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									                                                                                                     Statewide Training and Development           Program Benefits and
    Project Management
                                                                                                     Services is the central training             Highlights
                                                                                                     resource for Oregon State
                                                                                                     Government. We support and                   Our mission is to be a comprehensive
  These courses are designed to develop leaders in the                                                                                            training service center for Oregon State
  project management field. People in fields such as                                                 promote continuous learning and
                                                                                                                                                  Government agencies and employees. When
  engineering, construction, architecture, information                                               effective government through                 a need surfaces that is beyond the scope of an
  systems, business planning and management can all                                                  training and organizational                  agency’s technical and training resources, we
  benefit from this training. Some of the project                                                    development.
  management training we provide through contracted                                                                                               are available to serve as the initial contact
  trainers is:                                                                                       We are committed to increasing the           and resource to meet or help meet the need.
  Oregon Project Management Certification Program                                                    effectiveness of Oregon State                Some of the benefits of choosing our
•       Fast Start in Project Management                                                             Government by providing state and            programs and services include:
•        Project Management for Team Members                                                         local government employees with                  Experienced, qualified, and dedicated
                                                                                                     high quality training that is                    training professionals and support staff
                                                                                                     accessible, affordable, and relevant.            Programs and classes designed
    Customized Training,                                                                                                                              specifically for Oregon State
                                                                                                     We strive to be responsive to the
    Consulting or Facilitation                                                                                                                        Government.
                                                                                                     needs of our customers. We work                  Class materials that are practical, up-to-
                                                                                                     with them to create partnerships,                date, and immediately applicable to the
    Does your group need something special? We can
    customize training classes, provide consultation, and
                                                                                                     assess needs, prioritize solutions, and          public sector workplace.
    facilitate meetings or discussions to address specific                                           deliver critical statewide training              Statewide training classes that include a
    learning objectives of an agency or group.                                                       programs and services.                           mix of learners from many state
    For Further Information                                                                          Overview of Programs                             Affordable training for government
                                                                                                     and Services                                     Custom-designed facilitation services for
    Kathryn Duncan,                                                     Our core programs and services include:          small or large groups.
    (503) 378 3040, for management, and
    professional development course information.                                                        Providing leadership, consultation, and       Four levels of management training that
                                                                                                        guidance in the planning and                  provide real-world management tools
    Rhea Rodriguez,                                                          implementation of statewide training          A “brokering service” to help find
    (503) 378 5393, for information technology and                                                      initiatives;                                  resources to meet needs that we may be
    computer software training information.                                                             Being a resource for training-related         unable to meet.
                                                                                                        information and requests;
    Statewide Training & Development Services                                                           Providing classes for employees from
    Department of Administrative Services Human
    Resource Services Division 155 Cottage Street
                                                                                                        all agencies, statewide;                  Our Training Staff
                                                                                                        Designing and delivering customized
    NE U30 Salem, Oregon 97301-3967                                                                                                               Our trainers, whether our internal staff or
                                                                                                        classes and training events for
    Fax: (503) 378 5731                                                                                                                           external consultants, are top professionals.
                                                                                                        requesting agencies;
                                                                                                                                                  They have extensive knowledge and real-
                                                                                                        Providing onsite meeting facilitation
                                                                                                                                                  world experience in their subject areas. They
                                                                                                        services for groups, including team
                                                                                                                                                  are skilled trainers who teach practical
                                                             Department of Administrative Services      building, discussion, and strategic
                                                                                                                                                  concepts and skills, and engage students
                                                                                                                                                  actively in the learning process.
Overview of Statewide                                                                                            Professional Development
Training Classes                                       new environment. Students learn about the structure
                                                       and systems of state government, public vs. private       Professional development classes are designed to            System Development and Informed Consent:
We provide statewide training classes in four areas:   sector management (including ethical decision-            address important workplace knowledge, skills, and          This course is offered in a one-day executive overview
                                                       making), the biennial state budgeting process, state      abilities that are common across agencies and support       as well as a 3-day class. The courses help you discover
     Management and leadership development
                                                       standards and practices (financial ethics), labor         the ongoing growth and development of employees.            the larger decision-making framework that you fit into
     Professional development                          relations (managing in a union environment), and          Classes may be provided by internal DAS trainers or         as a professional. You discover your role as a technical
     Information technology and computer               resources for managers (major agency websites).           contracted consultants. Classes include:                    expert in the political decision-making process. These
     software training                                                                                                                                                       classes provide you with tools on public involvement
                                                                                                                 The Respectful Workplace, You Can Stop                      techniques.
     Project management                                MDS-Mid -Level: This 2-day class is for                   Harassment: This 2 1/2-hour class explains the rights
                                                                                                                 and responsibilities of all employees regarding a           Effective Meetings: This 1-day class teaches skills in
                                                       experienced mid-level managers. It will focus on
                                                                                                                 respectful, harassment-free workplace and offers            how to run effective and efficient meetings. This class
                                                       strategic planning, collaboration and
Management Development                                 partnerships, performance measurement, and                guidelines for maintaining it.                              is loaded with tools for the participants to take back to
                                                                                                                                                                             their workplace to improve the meetings they attend
The Management Development Series (MDS)                managing change in organizations. Themes will
                                                                                                                 Train-the-Trainer: This 3-day class offers hands-on         and/or facilitate. Meetings are expensive and use time
includes:                                              be facilitation, communication, managing conflict,
                                                                                                                 skill practice in designing, developing, and delivering     you may need somewhere else.
                                                       and valuing differences.
                                                                                                                 effective training.                                         Communication: Telling People What they don't want
MDS-Developmental: This 2-day class is for
                                                                                                                                                                             to hear: This workshop is designed for those people
employees exploring management or on track to                                                                    Writing Fundamentals: This 1-day workshop is                who must deliver "bad news" to co-workers or
become managers. It provides a head start for future                                                             designed to improve employees’ on-the-job writing           members of the public while maintaining a respectful
managers and supervisors in state service and helps                                                              skills, helping produce writing that is easy for readers    relationship. It covers active listening, crafting
students assess their readiness for a management                                                                 to understand. Instruction is provided through small        appropriate messages, and developing suitable
position. Participants identify and begin to
strengthen knowledge and skill areas that need         Leadership Oregon                                         group conferencing between student and faculty.
                                                                                                                 This class offers assistance in all stages of the writing
                                                                                                                                                                             strategies for difficult conversations.
improvement.                                           Leadership Oregon is a year-long program that             process and supports students to meet the demands of
                                                       provides a selected group of mid- to senior-level state   business writing.                                           Information Technology and
MDS-Foundational: This 3-day class is for first-
                                                       managers with an overview of key issues in state
                                                                                                                 IT as a Service Organization: This 2-day workshop           Computer Software
                                                       government, exposure to top state leaders, and
time managers and supervisors. The class provides      opportunities to network and develop their leadership     offers a broad-based approach to building a superior
                                                                                                                 client service mentality throughout IT and develops
critical supervisory skills for a strong start in      skills. The goal is to develop a pool of talented
management. Students gain an understanding of          individuals who are better prepared to help lead state    the critical skills necessary to pull it off. This class       Adobe Acrobat
management roles, competency areas, leadership         government in a world of change.                          will help you and your organization build a common             Access 2000 and XP/2003 Introductory and
traits, and work styles. They learn how to manage                                                                definition of service and understand what is important         Advanced levels
performance, lead change, and use various team         The program is set up to select and bring together a      from your client’s perspective.
facilitation skills. They also create an Individual    diverse group of participants and give them exposure                                                                     Brio Query Version 6/8
Development Plan to guide their growth as a            to other leaders across agency lines. It provides
                                                                                                                 Facilitating Effective Teams: This 2-day workshop              Microsoft Office Suite:
manager.                                               cohorts of state managers with a forum where
                                                       compelling issues and topics pertinent to state leaders   helps facilitators build more effective teams and lead                 o Excel, Word, PowerPoint
                                                       are addressed.                                            more effective meetings. Learn to facilitate teams
                                                                                                                 with increased confidence and practical tools. This                    o Introductory and Advanced Levels
MDS-New-to-State: This 1-day class is for                                                                        class focuses on building a safe environment,                   TeamSite web application
experienced managers new to Oregon State                                                                         establishing clear outcomes, and overcoming barriers
Government. It provides seasoned managers with a                                                                 to participation and collaboration.                             LINUS
general overview of how state government is set up
and how it works, and helps them transition to this

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