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									                                                                                                            March 27, 2009
                                  NANCY FALLON-HOULE, P.C.
                                             5449   BENDING OAKS PLACE
                                       DOW NERS GROVE, ILLINOIS
                     PHONE: 630-963-0439    
                          Incorporation Fees and Expenses
                                For [company name] Inc.
     Illinois Filing Fees; Corp-Link Service Fees; DuPage County Filing Fees;
                  Stock Certificates, Minute Book, FedEx, Legal Fees
                                    Type of Fee                                            Filing Fee      Form
Optional: CT Corsearch or Thompson’s Full Formal Name Search (National                         $550 or Online Order
trademark and common law name search). Critical to do before incorporating.                      $995
Optional if name clearly doesn’t need a national name search, such as local
business not using website, or local service company using family name.
Optional, if Entrepreneur is Assuming Risk Of Skipping Name Search.
                  Total Check to CT Corsearch ($550 to $995) Optional:                     $550-995 $450-500 *
Illinois Articles of Incorporation                                                             $    175     BCA 2.10
IRS Employer Identification Number/Federal Tax ID Number                                       $      0     IRS SS-4
Illinois Expedite Fee         (Filed next day, rather than in 6-8 weeks.)                      $    100     Letter
Corp-Link Service Fee - Filing BCA 2.10 (Corp-Link physically walks filing                     $     65     Letter
into Secretary of State, and receives a same-day stamped, filed original.)
Corp-Link Services Scan/Email Fee for Returning Filed Documents                             $    24 --
IRS: S Corporation Election                                                                  $    0 IRS 2553
Illinois Business Tax Payer Registration and IBT Number Application                          $    0 IL REG-1
     Total Check to Corp-Link Services, Inc. for Illinois Incorporation:                    $364.00
                     Pay by separate check to Corp-Link, or by credit card to CorpLink:

  Check to “DuPage County Recorder” (for County Recorder Filing):                              $30.50 Letter
                         Separate Check required to County, no credit cards permitted:

    Check to Atlas Corporate & Notary Supply (Minute Book, Certificates):                      $73.78
                             Pay by separate check to Atlas, or by credit card to Atlas:

Federal Express for Corporate Filings                                                                          Service
Please provide us with the company’s Fed Ex number. If none, please                                    --
instead send us the following additional check payable to Federal Express:
    1.   To Corp Link Services, Inc – For incorporation                                        $      22    Next Day
    2.   To County - For county recording                                                      $      14    3-day
    3.   S Corp Election 2553                                                                  $      14    3-day
    4.   To IL Dept of Revenue for REG-1 Business Taxpayer Registration                        $      14    3-day
                          Total to Fed Ex (Or add $64 to legal fee Check):                     $      64
    $0 if you provide a Fed Ex number, or if none, then include $64 on legal fee check:

Check to Nancy Fallon-Houle, P.C. for Legal Fees:
                         Nancy Fallon-Houle, P.C. for Legal Fees:                              $1,400 Or $1,464
  Check required before, or at, signing meeting. $1464 if adding the FedEx charges.                   w/FedEx.
                         Add $100 to fee for each additional shareholder:
      Total All Fees for Forming One Entity, Excluding CT Corsearch                        $       1,933 Normal total
Add $100 per added shareholder + Village license legal fee $200 + license filing fee                        cost.

            Total All Fees For Forming Entity, Including CT Corsearch $2,583 or Total plus
                                                                                                        March 27, 2009
                                       Type of Fee                                           Filing Fee     Form
   Add trademark lawyer review fees to this total, + $100 for each additional shareholder        $2,928 formal Name

   Add $200 to Legal Fees for City or Village Business License Registration:                  $    200
                         City or Village Filing Fee (Ranges from $25 to 250):                  $______
* Please add approximately $450-$500 in legal fees for a trademark lawyer to review and professional comment on the name
search results.


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