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									                                                   Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 59                                                                  ID#: 74
Industry: Accounting and Auditing                                        Industry: Accounting and Auditing
Region: :Los Angeles Metro                                               Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Los Angeles                                                    Location: Montvale, New Jersey

Organization: Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman                                 Organization: KPMG International
Title: Tour Accountant                                                   Title: Director Global Risk Management Systems
Job description: I provide accounting services for concert               Job description: I am part of Global Risk Management Systems,
tours on the road, for a large business management firm. The             which is a department within Global Risk Management for KPMG
                                                                         International. Our department is responsible for the compliance
work is highly confidential, which makes it hard to do a full
                                                                         systems and tools that are used in operational risk management and
day, but it's possible depending on what tour I'm on at the              mitigating risk for all of KPMG firms globally. I specifically work
time. This doesn't necessarily need to happen in LA as I'm in            with policies and procedures that relate to regulatory Independence
other cities approx 7 months per year, but if it does happen in          rules and conflicts of interest. Any student interested in Big 4
LA it would probably just be lunch.                                      financial services (audit, tax or advisory services) or an IT role
                                                                         would be a good match as my role deals with both teams that
                                                                         provide services to KPMG clients as well as working with IT
                                                                         groups within KPMG to develop systems for risk management

ID#: 133                                                                 ID#: 101
Industry: Advertising and Marketing                                      Industry: Advertising and Marketing
Region: :Los Angeles Metro                                               Region: :New York City Metro
Location: San Diego, CA                                                  Location: New York City

Organization: Anvita Healthcare                                          Organization: LinkShare Corporation
Title: Director of Marketing Communications                              Title: Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
Job description: Responsible for channel marketing,                      Job description: The Marketing Communications Specialist
marketing communications (brochures, web, demos),                        optimizes LinkShare merchant program effectiveness by
including branding (internal and external branding), writing             developing merchant and affiliate communications including
and creating collateral (brochures, signage, etc.), digital              emails, newsletters, auto-reply emails, promotional
media (blog, interactive campaigns), marketing strategy and              communications, affiliate recruitment emails, and phone
planning, assist with tradeshow and event management.                    scripts. Designs HTML newsletters and interface templates
                                                                         and customizes and brand client touchpoints within the
                                                                         affiliate interface. The Marketing Communications Specialist
                                                                         ensures that all client and internal requests or needs are
                                                                         addressed in a timely manner.

ID#: 124                                                                 ID#: 102
Industry: Advertising and Marketing                                      Industry: Architecture and Urban Planning
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Port Chester                                                   Location: New York City (Manhattan)

Organization: 5 Spoke Creamery Cheeses                                   Organization: STV
Title: Owner                                                             Title: Corporate Communications -- Web site specialist
Job description: We are a farmstead cheese company. We                   Job description: I'm a member of an 8-person corporate
produce and market raw milk cheeses (kosher and non                      communications team at an architectural, engineering and
kosher) nationally to retailers such as Whole Foods,                     planning firm. My responsibilities include writing and
Wegman's, Zabar's, to restaurants and to CSA's (Community                assembling award submissions, updating our external Web
Supported Agricultural groups). We are in the process of                 site and writing articles for our internal employee newsletter
establishing a second farm, where we will be producing more              and our external magazine for clients, among other tasks.
cheeses than we currently offer.                                         The Web site is
                                                                     Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 51                                                                                    ID#: 65
Industry: Architecture and Urban Planning                                                  Industry: Arts
Region: Washington, DC Metro Location: Fairfax                                             Region: New York City Metro
Organization: Fairfax County Park Authority                                                Location: Manhattan
Title: Senior Park Planner
Job description: As one of the Park Authority's lead planners, trains, directs and
supervises professional staff which collaborates as a team to conduct reviews,             Organization: The Broadway League
analysis and reports on park planning issues and projects. Supervises the review of        Title: Manager of Membership Services
development plans and reviews complex development proposals for impacts to park
resources. Manages and interprets long range technical data. Assists in the review,        Job description: Theatre Administration. Coordinates
comment and updates to park-related portions of the County's Comprehensive Plan.           conferences, forums, and education programs for Broadway
Reviews and comments on large scale public improvement plans, environmental
impact statements and proposals for park impacts. Prepares oral and written
                                                                                           and Touring Broadway members of the League. Also,
presentations, with implementation recommendations, for the Park Authority Board.          independent producer and managing director of non-profit
Functions as a project team leader and project manager to develop conceptual               theatre, Resonance Ensemble.
development plans, written master plans and feasibility studies for complex park
types. Comprehensively evaluates site conditions, constraints and opportunities and
evaluates options and scenarios for future park development and resource protection.
Interacts and collaborates with, manages, coordinates and presents to staff teams,
citizens, appointed and elected officials. Reviews and analyzes complex
development proposals to determine impacts to parks, writes analytical memos to
other agencies and negotiates for mitigation of impacts to park resources and service

ID#: 83                                                                                    ID#: 91
Industry: Arts                                                                             Industry: Arts
Region: :New York City Metro                                                               Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                                         Location: New York

Organization: The Metropolitan Museum of Art                                               Organization: Independent Contractor
Title: Curatorial Assistant, Department of Ancient Near                                    Title: Actor/Producer
Eastern Art                                                                                Job description: Would be happy to take an actor through a
Job description: All aspects of care of permanent collection                               day in the city- talk them through anything that they have
of Ancient Near Eastern art, including gallery reorganization,                             questions about and help them start the networking process.
research, arranging for conservation and photography,
liaising with visiting scholars; organizing special exhibitions
of loan objects from other institutions throughout the world,
including exhibition catalogue and lectures/symposia; gallery
talks; training of volunteer docents; collaboration with
Education Department on special programs

ID#: 162                                                                                   ID#: 41
Industry: Arts                                                                             Industry: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                                              Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Washington, DC 20006                                                             Location: Cambridge

Organization: VSA arts, an affiliate of the Kennedy Center                                 Organization: Pfizer
Title: Director of Performing Arts                                                         Title: Principal Research Scientist II
Job description: I am responsible for managing all of the                                  Job description: Research into biochemical mechanisms of
performing arts initiatives of this international arts                                     disease and discovering novel therapeutics to modulate these
organization that works to create a society where people with                              mechanisms, especially in Diabetes and related metabolic
disabilities can learn through, participate in, and enjoy the                              disorders.
arts. I work with professional and emerging performing artists
with disabilities, commission new works that are inclusive of
artists with disabilities, and manage award programs in
playwriting and music for young artists with disabilities.
                                                              Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 168                                                                            ID#: 119
Industry: Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical                                          Industry: consulting
Region: :Boston Metro                                                               Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Worcester, MA 01605                                                       Location: Parisppany, NJ

Organization: Abbott Bioresearch Center                                             Organization: A.J. O'Connor Associates
Title: Associate Director, CMC Projects, Biologics                                  Title: Managing Director
Manufacturing                                                                       Job description: I develop business for our Human Capital
Job description: Mixture of Protein Biochemistry, Project                           Solutions firm and am also a practice leader to our coaches
Management and Regulatory Affairs in support of                                     and consultants. Seeing that our firm is relatively small in
Manufacturing of Biotechnology Products.                                            size, I am involved in every aspect of the business -
                                                                                    marketing and sales, budgeting, operations, etc.

ID#: 157                                                                            ID#: 12
Industry: Consulting                                                                Industry: Counseling and Social Services
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                                       Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Washington, DC                                                            Location: Boston

Organization: Chemonics International Inc.                                          Organization: Children's Hospital Boston
Title: Senior Vice President, Africa Region                                         Title: Genetic Counselor
Job description: Chemonics is an international development consulting               Job description: I am a pediatric genetic counselor who helps to identify an
                                                                                    underlying genetic condition in children with disabilities or differences. My job is to
firm that promotes meaningful change to help people live healthier, more
                                                                                    communicate with the family about the posibility of a genetic condition and later
productive, and more independent lives. Around the world, we design and             explain the outcome of genetic testing in an easy to understand dialogue. If a genetic
implement projects in financial services, private sector development,               condition is identified I assess recurrence risk and future pregnancy options to family
health, environmental management, gender, crisis prevention and recovery,           members and those at highest risk. I also find support groups and reach-out programs
democracy and governance, and agriculture. As business development                  for newly diagnosed families and provide educational support to empower families
director for the Africa Region, I track and submit proposals for US                 with knowledge of the condition. I work primarily in a hospital setting/clinic, as do
Government and other donor funding. I have also worked on the project               most genetic counselors. I do not do prenatal or cancer genetic counseling; just
management (domestically and overseas) side of the business and can                 pediatric and sometimes adult genetic counseling, depending on the case. Families
                                                                                    that come to us typically have a chilld with congenital differences or dysmoprhism or
speak to that side of international development assistance work. As Senior
                                                                                    a family history of a genetic condition and are seeking for either a diagnosis or a
Vice President, I manage our portfolio in sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti              rule-out of the condition. Some of the children may have visable disabilities while
(because it is Francophone).                                                        others may have very subtle differences. Genetic counseling is a mix of psychology,
                                                                                    social work and genetics.

ID#: 19                                                                             ID#: 69
Industry: Counseling and Social Services                                            Industry: Counseling and Social Services
Region: :Boston Metro                                                               Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Boston                                                                    Location: Marshfield

Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital                                          Organization: South Shore Mental Health
Title: Genetic Counselor and Research Coordinator                                   Title: Clinical Psychologist
Job description: Genetic counseling is the process of helping people
understand and adapt to the medical, psychological and familial                     Job description: I primarily do therapy although I am
implications of genetic contributions to disease. This process integrates the       working on program development as well. I see children,
following: *Interpretation of family and medical histories to assess the            adolescents, adults, & families. I borrow from a number of
chance of disease occurrence or recurrence. *Education about inheritance,           theoretical perspectives including cognitive-behavioral,
testing, management, prevention, resources and research. *Counseling to
promote informed choices and adaptation to the risk or condition. --NSGC
                                                                                    relational, & psychodynamic. Clients issues include trauma,
definition In our lab in particular, we are trying to identify new genes that       domestic abuse/violence, recovery from addictions, living or
contribute to kidney disease. We are a research lab and so while scientists         growing up with an alcoholic parent, divorce, and a variety of
in the lab are trying to identify new genes, as a genetic counselor and             mood and/or anxiety disorders.
research coordinator I explain the study and its implications and provide
counseling to patients and families with kidney disease.
                                                   Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 144                                                                 ID#: 164
Industry: Counseling and Social Services                                 Industry: Counseling and Social Services
Region: :Boston Metro                                                    Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Stoughton/Whitman                                              Location: Watertown, MA 02472

Organization: private practice and BAMSI                                 Organization: Perkins School for the Blind
Title: Clinical                                                          Title: Clinical Social Worker
Job description: therapy with children, teens, couples,                  Job description: Individual and group psychotherapeutic
families, adults; evaluation, consultation with outside                  counseling with blind and blind/multi-handicapped teenagers
providers, physicians, schools, I have a part time private               and young adults in residential school setting. Lead social
practice in Stoughton and part time for an outpatient mental             skills groups. Family contact and guidance; parent group
health clinic, Whitman counseling Center part of BAMSI in                liaison. Consultation with staff on social/emotional issues.
Whitman,                                                                 Work with interdisciplinary school team.

ID#: 33                                                                  ID#: 47
Industry: Counseling and Social Services                                 Industry: Counseling and Social Services
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Brooklyn, NY                                                   Location: Croton-on-Hudson

Organization: Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center                           Organization: self
Title: Palliative Care Social Worker                                     Title: psychologist
Job description: Provide counseling and coordination of                  Job description: individual practice with children, teens, and
services for adults with advanced illnesses and end of life              adults. Therapy and testing; evaluation; advocacy in the

ID#: 49                                                                  ID#: 37
Industry: Counseling and Social Services                                 Industry: Education
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Dobbs Ferry, NY (Westchester County, North of                  Location: Cambridge
                                                                         Organization: Lesley University
Organization: Children's Village                                         Title: Associate Professor, Director of Early Childhood
Title: Clinical Psychologist                                             Education program
Job description: I am a psychologist at Children's Village               Job description: I direct and teach in the Early Childhood
residential facility, which services children ages 7-21 who are          Education program, and teach and mentor a course in the
at-risk in the community for a variety of reasons and                    Elementary Education program. I develop curriculum,
therefore come to this large campus to receive a myriad of               supervise students in teaching placements, and write and
services aimed at providing them with the skills and support             present at professional conferences. I have my teaching
they need to successfully return to their communities. I                 certification in Early Childhood Education.
provide individual, group and family therapy as well as crisis
intervention and psychoeducation for children, parents and
staff alike.
                                                 Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 46                                                                ID#: 128
Industry: Education                                                    Industry: Education
Region: :Boston Metro                                                  Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Concord                                                      Location: Randolph

Organization: Concord Carlisle High School                             Organization: Randolph Public Schools
Title: English Teacher                                                 Title: Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
Job description: Changing the world, one student at a time.            Job description: In my executive role in a school system, I
6:00 AM - 4:00 PM days, massive amounts of takehome                    am happy to have students shadow me. I am also generally
work, planning and conducting 4 lessons a day, grading                 able to arrange a variety of job shadows for students: with
essays, counseling students on academic and emotional                  teachers from preK through 12th grade; also with with school
issues...the hardest, and most rewarding job, you could                nurses, guidance counselors, social workers, school
imagine.                                                               psychologists, librarians, etc.

ID#: 95                                                                ID#: 4
Industry: Education                                                    Industry: Education - 6th through 12th grades
Region: :New York City Metro                                           Region: :Boston Metro
Location: New York                                                     Location: Belmont, MA

Organization: Rodeph Sholom Day School                                 Organization: Belmont Public Schools
Title: Hebrew teacher                                                  Title: Spanish Teacher
Job description: I am a Hebrew specialist. I go into the               Job description: I teach various levels of the Spanish
classrooms each day to teach Hebrew in pre-K, K and 1st                Language to public high school students. I have just begun
grades at a Jewish day school.                                         my 13th year as a teacher at Belmont High School. I also
                                                                       advise one extracurricular student group--The Gay Straight
                                                                       Alliance Club. I also serve on certain committees at the high
                                                                       school--The Diversity Week Committee, The Belmont Idol
                                                                       Committee, and as of October 2009 I will begin serving on
                                                                       the School Advisory Council.

ID#: 38                                                                ID#: 147
Industry: Education - Higher                                           Industry: Education - Higher
Region: :Boston Metro                                                  Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Cambridge                                                    Location: Waltham

Organization: Harvard Graduate School of Education                     Organization: Brandeis
Title: Director of Alumni & Development Information                    Title: provost and senior vice president for academic affairs
Job description: Oversee all processes related to Alumni and           Job description: chief operating officer senior member of
Donor data. Collaborate with other departments within                  university administration
Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard
University around improving quantity and quality of data and
reporting mechanisms. Manage and mentor 2 full-time staff,
supervise 1 consultant and 3 temps. Oversee strategic
decisions and budget for the department. Represent Harvard
Graduate School of Education at various University
                                                 Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 148                                                               ID#: 60
Industry: Education - Higher                                           Industry: Education - Higher
Region: :Boston Metro                                                  Region: :Los Angeles Metro
Location: Waltham - campus                                             Location: Los Angeles

Organization: Brandeis University                                      Organization: HUC-JIR School of Jewish Communal
Title: Associate Director, Alumni and University Relations             Service
Job description: I work with many of our alumni clubs                  Title: Interim Director
across the country and around the world to help develop and            Job description: Oversee one of the major graduate training
strengthen relationships between the University and alumni.            programs for professionals in the Jewish community.
The specifics of my job involve event planning, volunteer              Formerly was Executive Director of the National Foundation
management, and fundraising. If a student is interested in             for Jewish Culture.
higher education administration, this is a good match for
them (I also worked in Admissions here for 5 years before
coming over to the Development office.)

ID#: 134                                                               ID#: 53
Industry: Education - Higher                                           Industry: Education - Higher
Region: :Los Angeles Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Santa Barbara                                                Location: garden city, ny

Organization: University of California, Santa Barbara                  Organization: adelphi university
Title: Associate Professor of History                                  Title: dean of student affairs
Job description: Teach classes to both graduate and                    Job description: Responsible for university co-curricular
undergraduate students; conduct research; assist on                    programs and services, including residential life, judicial
committees as part of administration of university.                    affairs, health services, auxiliary services, counseling,
                                                                       disability support, student union, student activities, leadership
                                                                       development, Greek life, orientation, commuter student
                                                                       affairs, international student services, interfaith center, etc.

ID#: 104                                                               ID#: 61
Industry: Education - Higher                                           Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12
Region: :New York City Metro                                           Region: :Boston Metro
Location: New York, New York                                           Location: Lowell

Organization: New York Institute of Technology                         Organization: Lowell High School
Title: Associate Professor of History/Chair of                         Title: Teacher
Interdisciplinary Studies                                              Job description: I teach US History to ESL students and two
Job description: I teach undergraduates, advise them on their          sections of world issues, part of the social justice academy at
academic careers, and research urban history projects.                 the high school.
                                                  Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 62                                                                 ID#: 79
Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12                                       Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12
Region: :Boston Metro                                                   Region: :Boston Metro
Location: MA 02421                                                      Location: New Ipswich, NH

Organization: Carlisle Public Schools                                   Organization: Mascenic Regional High School
Title: Teacher                                                          Title: Teacher of English (primarily American Lit)
Job description: I am currently teaching grade 5 at a                   Job description: I teach 3 blocks per day, 7:30 AM - 2:30
suburban school. My present curriculum is math, science,                PM. We will be in school until around June 25. One class is
writing, and general homeroom responsibilities.                         Honors/Pre-AP level, one college-prep, and one
                                                                        general/remedial. So, all ability levels can be observed.

ID#: 115                                                                ID#: 28
Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12                                       Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12
Region: :Boston Metro                                                   Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Newton                                                        Location: Bronx, NY

Organization: Newton Public Schools                                     Organization: NYC Department of Education
Title: Art Teacher, Grades K-5                                          Title: Principal
Job description: I am the sole art teacher at an elementary             Job description: I am the Principal of the Bronx High
school where I teach 460 students visual art.                           School for Writing and Communication Arts, a new small
                                                                        high school in NYC that I opened in Sept. 2004. I would be
                                                                        willing to speak to, email or host a Brandeis student
                                                                        interested in the education field.

ID#: 30                                                                 ID#: 100
Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12                                       Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Brooklyn                                                      Location: New York City

Organization: Brooklyn Friends School                                   Organization: The Caedmon School
Title: Director of Development                                          Title: Director of Admissions
Job description: Responsible for all fundraising at an                  Job description: Responsible for entire Admissions process,
independent school. Annual fund, capital campaign,                      including tours and open houses, parent and child interviews,
endowment and large events.                                             financial aid, marketing, advertising, events, school
                                                        Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 142                                                                      ID#: 171
Industry: Education - Pre-k to 12                                             Industry: Education (Special Ed w/Psychology
Region: :New York City Metro                                                  Region: :Los Angeles Metro
Location: Spring Valley                                                       Location: Los Angeles

Organization: East Ramapo Central School District                             Organization: The Help Group/Summit View School West
Title: English Department Chair                                               Title: Clinical Director
Job description: I am the Chair of a High School English                      Job description: I am clinical director at a non-public school,
Department. I could host any one interested in public (urban)                 grades 2-12, for students with specific learning disabilities and/or
                                                                              ADHD. I am in charge of the students social/emotional
                                                                              functioning, including supervising school counselors, programming
                                                                              re bullying, substance abuse, etc, as well as dealing with
                                                                              disciplinary issues etc. I am also very involved in working with
                                                                              educational administrators and teachers. Students interested in
                                                                              psychology, counseling, social work, school administration and/or
                                                                              any asapect of special education would have an interesting time
                                                                              here. I can also tour them at our sister school next door, which
                                                                              serves students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder.

ID#: 77                                                                       ID#: 7
Industry: Engineering                                                         Industry: Environment and Conservation
Region: :Boston Metro                                                         Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Needham                                                             Location: Boston

Organization: Resource Options                                                Organization: Environmental Defense Fund
Title: Recruitment Consultant                                                 Title: Project Manager
Job description: I work with local engineering companies to help              Job description: Advancing environmental sustainability by
them identify, recruit and hire employees. The companies I work               creating business incentives for responsible management of
are civil and structural engineering firms as well as those that deal
                                                                              natural resources. Projects range from green supply chain
with environmental issues such as wetlands restoration, remediation
and permitting. I arrived at this career in an interesting fashion (I         management at Walmart to cap-and-trade systems for New
was a pastry chef, previously) and would welcome the opportunity              England's fishing industry (current project).
to speak with graduating students about not only how to present
themselves to a prospective employer, but also strategies in
submitting resumes (hint, do not go through the company's
website). My feeling is that students will benefit not only from the
experience I have gained in my current, but also from the
perspective I have gained since graduation in thirteen years ago.

ID#: 92                                                                       ID#: 111
Industry: Environment and Conservation                                        Industry: Environment and Conservation
Region: :New York City Metro                                                  Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                            Location: New York, NY

Organization: Pfizer Inc                                                      Organization: New York League of Conservation Voters
Title: Sr. Director - Env. Health and Safety                                  Title: Deputy Director
Job description: Lead efforts to manage and communicate                       Job description: NYLCV is a non-partisan, policy making
the human health and environmental risks associated with                      and political action organization that works to make
handling, transporting, and disposing of pharmaceutical                       environmental protection a top priority with elected officials,
products. Examples include developing policy for the safe                     decision-makers and the voters by evaluating incumbent
disposal of unused medicines by patients and consumers.                       performance and endorsing and electing environmental
                                                                              leaders to office in New York State. I can expose students
                                                                              to our Communications, Development, Policy and Political
                                                  Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 13                                                                 ID#: 50
Industry: Environment and Public Health                                 Industry: Event Planning
Region: :Boston Metro                                                   Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Boston                                                        Location: East Orange, NJ

Organization: US Envir Protection Agency                                Organization: Jewish Vocational Service
Title: Senior Scientist                                                 Title: Event Planner
Job description: I am both a research scientist and a federal           Job description: I run special events and my responsibilities
inspector/enforcer.                                                     include: marketing and promotion, fundraising, programming
                                                                        speakers and seminars, logistics, preparation of print
                                                                        materials, and deal with lay leadership and the Executive
                                                                        Director. JVS is a very meaningful social service agency and
                                                                        there is secure parking, even in East Orange!

ID#: 109                                                                ID#: 9
Industry: Event Planning                                                Industry: Finance and Banking
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :Boston Metro
Location: New York, NY                                                  Location: Boston

Organization: Yeshiva University                                        Organization: Deutsche Bank
Title: Director of Special Events                                       Title: Director and Senior Counsel
Job description: I am the Director of Special Events for a              Job description: I am in-house lawyer in the mutual fund
Univerity's fundraising department. I am responsible for the            divison of a global bank
planning and execution of major University Gala Events as
well as a resource for smaller departmental events.

ID#: 16                                                                 ID#: 25
Industry: Finance and Banking                                           Industry: Finance and Banking
Region: :Boston Metro                                                   Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Boston                                                        Location: Boston, MA 02111

Organization: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston                            Organization: State Street Bank & Trust
Title: Bank Examiner                                                    Title: Assistant Vice President – Economic Capital
Job description: ank examiner at The Federal Reserve Bank               Job description: Basel II Pillar II - Internal Capital
in the regional and community unit of the supervision,                  Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP): Economic Capital
regulation, and credit department . The group supervises                and Consolidated Stress Testing.
community banks and bank holding companies in New
England assessing management, risk management, and the
financial condition of these institutions. Typical duties
include going onsite to these depository institutions,
reviewing bank documents including loans and asset liability
management as well as interacting with senior management.
                                                  Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 5                                                                  ID#: 71
Industry: Finance and Banking                                           Industry: Finance and Banking
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Berkeley Heights NJ -- 1 hour by train from Penn              Location: Millburn, NJ 07041
                                                                        Organization: Fidelity Investments
Organization: own company (Kaplan Financial Advisors)                   Title: Vice President, Senior Account Executive
Title: Principal                                                        Job description: My job is to be the primary contact for
Job description: I meet with financial planning clients and             Fidelity Investments highest net-worth clients. My clients
create a concrete financial plan which charts financial                 have total Fidelity assets over $1.5 million, with some as high
changes and adjustments they need to make (in their                     as $ 80 million and up. My job is provide them with
investments, insurance, etc) in order to have a higher                  guidance and to be the person accountable to them for their
probability of achieving their goals. I'm available to discuss          overall satisfaction with Fidelity. Happy to meet with
this over a meal but also show someone how all of this works            students interested in financial sales industry. I hold the
in my office (1- 1.5 hrs).                                              CFP® designation.

ID#: 84                                                                 ID#: 88
Industry: Finance and Banking                                           Industry: Finance and Banking
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                      Location: New York

Organization: Pali Capital                                              Organization: SR Capital
Title: Managing Director                                                Title: Acquisitions
Job description: Equity Research Analyst                                Job description: Analyst in Real Estate Private Equity •
                                                                            Create dynamic financial models for real estate related
                                                                        asset underwriting/disposition using MS Excel. This includes
                                                                        traditional analyses such as: discounted cash flow (DCF),
                                                                        leveraged buyout (LBO), net asset valuation (NAV), implied
                                                                        capitalization rate; in addition to more specific modeling

ID#: 90                                                                 ID#: 99
Industry: Finance and Banking                                           Industry: Finance and Banking
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                      Location: New York City

Organization: Moody's                                                   Organization: Citi Alternative Investments
Title: Associate Director                                               Title: Programmer
Job description: In my current role at Moody's I manage a               Job description: I am part of a team in charge with
group of analysts responsible for developing quantitative               developing a middle / back office platform that can be
solutions to credit risk problems. We design new credit risk            leveraged accross multiple businesses. I am also the .Net
models and test existing ones, but also value traded credit             Architect of the company and I am in charge of all the
products, stress test portfolios and provide other risk                 Microsoft IIS Servers.
management related services. In addition to my management
responsibilities for the group, I also oversee client
                                                   Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 106                                                                 ID#: 143
Industry: Finance and Banking                                            Industry: Finance and Banking
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York, NY                                                   Location: Stamford

Organization: Eastdil Secured                                            Organization: Genworth Financial
Title: Managing Director                                                 Title: Investments Compliance Analyst
Job description: Real Estate Investment Banking                          Job description: · Complete state and federal investment and
                                                                         insurance (SVO) regulatory filings · Coordinate legal entity
                                                                         reporting performance for presentation to various Boards · Anti-
                                                                         Money Laundering process oversight for Real Estate transactions
                                                                         (Bridger) · Assist with the new hire assimilation process,
                                                                         coordinating training sessions, tracking associate participation, and
                                                                         serving as a resource for questions about associate compliance ·
                                                                         Assist in maintaining iTrade system – updates/additions/violations ·
                                                                         Assist in Aladdin portfolio compliance maintenance, including
                                                                         testing and monitoring · Support general Compliance Business
                                                                         initiatives and projects

ID#: 113                                                                 ID#: 15
Industry: Finance and Banking                                            Industry: Government
Region: :New York Metro                                                  Region: :Boston Metro
Location: New York, NY                                                   Location: Boston

Organization: Oppenheimer & Co.                                          Organization: US Department of Agriculture - Food &
Title: Managing Director                                                 Nutrition Service
Job description: Equity research analyst following the                   Title: Program Specialist
managed care (health insurance) industry.                                Job description: Provide federal government oversight to
                                                                         State Departments of Health (in New England and New York
                                                                         State) on administering the Special Supplemental Food
                                                                         Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the
                                                                         program that safeguards the health of low-income women,
                                                                         infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk by
                                                                         providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information
                                                                         on healthy eating and referrals to health care and social

ID#: 80                                                                  ID#: 93
Industry: Government                                                     Industry: Government
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                       Location: New York

Organization: New York City Department of Health and                     Organization: NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
Mental Hygiene                                                           Title: Deputy Chief of Staff
                                                                         Job description: The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation oversees the
Title: Research Scientist                                                operation of nearly 29,000 acres of parkland as well as 1,000 playgrounds,
Job description: I am currently an epidemiologist in a public            600 ballfields, 550 tennis courts, 66 swimming pools, 48 recreation centers,
health setting. I can offer a half or full day to a student who          14 miles of beach, five major stadia, and 2.6 million street and park trees.
may be interested in any aspect of public health including               The Department is also responsible for overseeing an operating budget of
                                                                         $340 million and a capital budget that exceeds $2 billion. Deputy Chief of
epidemiology, health education, or biostatistics. Currently, I           Staff Rebecca Smith (Brandeis ’03), provides the Commissioner with
focus on zoonotic diseases and vector borne diseases. I                  critical support to ensure smooth management of the agency. With a busy
conduct surveillance, analyses, report writing, training, and            schedule that includes meetings with government officials and private
prevention.                                                              partners, and park groundbreaking and opening ceremonies, the extern will
                                                                         have the chance to see how a busy city agency is managed from the top.
                                                     Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 1                                                                     ID#: 151
Industry: Government                                                       Industry: Government
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                              Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Alexandria, VA                                                   Location: Washington DC

Organization: Self-employed                                                Organization: Department of Treasury, office of the
Title: Security/Intelligence consultant                                    comptroller of the currency
Job description: I spent over 40 years engaged in                          Title: Economist
intelligence-related activities, including close to 30 years as a          Job description: Provide statistical support for fair lending
CIA operations officer.                                                    exams of national banks-- checking to see if there is any
                                                                           evidence that they discriminate in mortgage lending against

ID#: 154                                                                   ID#: 155
Industry: Government                                                       Industry: Government
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                              Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Washington, DC                                                   Location: Washington, DC

Organization: NASA History Division                                        Organization: Congressional Research Service (CRS)
                                                                           Title: Specialist in Telecommunications Policy
Title: Historian/policy analyst                                            Job description: CRS, which is part of the Library of Congress, is, in
Job description: As a member of the NASA History                           effect, a research and consulting group supporting the 535 members of
Division staff since 1995, Mr. Garber is familiar with the                 Congress and their staff in both their legislative and oversight
panoply of aerospace activities that NASA undertakes. He                   responsibilities. I am an economist, with 33 years experience in both the
                                                                           public and private sectors, and I cover media and telecommunications
simultaneously oversees the production of multiple book-                   competition issues. My time is split between responding to specific
length, historical manuscripts (most written by outside                    requests from Members and their staffs and initiating my own reports on
contractors) for publication. He is the Webmaster for the                  issues that I think Congress should be aware of. The position is primarily a
NASA History Web site (, one of the                writing position, but also involves personal consultations. [Due to
largest and most popular NASA sites.                                       confidentiality concerns, it may not be possible for a "shadow" to attend
                                                                           such a consultation.] I often work with colleagues in our Law division and
                                                                           our Tax division, to provide multi-disciplinary support for members.

ID#: 156                                                                   ID#: 160
Industry: Government                                                       Industry: Government
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                              Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Washington, DC                                                   Location: washington, dc

Organization: U.S. Institute of Peace                                      Organization: National Disability Rights Network
Title: Senior Scholar in Residence                                         Title: Public Policy Analyst
Job description: Currently focusing most of my time on                     Job description: Work as a policy advisor on issues
efforts to develop the Palestinian justice system and to build             including housing, anti-poverty initiatives, hunger ititiatives,
Palestinian-Israeli cooperation in the justice sector.                     and transportation.
                                                                                 Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 67                                                                                                ID#: 20
Industry: Government/ Health, Academia (faculty appt at                                                Industry: Government/Public Health
Columbia University)                                                                                   Region: :Boston Metro
Region: :New York City Metro                                                                           Location: Boston 02108
Location: Manhattan, NY
                                                                                                       Organization: Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Organization: New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Title: First Deputy Director, Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (Bureau of Environmental
                                                                                                       Title: Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Survivor
Disease Prevention)                                                                                    Services Unit
Job description: responsible for strategic partnerships, development and implementation of the
Elimination Plan and sustaining and expanding the Technical Advisory Committee; also oversees          Job description: Oversee statewide system of community-
staff involved in LPPP community outreach and education, curriculum development, training and          based rape crisis centers/contracts, manage and coordinate
technical assistance to community-based organizations, developing public health campaigns and
educational materials and overseeing the 212-BAN-LEAD information line. Sample activities:             federal grants, facilitate and partner with statewide coalitions
Design, implement, & evaluate education and community partnership unit activities; Develop             to prevent sexual violence, etc.
culturally appropriate educational materials in collaboration with target communities, including
annual multilingual radio & print media campaigns; Supervise data analysis activities from data
entry to final report; Author internal & external reports, grant applications, conference abstracts,
& manuscripts; Direct strategic planning efforts for unit & participate in developing program-
wide strategic plan; Recruit, supervise, & evaluate 20 unit staff; a) oversee the administrative
unit 8 staff involved in finance, procurement, human resources, mis, etc for the entire EDP
bureau; b) strategic planning for LPPP and EDP; c) represent the director and assistant
commissioner in meetings; d) liaison with other divisions of DOH and other city agencies, e)
supervise all educational materials produced by the bureau

ID#: 130                                                                                               ID#: 32
Industry: Health and Animal Care                                                                       Industry: Health and Animal Care
Region: :Boston Metro                                                                                  Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Rockland                                                                                     Location: Brooklyn

Organization: Nancy H. Starr, DMD, PC                                                                  Organization: HHC/NYU Woodhull Medical Center
Title: Owner Dentist                                                                                   Title: Associate Chief of Radiology
Job description: I am the owner dentist of a rural practice in                                         Job description: Staff radiologist in specializing in CT and
Rockland, Mass. I do all forms of General Dentistry                                                    MRI. Inner city hospital
including rootcanal therapy, oral surgery and some
orthodontics. It is a family practice and I have been
practicing Dentistry for over 25 years and in this location for
17 years.

ID#: 54                                                                                                ID#: 72
Industry: Health and Animal Care                                                                       Industry: Health and Animal Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                                                           Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Hauppauge, NY                                                                                Location: Mineola

Organization: Mid-Suffolk Pediatrics                                                                   Organization: Winthrolp Hospital; Long Island Regional Poison Control
Title: Pediatrician                                                                                    Center and SUNY/Stony Brook Dept. of Preventive Medicine and free
                                                                                                       lance public health
Job description: Primary care pediatrician with an office                                              Title: Director, Injury Prevention and Control; also consultant in general
based group practice                                                                                   pediatrics to various child care and child protective agencies
                                                                                                       Job description: Public health career, based at local Poison Control
                                                                                                       Center: 1. Injury prevention - professional and community presentations,
                                                                                                       research, and serve as resource. Currently have grant to promote teen safe
                                                                                                       driving. Child car seat expert. 2. Lecturer for child care agencies and child
                                                                                                       protective agencies locally and across NY State in medication
                                                                                                       administration for child care providers (NYS-run program), medical
                                                                                                       aspects of child abuse, common pediatric illneeses/other topics for child
                                                                                                       care workers, psychopharmacology for foster care agency workers. Very
                                                                                                       varied jobs!
                                                  Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 87                                                                 ID#: 98
Industry: Health and Animal Care                                        Industry: Health and Animal Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                      Location: New York City

Organization: Columbia University Medical Center                        Organization: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Title: Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology                            Title: Ast Prof Clinical Medicine
Job description: I do clinical pediatric anesthesiology in a            Job description: Patient care in large urban emergency
busy academic hospital. I work exclusively in the operating             department. Bedside teaching of medical students and
room and in various offsite anesthetizing locations such as             resident physicians.
MRI and the cardiac catheterization lab.

ID#: 166                                                                ID#: 2
Industry: Health and Animal Care                                        Industry: Health and Animal Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Westchester County                                            Location: Baltimore

Organization: self-employed                                             Organization: Johns Hopkins University
Title: optometrist                                                      Title: Assistant Professor of Medicine and Oncology
Job description: eye exams-fitting contact lenses-dispensing            Job description: I am a physician in an academic medical
eyeglasses                                                              center. I see patients and do clinical research. My speciality is
                                                                        hematology and most of the patients I see have sickle cell

ID#: 6                                                                  ID#: 22
Industry: Health and Animal Care                                        Industry: Health Care
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                           Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Bethesda and Georgetown                                       Location: Boston and Braintree

Organization: Self Employed... Daniel Turetsky, Psy.D.                  Organization: Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital / Boston
Title: Psychologist                                                     University /Boston Medical Center
Job description: I have an outpatient private psychotherapy             Title: neurologist / associate professor / Director Brain Injury
practice working with children and adults.                              Rehabilitation Program
                                                                        Job description: Neurologist with subspecialty in behavioral
                                                                        / cognitive neurology and neurorehabilitation. Interest in
                                                                        traumatic brain injury. Clinical, teaching and research at
                                                                        Boston Medical Center and Braintree Rehabilitation Hosp.
                                                   Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 116                                                                 ID#: 165
Industry: Health Care                                                    Industry: Health Care
Region: :Boston Metro                                                    Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Norwood                                                        Location: Westborough

Organization: Self employed                                              Organization: self-employeed
Title: Dentist                                                           Title: dentist
Job description: I have a home-office general practice of                Job description: I own my own dental practice in
dentistry which I operate with my wife, Marygrace. She is a              Westborough, MA. I am the only dentist in the practice--I
physical therapist who would love to share her own                       employ 5 other women team members (hygienists, admin.
experiences.                                                             and clinical assistants). I chose dentistry largely in-part due to
                                                                         my "shadowing" experience while at Brandeis.

ID#: 26                                                                  ID#: 27
Industry: Health Care                                                    Industry: Health Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Bronx                                                          Location: Bronx, NY

Organization: The Hebrew Home at Riverdale                               Organization: Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein
Title: social work supervisor                                            College of Medicine
Job description: I am a member of an interdisciplinary                   Title: Attending Physician, Neonatology
health care team in long-term care facility, providing suport            Job description: I am a clinician-scientist at Montefiore
& assistance to memory impaired residents of this facility, &            Medical Center. Part of my time is spent in the Neonatal
their family members. I also supervise other social workers in           Intensive Care Unit caring for critically ill newborns. The
this setting.                                                            remainder of my time is spent performing basic science
                                                                         research on the mechanisms of oxidative injury in the lung.

ID#: 73                                                                  ID#: 78
Industry: Health Care                                                    Industry: Health Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                             Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Montclair NJ                                                   Location: New Hyde Park, NY 11040
                                                                         Organization: Schneider Children's Hospital
                                                                         Title: Professor & Chief, Pediatric Endocrinology
Organization: Montclair State University                                 Job description: Dr. Speiser has served as Chief of the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology at
                                                                         Schneider Children’s Hospital, a member of the North Shore-LIJ Health System (NSLIJHS) in
Title: Physical Therapist                                                New York since 1993. Her academic appointment is Professor of Pediatrics at New York
Job description: Physical Therapist- pediatrics: autistic                University School of Medicine. She is also a member of the Feinstein Institute for Medical
                                                                         Research at NSLIJHS. Dr. Speiser graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians
preschool population; also infants (ages 0-3) in home settings.          and Surgeons and completed her residency training in Pediatrics Albert Einstein College of
We are also engaged in a research project at Montclair State             Medicine-Bronx Municipal Hosp Ctr. Fellowship training in Pediatric Endocrinology was at
                                                                         Cornell Medical College-New York Hospital. Following fellowship, Dr. Speiser served on the
(in conjunction with a Doctoral Physical Therapy program at              Cornell Medical College faculty as Assistant and Associate Professor, and Associate Program
                                                                         Director of the Children’s Clinical Research Center with NIH grant support. Dr. Speiser has had
another university) with the preschool population to                     a long-standing interest and extensive publication record in disorders of steroid biosynthesis. Her
determine development of sensory-motor skills.                           work has included studies correlating genotype and phenotype in families with classic and non-
                                                                         classic forms of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). She was a member of the organizing
                                                                         committee for the International Consensus Conference on CAH and serves as medical advisor to
                                                                         support groups for families of patient, including The Magic Foundation, The National Adrenal
                                                                         Diseases Foundation and CARES. Current projects include a multi-center collaborative study of
                                                                         the nonclassic form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and examination of stress responses among
                                                                         patients with classic forms of this disease. Other clinical and research interests include obesity
                                                                         and diabetes.
                                                    Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 86                                                                   ID#: 114
Industry: Health Care                                                     Industry: Health Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                        Location: Newark, NJ

Organization: United Hospital Fund                                        Organization: Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Title: Vice President Education and Program Initiatives                   Title: Physician
Job description: Responsible for a grants program to                      Job description: I am a physician in an active clinical
improve health care in New York City,programs that promote                practice with significant teaching and academic components.
aging in place,support for family caregivers during transitons            My practice is limited to the specialty of diagnostic radiology
from one setting to another, and developing policy                        which I practice in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

ID#: 121                                                                  ID#: 123
Industry: Health Care                                                     Industry: Health Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Paterson, NJ                                                    Location: Plainview, NY

Organization: St. Joseph's Healthcare System                              Organization: Hearing & Speech Associates, Inc.
Title: Vice President                                                     Title: Executive Director & Clinical Audiologist
Job description: I provide leadership and oversight to the                Job description: I am the Director of an Audiology & Hearing Aid
health system I oversee over 1,200 employees and have                     Dispensing practice with two offices in Nassau County on Long
                                                                          Island. We offer a full range of diagnostic hearing services on
budget responsibility over $135 Million. I've developed a
                                                                          newborns through geriatrics. We prescribe and demonstrate a wide
vast network of locations, have P&L authority and am                      array of "assistive listening devices" (TV, telephone, doorbell, fire
responsible for daily operations I also am responsible for                alarm amplifiers) and dispense hearing aids. I perform individual
business development.                                                     counseling of hearing-impaired patients and their families and
                                                                          program digital hearing instruments throughout my day. Although I
                                                                          am an administrator and practice owner, I carry a full patient load
                                                                          which I think might be interesting to someone interested in
                                                                          Communications. Audiology is practiced in hospitals, schools,
                                                                          industry and private practice.

ID#: 135                                                                  ID#: 139
Industry: Health Care                                                     Industry: Health Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Several Long Island locations                                   Location: Smithtown, NY 11787

Organization: Private radiology group                                     Organization: Sole Proprietor- General Dentist
Title: Radiologist                                                        Title: General Dentist
Job description: I am a radiolgist in a private practice in a             Job description: General Dentist with digital x rays, tooth
busy out patient setting provideing CT,MRI,ultrasound etc                 whitening, see patients from 1 years old to 101years old.
                                                                          Oral cancer screenings, veneers, crowns, Snap On Smile,
                                                                Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 141                                                                              ID#: 44
Industry: Health Care                                                                 Industry: Health Care
Region: :New York City Metro                                                          Region: :Philidelphia, PA
Location: South Orange                                                                Location: Cherry Hill/Woodbury NJ

Organization: Northern NJ eye institute                                               Organization: Bannett Eye Centers
Title: Ophthalmologist/owner                                                          Title: Physician
Job description: follow physician seeing and performing                               Job description: I am an Ophthalmologist. I treat medical
surgery on patients.                                                                  and surgical diseases of the eye with a concentration on
                                                                                      cataract and implant surgery. My primary patient base is
                                                                                      elderly and as a result, the psycho-social aspects of geriatric
                                                                                      medicine are very important. Also, I am an Osteopathic
                                                                                      physician and I would be happy to discuss this excellent
                                                                                      option with students.

ID#: 122                                                                              ID#: 152
Industry: Health Care                                                                 Industry: Health Care
Region: :Philidelphia, PA                                                             Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Philadelphia                                                                Location: Washington DC

Organization: niversity of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Department                Organization: DC Foot and Ankle
of Dermatology                                                                        Title: Podiatric Surgeon/Podiatrist
Title: Professor of Dermatology, Director Cutaneous Lymphoma Program,
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine                                         Job description: Evaluate and treat patients in hospital and
Job description: As Director of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Program at                     in my private office. Spend at least one day a week in the
Penn School of Medicine, I oversee the largest clinical referral program in           operating room with both elective and non-elective surgery.
the U.S. for the unusual disease, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. We also have
a substantial translational research program with emphasis on development
of novel therapeutic approaches. Those spending time with us would have
an exceptional opportunity to observe vastly unusual cases of T-cell
lymphoma involving the skin and learn about novel approaches to
treatment. It will provide one with the ability to understand how we can
make a substantial difference in the lives of patients with this very difficult
disease through clinical care and research.

ID#: 23                                                                               ID#: 97
Industry: Hospitality (Restaurant, Hotel, Travel)                                     Industry: Human Resources and Recruiting
Region: :Boston, Metro                                                                Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Boston, MA                                                                  Location: New York

Organization: Seaport Hotel                                                           Organization: Ariela Alpha International
Title: Director of Rooms and Envrionmental Programs                                   Title: HR Department
Job description: I am a senior manager, overseeing all of the                         Job description: HR Director
non-food and beverage aspects of the Hotel operation. My
areas of responsibility include - reception, housekeeping,
laundry, health club, engineering, concierge, gift shop and
business center.
                                                     Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 24                                                                    ID#: 127
Industry: Human Resources and Recruting                                    Industry: Information Technology
Region: :Boston Metro                                                      Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Boston, MA                                                       Location: Quincy, MA

Organization: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston                               Organization: Atrius Health/Harvard Vanguard Medical
Title: Director of Talent Management and Organizational                    Associates
Effectiveness                                                              Title: Director Clinical Systems Training and
Job description: I am in charge of developing an integrated                Implementation
talent management strategy for the bank that includes                      Job description: Oversee the support and development of an
attracting and retaining the right talent to achieve the strategy          electronic medical record system for a large medical group
of the bank, as well as providing organizational effectiveness             (600 physicians)

ID#: 63                                                                    ID#: 66
Industry: Information Technology                                           Industry: Information Technology
Region: :New York City Metro                                               Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Manhattan                                                        Location: Manhattan 10025

Organization:                                             Organization: REEF Solutions
Title: Software Developer                                                  Title: Computer Consultant / Small Business Owner
Job description: I work for a tech-oriented non-profit                     Job description: I provide computer/IT support for small
(, geared towards public schools. I                   businesses in the Manhattan area. So, this can vary from
have had a lot of experience working as a software                         desktop troubleshooting to designing and implementing
developing consultant in the financial industry as well - a                multi-site server configurations. My specialty is Exchange
New York forte - and would be happy to advise in that as                   Servers.
well. Finally, I've done some freelancing projects also.

ID#: 112                                                                   ID#: 150
Industry: Insurance                                                        Industry: International
Region: :New York City Metro                                               Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: New York, NY                                                     Location: Washington

Organization: QBE the Americas                                             Organization: IREX
                                                                           Title: Senior Program Officer
Title: Manager                                                             Job description: I manage an annual study of the media sector, called the Media
Job description: Financial accounting manager for a global                 Sustainability Index, in more than 80 countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East,
insurance company. Coordinate business with strategic                      and Africa. This includes identifying and managing the work of local partners,
                                                                           analyzing and editing the results, publishing the study, and speaking to media
partners and prepare financial results.                                    professionals and international development professionals in the US and abroad.
                                                                           More about the Media Sustainability Index can be found here:
                                                                  I have more than 10 years of experience working in the
                                                                           international development field, primarily on US government funded programs.
                                                                           While a significant portion of my experience has been on developing the media
                                                                           sector of countries, I have also worked on other democracy and governance or civil
                                                                           society projects. I have worked at non-profit organizations and also at for-profit
                                                                           consulting firms. I would be happy to familiarize a student interested in an
                                                                           international career with some of the options they have and strategies to employ in
                                                                           planning their career.
                                                   Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 11                                                                  ID#: 21
Industry: Law                                                            Industry: Law
Region: :Boston Metro                                                    Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Boston                                                         Location: Boston 02110

Organization: Krokidas & Bluestein LLP                                   Organization: Goulston & Storrs, P.C.
Title: Partner                                                           Title: Director
Job description: Boutique law firm specializing in                       Job description: My law practice focuses on corporate
representing nonprofit/exempt organizations; focus on health             bankruptcy and restructurings and distressed mergers and
and human services providers                                             acquisitions. We represent companies, lenders,
                                                                         equityholders, buyers and creditors in situations involving
                                                                         financial distress.

ID#: 40                                                                  ID#: 68
Industry: Law                                                            Industry: Law
Region: :Boston Metro                                                    Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Cambridge                                                      Location: Marlborough MA

Organization: Harvard Law School                                         Organization: Massachusetts Trial Court
Title: Assistant Dean for Public Service                                 Title: Judge
Job description: I oversee and office that promotes public               Job description: Trial Judge
service at Harvard Law School. I counsel individual students
(though typically not in June), help arrange some of the many
events our office hosts, create print and web resources on
various aspects of public interest law and do a host of other
projects to make it possible for Harvard law school students
and grads to do public interest work and to help students at
other schools. I am ONLY interested in a student with a
strong public service ethos.

ID#: 145                                                                 ID#: 34
Industry: Law                                                            Industry: Law
Region: :Boston Metro                                                    Region: :Los Angeles Metro
Location: Waltham                                                        Location: Burbank, California

Organization: Law Office of James M. Baron                               Organization: Warner Bros. Television
Title: Attorney at Law                                                   Title: Sr. Labor Counsel and Director, Labor Relations
Job description: I am a solo attorney located in Waltham.                Job description: In house labor counsel for heavily
Law is a mid-life career change for me, so I'd be happy to               unionized industry. Advise and counsel re: union related
advise not only on my current role as an attorney, but also on           questions in television development, production, post
my prior role in technology, as well as what it is like to make          production. Industry wide labor negotiations.
a mid-life career change. My law practice is a general
practice, with a concentration in Education Law.
                                                    Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 48                                                                   ID#: 167
Industry: Law                                                             Industry: Law
Region: :Los Angeles Metro                                                Region: :Los Angeles Metro
Location: Culver City                                                     Location: Woodland Hills

Organization: Law Offices of Bonnie Z. Yates                              Organization: U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Title: Attorney                                                           Title: Judge
Job description: I am an attorney in private practice, in the             Job description: I am a bankruptcy judge, so I hear cases,
specialized field of special education law; meaning, I                    work on decisions, prepare for hearings, etc. I have two law
represent the families of children with disabilities, and assist          clerks and various externs. Someone interested in the law
them to obtain special education supports and services that               and in the field of bankruptcy would find this of interest.
the children need. I would like to be able to invite a student
shadow to an administrative meeting, mediation or hearing,
but it would depend on a number of things: scheduling, client
consent, judge's consent. I hope this is practical. If not, we
might need to change the format.

ID#: 76                                                                   ID#: 81
Industry: Law                                                             Industry: Law
Region: :New York City Metro                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Mount Vernon, NY                                                Location: New York

Organization: My Sisters' Place                                           Organization: JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA
Title: Family Law Attorney                                                Title: Assistant General Counsel
Job description: I am a domestic violence family lawyer                   Job description: I work as a lawyer in finance. My
repreesenting mostly women in all areas of family law:                    specialtyis equity derivatives. My job is very interesting to
custody, divorce, child support and orders of protection cases.           me because although I focus on the law and contracts, I also
The student may be able to accompany me to Court, as well.                need to understand and am immersed in the business side of
                                                                          the transactions. I would welcome the opportunity to mentor
                                                                          a student looking to get into finance, whether the business or
                                                                          legal side.

ID#: 89                                                                   ID#: 94
Industry: Law                                                             Industry: Law
Region: :New York City Metro                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                        Location: New York

Organization: Law Firm - French & Rafter, LLP                             Organization: Grunfeld Desiderio Lebowitz Silverman &
Title: Sr. Associate                                                      Klestadt LLP
Job description: Handle commercial and insurance defense                  Title: associate
litigation matters                                                        Job description: I am an associate in a national law firm
                                                                          specializing in Customs and
                                                  Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 108                                                                ID#: 117
Industry: Law                                                           Industry: Law
Region: :New York City Metro                                            Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York, NY                                                  Location: NY, NY

Organization: Fasulo, Shalley & DiMaggio, LLP                           Organization: Feldman LLP
Title: Senior Associate                                                 Title: Founding Partner
Job description: We are a Litigation Boutique specializing              Job description: I am a corporate, securities and venture
in Federal Criminal Defense. We also defend individuals                 capital attorney in Manhattan specializing in reverse mergers
charged in more serious, complex or notable State                       and other alternative means of bringing companies public. I
prosecutions. An additional component to our firm is that               wrote the only recognized book on reverse mergers that has
we act as General Counsel to a large condominium complex                now also been translated, published and distributed in
in Bronx, NY. It is the second-largest private housing                  Chinese as well. I would be happy to introduce any Brandeis
organization in the United States. We handle all facets of              student to the practice of corporate law and would be glad to
legal matters for the condominium.                                      share some time.

ID#: 126                                                                ID#: 129
Industry: Law                                                           Industry: Law
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                           Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: POTOMAC, MD                                                   Location: Riverdale, MD

Organization: shulman rogers gandal pordy & ecker p.a.                  Organization: Maryland Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.
Title: shareholder/lawyer                                               Title: Staff Attorney
Job description: I am the co-chair of the bankruptcy                    Job description: I am a lawyer for children who have child
creditors rights group and also am a commercial litigator               abuse and neglect cases.

ID#: 132                                                                ID#: 137
Industry: Law                                                           Industry: Law
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                           Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: rockville, md                                                 Location: Silver Spring, MD

Organization: office of the public defender                             Organization: Alan Banov & Associates
Title: asst. public defender                                            Title: Law Clerk/Associate
Job description: criminal defense attorney provided by the              Job description: Plaintiff-side employment and civil rights
govt. for indigent people charged with crimes                           law litigation
                                                 Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 159                                                               ID#: 42
Industry: Law                                                          Industry: Media and Entertainment
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                          Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Washington, dC                                               Location: Cambridge 02139

Organization: Department of Labor                                      Organization: self employed / Evos Arts Institute
Title: Supervisory Immigration Policy Analyst                          Title: Composer / Director
Job description: develop policies regarding the foreign labor          Job description: I composer music for films, commercials,
certification programs executed by the DOL                             modern dance and other media.

ID#: 96                                                                ID#: 110
Industry: Media and Entertainment                                      Industry: Media and Entertainment
Region: :New York City Metro                                           Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                     Location: New York, NY

Organization: AnyClip                                                  Organization: Viacom, Inc.
Title: VP of Products                                                  Title: Director, Corporate Financial Planning, Paramount
Job description: I am responsible for the development and              Division Specialist
strategy around AnyClip's web products. A student interest in          Job description: I work in the Finance area at Corporate at
this position would want to work in media or technology.               Viacom. My role is to monitor, and analyze the
                                                                       operational/financial performance of Viacom's Paramount
                                                                       division relative to its budget as well as assist the Reporting
                                                                       and Investor Relations group with telling the Paramount
                                                                       "story" during quarterly and yearly earnings. I work directly
                                                                       to support the Comptroller and CFO of Viacom in their
                                                                       reports to the Board of Directors of the company. I assess the
                                                                       risks and opportunities to Paramount's yearly P&L as the year

ID#: 170                                                               ID#: 64
Industry: Media and Entertainment                                      Industry: Medical
Region: :New York City Metro                                           Region: :New York City Metro
Location:                                                              Location: Manhattan

Organization: Wall Street Journal                                      Organization: Hospital for Special Surgery
Title: Reporter                                                        Title: Associate Professor of Clnical Medicine
Job description: Financial Reporter/Author                             Job description: Practicing rheumatologist in an academic
                                                                       hospital setting- I do clinical research- medical informatics is
                                                                       large part of my schedule. Lectures (going to and giving)
                                                 Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 36                                                                ID#: 103
Industry: Museum and Library                                           Industry: Museum and Library
Region: :Burlington, VT                                                Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Burlington, Vermont - Not Boston Metro                       Location: New York City 10024

Organization: Fltecher Free Library - City of Burlington               Organization: self-employed
Title: Youth Services Librarian                                        Title: Family Exhibit Developer/Project Manager
Job description: As Youth Services Librarian for a public              Job description: I do content and interpretive development
city library, I supervise staff, workstudy students, A*VISTA           and/or project management--working with architects,
members, and volunteers, research & order library materials,           industrial and graphic designers; interactive media
write grants, provide reference assistance, story times and            developers; content specialists; fabricators to create museum
other programming.                                                     exhibits for families with young children. I often write the
                                                                       script, label copy, and accompanying educational materials.

ID#: 3                                                                 ID#: 17
Industry: Non-Profit                                                   Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :Boston Metro                                                  Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Bedford, NH                                                  Location: Boston

Organization: Target Analytics, A Blackbaud Company                    Organization: WGBH
Title: Consultant                                                      Title: Volunteer and Marketing Manager
Job description: Note, I can only click one option above, but          Job description: I work in development & marketing at
I would be available for lunch/dinner or telephone/email.              WGBH, overseeing the volunteer and studio tour programs.
Provide fundraising consultation and database training to              Our volunteers assist in many areas of the Foundation,
non-profit Development Offices. Specifically deal with                 including TV pledge, office assistance, providing studio
research, prospecting, data mining and tracking donors                 tours, working in our gift shop, helping with our Wine, Art,
through the development cycle.                                         and General Auctions, and much more. In addition, I work
                                                                       on fundraising events for our members and donors, especially
                                                                       for the Leadership or Midlevel giving range.

ID#: 39                                                                ID#: 52
Industry: Non-Profit                                                   Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :Boston Metro                                                  Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Cambridge                                                    Location: Framingham

Organization: Breakthrough Cambridge, formerly                         Organization: Jewish Family Service of Metrowest
Summerbridge                                                           Title: Manager, Communal Services
Title: Director of Development                                         Job description: Jewish Communal Service Worker.
Job description: Fundraising for an educational nonprofit              Oversee many programs: Outreach to Jewish Elders living in
serving Cambridge public school students and a national                Community Nursing Homes; Intergenerational programs
network of college students. This is a 'small shop'                    between pre-b'nai mitzvah families and elders; Outreach to
environment where I am responsible for all individual and              young families raising Jewish children; Health and Wellness
corporate one-to-one, mail-based and event-based fundraising           programming for elders living in low income housing, varied
and all PR/outreach (not Foundations, generally.) Use                  responsibilities as a managerial level social worker in a
eTapestry fundraising database.                                        medium size multi service non-profit
                                                          Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 56                                                                         ID#: 149
Industry: Non-Profit                                                            Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :Boston Metro                                                           Region: :Boston Metro
Location: in and around Boston                                                  Location: Waltham 02451

Organization: American Federation of State, County and                          Organization: Massachusetts Health Data Consortium
Municipal Employees                                                             Title: Director of Healthcare Policy
Title: Staff Representative                                                     Job description: The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium
Job description: I work for a union that represents public                      is a non-profit organization that brings the Massachusetts
employees. I primary responsiblities are as chief negotiator                    healthcare community together to promote and address issues
(during contract negotiations with cities and towns), to                        of health information technology and health information
represent members during grievance hearings, conduct                            exchange. As Director of Healthcare Policy, I manage the
labor/management meetings and union meetings, and develop                       dozen or so discussion Forums we facilitate on various
union leaders. I am also currently getting my masters in                        HIT/HIE topics, as well as major conferences and educational
public adminstration.                                                           events, and several research and implementation projects.

ID#: 58                                                                         ID#: 136
Industry: Non-Profit                                                            Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :Israel                                                                 Region: :Los Angeles Metro
Location: Jerusalem                                                             Location: Sherman Oaks

Organization: Freelance. Main contracts with Bar-Ilan University.               Organization: The Help Group
Title: Writer-Editor                                                            Title: Chief Operating Officer
Job description: I help philanthropists learn how they may use                  Job description: I am responsible for program development
their tzadaqah to fund various projects run through non-profit                  and administrative oversight=2 0of a large non-profit agency
organizations. While my work is definitely marcom, I lean toward
                                                                                serving children with special needs, with a specialization in
the technical, and one of the most interesting components of my job
is translating scientific detail into language that the uninitiated can         autism, I can have a student shadow me or any of my service
understand. My two main clients are units within Bar-Ilan                       providers (therapists, speech pathologists, special education
University. I have done work for Yeshivah University and Zibur                  teachers), research fellows (focusing on outcomes and
Bnei Israel. I make good use of both English and Hebrew, and my                 evidence based treatment) or administators (fiscal, human
eclectic background in Jewish sources, philosophy, math, science,               resources, IT, operations, event planning).
and music is indispensable.

ID#: 31                                                                         ID#: 45
Industry: Non-Profit                                                            Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :New York City Metro                                                    Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Brooklyn                                                              Location: Commack

Organization: STRIVE                                                            Organization: SAJES
Title: Chief Financial Officer                                                  Title: Development Associate
Job description: Manager and leader for nonprofit youth                         Job description: As Development Associate I am
education and environmental organization.                                       responsible for all aspects of fundraising outside of grant
                                                                                writing. That means I am responsible for Board Development
                                                                                and communication, managing the donor database, direct
                                                                                mail campaigns, donor cultivation, and working on our
                                                                                fundraising events. The interesting part of my job is that I am
                                                                                the agency's first full time development staff person, so I have
                                                                                the opportunity to build infrastructure and systems for
                                                                                fundraising from the ground up.
                                                              Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 82                                                                             ID#: 107
Industry: Non-Profit                                                                Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :New York City Metro                                                        Region: :New York City Metro
Location: New York                                                                  Location: New York, NY

Organization: City Harvest                                                          Organization: Roundabout Theatre Company
Title: Manager Kosher Food Program                                                  Title: Special Events Manager
Job description: City Harvest, a non-profit, provides                               Job description: I am responsible for planning, managing,
emergency food and resources (classes, nutritional info, etc)                       and executing over 40 events each year for one of the city's
to the hungry of NYC. I am responsible for being the point of                       most successful not-for-profit theatre companies. These
contact for the 33 kosher agencies (soup kitchens and food                          events range from intimate cultivation dinners to large-scale
pantries). On one hand, I make sure they get the food that                          opening night parties to exquisite one-night-only Galas. I
they need and being a "customer service" agent. On the other                        serve under the Director of Special Events and supervise up
hand, I am responsible for making sure they meet appropriate                        to two full-time interns.
rules and regulations (safety, etc). I work in the Agency
Relations Department, and City Harvest is a terrific employer
and has many aspects to it: transportation, food sourcing,
marketing, pr, etc.

ID#: 163                                                                            ID#: 131
Industry: Non-Profit                                                                Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :New York City Metro                                                        Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Waterbury                                                                 Location: Rockville, MD

Organization: Therap Services                                                       Organization: Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
Title: C.E.O.                                                                       Title: Project Manager, Marketing
Job description: Therap Services is a software as a service for                     Job description: I work with young adults and Taglit-
providers of service to people with developmental disabilities. We                  Birthright Israel alumni to help them get connected to the
run a 24x7 service bureau. Office's are in Waterbury, CT and
                                                                                    Jewish community.
Dhaka, Bangladesh. Current issues include sales and marketing,
implementation and support to new customers, hardware
infrastructure planning and future system development. I deal with
all aspects of the company as a founder and CEO. We have users in
38 states. We are saving customers about 3% of their budget by
eliminating administrative waste. The industry is essentially 99%
state and federally funded. We are a private company. Our
customers are primarily non-profits and government agencies.

ID#: 138                                                                            ID#: 153
Industry: Non-Profit                                                                Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                                       Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Silver Spring, MD (downtown: 20910)                                       Location: Washington, DC

Organization: IMPACT Silver Spring                                                  Organization: National Family Planning & Reproductive Health
Title: Resource Development Director                                                Ass.
Job description: I have worked with IMPACT Silver Spring for two years,             Title: Director of Membership
first as an AmeriCorps member helping to build and cultivate our diverse            Job description: The Manager of Membership and Meetings is the
community network, and now overseeing development activities for the
organization including foundation and corporate fundraising, strategic
                                                                                    primary liaison and representative of NFPRHA to its members. The
planning and organizational growth, program evaluation, and technology.             Manager of Membership and Meetings has revenue and event
IMPACT is a truly unique and place-based nonprofit - a community                    planning responsibilities.   Manages membership development,
building organization that is committed to building new environments and            recruitment and renewal process and planning. Meets revenue
capacity for a thriving, multicultural community. We help cultivate an              goals related to membership and manage systems to invoice and
active network of more than 1,500 people from extremely diverse                     reconcile payment. Manages the association’s national conference,
backgrounds (race, class, and culture), and we also do specific projects that       board and committee meetings and membership services programs
take residents along a path to become civically engaged, build their                and coordinates involvement of the development, policy,
personal empowerment and awareness, develop as leaders, and act with                communications and finance units.
their neighbors for change.
                                                    Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 158                                                                  ID#: 161
Industry: Non-Profit                                                      Industry: Non-Profit
Region: :Washington, DC Metro                                             Region: :Washington, DC Metro
Location: Washington, DC                                                  Location: Washington, DC

Organization: National Council of Jewish Women                            Organization: Anti-Defamation League
Title: Legislative Associate                                              Title: Assistant Regional Director
Job description: Lobby on international and domestic                      Job description: I assist the Regional Director and staff to
reproductive health and rights. Work in coalition to develop              ensure smooth implementation of our programs. Until
legislative strategy. Small Washington office for progressive,            recently I worked on Civil Rights issues (handling
non-profit membership organization.                                       discrimination complaints, reports of anti-Semitic incidents,
                                                                          hate crimes trainings), and now I am focusing on young
                                                                          leadership development and a Holocaust education program
                                                                          for Catholic school teachers. I also do some event planning
                                                                          with our Development Director.

ID#: 29                                                                   ID#: 57
Industry: Psychology                                                      Industry: Psychology
Region: :Boston Metro                                                     Region: :Boston, Metro
Location: Brookline                                                       Location: Jamaica Plains, MA

Organization: Self                                                        Organization: Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants (MAHT)
Title: Psychologist                                                       Title: Communications and Marketing
Job description: I am a clinical psychologist whose day-to-               Job description: I teach various clinical courses
day activity is largely psychotherapy and clinical evaluation. I          (Psychopathology, Theories of Psychotherapy, Human
am self-employed and do some forensic work for the courts                 Development, etc.) to master's level students as well as
as well (because of some of my experience and background).                maintaining a private practice of psychotherapy.
The forensic work (limited) is largely in the area of sexual
offending. If someone is interested in this end of the field, I
would be more than happy to talk with them. I do think that
conversation would be more useful than actual

ID#: 55                                                                   ID#: 70
Industry: Psychology                                                      Industry: Psychology
Region: :New York City Metro                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Hoboken, NJ                                                     Location: Millburn

Organization: Fairleigh Dickinson University                              Organization: NJ Dept. of Labor/disability
Title: Student                                                            Title: Psychological consultatnt
Job description: Right now I am a 2nd year student in                     Job description: As a consultant at Disability, I review and
clinical psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. This               evaluate psychiatric claims for disability for adults and
obviously wouldn't be a typical job shadowing, but I also                 children: this is part time. I also have had a private clinical
worked in the field for two years prior to graduate school. If            practice
students are interested, I would be willing to have a meal with
someone and answer questions about the path to graduate
school in clinical psychology, the application process, etc.
                                                             Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 75                                                                            ID#: 85
Industry: Psychology                                                               Industry: Psychology
Region: :New York City Metro                                                       Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Morristown, NJ                                                           Location: New York

Organization: Self-employed                                                        Organization: Jewish Bd of Family and Children's Services
Title: Clinical Psychologist                                                       Title: Senior Supervising Psychologist
Job description: I am a Clinical Psychologist in private                           Job description: I am a clinical psychologist. I have a part-
practice. I work primarily with adults doing individual,                           time private practice working with a full age range and I work
couples and group psychotherapy. I have subspecialties in                          part time supervising in the psychology internship program at
substance abuse, and mind-body approaches to therapy.                              JBFCS ( I was Director of Psychology Training at JBFCS
                                                                                   from 1989-2003)

ID#: 125                                                                           ID#: 118
Industry: Psychology                                                               Industry: Publishing and Journalism
Region: :New York City Metro                                                       Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Port Washington                                                          Location: NYC

Organization: Self Employed                                                        Organization: URJ Press
Title: Psychologist/Author/Speaker                                                 Title: Director
Job description: Psychologist in private practice (therapy                         Job description: Manage Book and Music Publishing for the
sessions are obviously not appropriate for shadowing), writer                      Union for Reform Judaism.
of nationally syndicated parenting column and multiple
books; speaker corporations studentsand parenting groups on
varied topics.

ID#: 14                                                                            ID#: 120
Industry: Real Estate                                                              Industry: Real Estate
Region: :Boston Metro                                                              Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Boston                                                                   Location: Parsippany, NJ
Organization: Property & Portfolio Research                                        Organization: KenKap Realty Corp.
Title: Real Estate Economist
Job description: Shaw Lupton, Real Estate Economist, is responsible for            Title: President
monitoring U.S. property markets. Prior to joining PPR, he worked as an            Job description: I run a commercial real estate brokerage. I
analyst for the capital markets and finance group at Boston Properties,            sell and lease warehouses, factories, office space, and
where he was involved with a broad range of corporate activities including         investment properties, and supervise other agents who do the
acquisitions underwriting, credit risk analysis, and lease structuring. He
also worked as a senior associate for the Boston-based real estate private
                                                                                   same. Unlike residential real estate, which is shown mostly
equity fund Westport Point Capital, an exclusive joint venture with                on nights and weekends, commercial real estate business is
Prudential Investment Management. Mr. Lupton holds an M.A. in                      conducted primarily with business people during business
International Economics and Finance and a B.A. cum laude in Economics              hours.
from Brandeis University, where he helped develop and launch a graduate
course focusing on the analysis, financing, and management of income-
producing real property in mature and emerging markets. He is a member
of the University Outreach Committee of ULI Boston's Young Leaders
                                                Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 146                                                              ID#: 8
Industry: Religion                                                    Industry: Scientific Research
Region: :Boston Metro                                                 Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Waltham                                                     Location: Boston

Organization: Temple Beth Israel + Bentley Spiritual Life             Organization: Harvard School of Public Health
Title: Rabbi                                                          Title: Senior Biostatistician
Job description: Mh rabbinical work includes a wide variety           Job description: I do statistical analysis for observational
of activities: leading services and rituals, teaching,                studies of children w/ HIV; I work with clinicians to develop,
counseling, community organizing and programing and                   analyze and publish studies relating to the health and mental
sometimes just hanging out with people. I start my day with           health of children who acquired HIV through perinatal
morning services and shul breakfast on Monday and                     exposure.
Thursdays at 7AM and Saturday and Sunday at 9AM.

ID#: 10                                                               ID#: 18
Industry: Scientific Research                                         Industry: Scientific Research
Region: :Boston Metro                                                 Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Boston                                                      Location: Boston

Organization: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute                            Organization: Children's Hospital Boston
Title: Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical              Title: Lab Supervisor
School                                                                Job description: I run a core research lab in the area of
Job description: Principal investigator in the women's                genomics/genetics. Our lab, through grants and hospital
cancers program focusing on ovarian cancer genetics,                  funding, is able to acquire advanced genomic technology and
pathogenesis and early detection. Also do some clinical work          provide genomic testing for research labs throughout the
at Brigham and Women's Hospital and teach at the medical              Boston area and beyond. We work in conjuction with the
school.                                                               Genomics Program at Children's Hospital and are an integral
                                                                      part of associated research projects. We have a staff of 8 with
                                                                      an array of experience from bachelors to PhDs.

ID#: 43                                                               ID#: 105
Industry: Scientific Research                                         Industry: Scientific Research
Region: :Boston Metro                                                 Region: :New York City Metro
Location: Cambridge, MA 02140                                         Location: New York, NY

Organization: Wyeth Research                                          Organization: Weill Cornell Medical College
Title: Director, Biological Core Technologies                         Title: Assistant Professor
Job description: Supervise and manage four groups that                Job description: I am the head of a scientific research lab.
support Discovery Research. They are the DNA Sequencing               My lab studies the process of heart development in
(decipher DNA sequence), Molecular Genetics (creation of              vertebrates.
animal models using knock-out, Knock-in and transgenic
technologies, BioReagent production (Molecular biology,
protein expression and purification), and Transcription
Profiling (RNA expression analysis using the Affymetrix chip
technology) groups.
                                                             Shadowing, Winter 2010, By Industry

ID#: 140                                                                           ID#: 35
Industry: Telecommunications                                                       Industry: Utilities / Energy
Region: :Boston Metro                                                              Region: :Boston Metro
Location: Somerville                                                               Location: Burlington, MA

Organization: IDC                                                                  Organization: Philips Lighting North America
Title: Research Analyst                                                            Title: Market Intelligence
Job description: I am a Research Analyst in the                                    Job description: My primary responsibilities include market
telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. For                        intelligence, strategic planning, and identifying/evaluating
my job, I cover and provide guidance about those industries                        new business opportunities.
by analyzing market research, writing reports and white
papers, and some consulting. I also perform some business
development activities in order to bring in customers to read
our research.

ID#: 169
Industry: Utilities / Energy
Region: :Washington, DC Metro

Organization: Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Title: Vice President and CIO
Job description: This is the senior IT executive position at a Fortune 500
company ($1.8 billion public utility) managing an organization of 350+
people and an annual operating budget of $100+ million. The CIO is
responsible for IT strategic planning and alignment of that plan with the
various business units. Other responsibilities include: corporate
governance through the chairmanship of the IT Strategy Committee;
service level-related operations; new system design and acquisition;
contract/outsourcing negotiations; technology innovation and upgrades;
network planning and implementation; security, disaster recovery, and
business continuity plans and tests; member of the corporate Mentoring
Steering Committee; the corporate Diversity Steering Committee and the
Talent Management Review Advisory Board.

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