            If the badge is not renewed before it expires, an “ I D Badge Replacement Application ” form must be
              completed and signed by an authorized signer.
            If a badge has expired or been deactivated for a period of more than 30 days, another fingerprint crimi-
              nal history records check and threat assessment must be conducted before the badge can be reissued.

                               If you sponsor a vendor or contractor company for ID badges, a request letter
                               ( s ample available from the Badging Office ) must be submitted. When the spon-
         Company Sponsorship
                               sored company is no longer providing a service to your company, the Badging Office
                               must be notified and all badges must be returned.

Training Requirements

Security awareness training       Individuals required to drive     The training system contains
is required for all new em-       on AOA non-movement ar-           instructional video and a test
ployees. This training is con-    eas must also successfully        to demonstrate the employee
ducted with a computer-           complete the driver ’ s train-    understands the information.        Interpreters    are
based program in the Badg-        ing course.                       Individuals may not miss            allowed to assist
ing Office.                                                         more than two questions.            individuals who do
                                  A one-hour block is required      Upon the third incorrect an-        not speak English.
Recurrent training is required    for each training course.         swer, the training will end         The     interpreter
for all individuals at the time                                     and the individual will be re-      must be SIDA
of badge renewal.                 You must call the Badging
                                                                    quired to return the next day       trained and pro-
                                  Office at 575-2423 to sched-
                                                                    to retake the training.             vided by the com-
Training is offered on an         ule an appointment. Walk-
hourly basis, Monday              ins cannot be accommo-            After failing the course on a
through Friday, between 8:00      dated.                            third attempt, the applicant
a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ( l ast                                          will be required to wait six
appointment is at 5:00                                              months before testing again,
p.m. ) .                                                            and he/she is not eligible for
                                                                    escort during this time.

Page 4                                                                                        Authorized Signer Procedures
Badge Status Change Notification

  You must notify the Department of Airports immediately when any of the following situations occurs, and the
  badge must be returned:
      the employee is no longer employed by your company
      it is determined that the employee no longer meets the requirements for employment eligibility, or the ID used
        for eligibility has expired ( visa, etc. )
      the employee’ s business purpose has ceased ( vendors, contractors, etc. )

  Lost or stolen badges must also be immediately deactivated.
                                                                                             If a badge is not

  Employees on Furlough, Extended Medical or Military Leave                                  returned when no

  For employees that have been placed on furlough, extended medical or military              longer needed, a
  leave, the badge must be deactivated to prevent the possibility of it being lost
  and used by an unauthorized individual. These employees are exempt from the                $100 fee will be
  time limits placed on the criminal history records check and threat assessment;
  therefore, in these cases of work absence, the employee will not be required to            assessed to your
  start the process over before returning to full duty.
     → Complete the badge deactivation form, indicate on the form to SUSPEND                 company.
         the badge, and list the reason for suspension.

                                         To Report a Badge Status Change:

                            During Business Hours: Contact Airport Badging at 575-2423
                            After Business Hours:  Contact Airport Control Center at 575-2401
                            Website:               Badge Deactivation Form

Lost Badges

 If an employee loses or has his/her badge stolen, a “ R eplacement ID Badge Application
 Form ” must be completed and signed by an authorized signer.
                                                                                                   Defacing an ID
 A replacement fee is charged on a lost or stolen badge. If the badge if found, a partial          badge is prohibited.
 refund will be issued if the badge and receipt are brought to the Badging Office.                 There is a $25.00
                                                                                                   fee for any badge
                                         Lost Badge Fee       Refund Amount                        that must be re-
                                                                                                   placed due to de-
                                                                                                   facing. Defacing is
                  1st Replacement            $25.00               $15.00
                                                                                                   defined     as    any
                                                                                                   changes to the front
                  2nd Replacement            $50.00               $30..00
                                                                                                   of      the     badge
                  3rd Replacement            $100.00              $50.00                           ( s t ickers,    pins,
                                                                                                   writing, etc. )

       *A third replacement badge requires approval from the Airport Security Coordinator.

Authorized Signer Procedures                                                       Page 5
  Access Level Changes

                                           Every company is assigned a clearance code that corresponds to a
                                           set of doors and/or gates controlled by the computerized access con-
                                           trol system ( CASS ) . Access is assigned based on need, not con-
                                           venience. Access changes or additions must be requested in writing
                                           on a Salt Lake City Department of Airport “ ID Badge Access Level
                                           Request ” form signed by an authorized company signer.

                                                    If you need to know the status of badges for your
                                                    company or any company you sponsor, you may
                                                    request a report from the Badging Office. Please
                                                    allow a minimum of 24 hours for the report to be

   Badge Audits

            The Airport is required to conduct a comprehensive audit of badges annually. As an authorized
            signer, you will be required to comply with the audit requirements.

            Two types of audits are conducted.

            1. You will be sent a list of all badges issued to your company and any vendors or subtenants
               that your company sponsors. You will be asked to review the list for accuracy, note any
               changes, and return the information to the Badging Office by the deadline indicated.
            2. An airport representative will come to your office and conduct a comparison / reconciliation
               of badge records against your payroll records. This audit is to ensure that all badges with an
               “ a ctive ” designation are still required and in possession by a current employee. Any dis-
               crepancies discovered during this audit ( failure to deactivate badges when an employee
               has terminated or no longer requires the badge ) could result in penalties for failure to notify
               the airport of a badge status change. You will be provided advance notice of this type of au-
               dit in order to allow you time to compile the payroll information that will be used during the
               audit. These types of audits may also be conducted by the TSA.

Page 6                                                                                Authorized Signer Procedures
                 Forms Available
           The following forms must be signed by a company authorized signer.
           * Indicates form is available electronically.

              Fingerprinting and Badge Application. Used for new employees.*
              Badge Renewal Application. Used to renew an expired, lost/stolen badge.*
              General Aviation Badge Application. Used for new employees working only in general aviation areas.*
              ID Badge Access Level Request Form. Used to request changes to an employee ’ s access through
                doors and/or gates.*
              Badge Deactivation Form. Used to notify the Airport of badge status changes.*
              Escort-Required Temporary Badge Application. Required for issuance of escort-required badge for indi-
                viduals working in restricted areas on a temporary basis.*
              Visitor Badge Application. Used to request company visitor badges. Individual who will be responsible
                for tracking and issuing these badges must also sign this form.
              Vehicle Ramp Permit Application. Required for a new or renewed vehicle permit.
              Special Event Waiver Form. Used for one-day events, i.e., tours, receptions. All escort procedures ap-
                ply only the display of a visitor badge is waived.*
              Non-Stationed Maintenance Personnel Waiver. Used for non-stationed mechanics conducting aircraft
                inspections/maintenance. Company ID must be displayed.*
              Key Request Form. Used for key requests and lock changes.*

                       Verifying Social Security Information

                       ● You are responsible for complying with all laws related to employing individuals who are not
                         U.S. citizens.
                       ● There are two ways to verify a social security number:
                         - Call 1-800-772-6270
                         - E-Verify
                           ▫ The E-Verify program is a free and voluntary program that allows employers to electroni-
                             cally verify the employment eligibility of newly hired employees.
                           ▫ Electronically compares employee information taken from the I-9 Form against Social Se-
                             curity and DHS immigration databases.
                           ▫ or 1-888-464-4218
                           ▫ Results are returned in seconds

                              FAX:              801-575-2377
           Contact            Badging Office:   801-575-2423 ( schedule appointments, general badging questions )
         Information          Kristian Wade:    801-575-2373 ( security questions)

Page 7                                                                                    Authorized Signer Procedures

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