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Have you ever wondered what happens to all those machines after the lease is over?
How is that fair market value, listed on the leasing form, recovered by the leasing

(From left)
Brad Stammer, Danny Chang, Kevin Ebert, Mickey Stammer


Superior Customer Service:

Professional, courteous staff
Online inventory - updated daily
Large inventory
Accurate evaluation
Immediate response
Innovative packaging
Customized package pricing
Professional Repossession Services
Purchasing from ALS Benefits:

Web hosted daily inventory
Large inventory selection
Accurate evaluation
Professional, courteous staff
Package deal pricing
Satisfaction guaranteed

Selling to ALS Benefits:

Well financed professionalism
Knowledgeable staff
Scheduled payment dates
Customized buying agreements
Purchase of all compete units
Timely equipment removal

Consigning with ALS Benefits:

Repossession of equipment
Accurate condition reports
Scheduled payments
Customized reports
Worldwide customer base
12+ yearly inventory turns

All Leasing Services has the answers. The name itself, „All Leasing Services‟, is a bit
misleading to those who have never done business with ALS. “We do not lease
anything,” states Vice President of Sales, Brad Stammer, “We are the middleman that
helps leasing companies, dealers and exporters purchase, sell and consign used
ALS is the premier independently owned worldwide broker of copiers, MFPs, printers
and faxes. ALS provides the total solution to meet the needs of dealers, leasing
companies and exporters who are selling, buying, and consigning used equipment. ALS
also provides professional repossession services which can be arranged on a contractual
or individual basis.

Most dealers recognize „All Leasing Services, 9701 Research Drive, Irvine CA 92618‟,
from seeing it as the equipment return location on their end of lease return documents.

ALS has contracts with most of the major leasing companies as their designated lease
return location. A steady stream of equipment arrives at the ALS loading dock each day.
“We never know what will show up,” states general manager Kevin Ebert. “Sometimes
we get completely documented, well packaged, like-new equipment unloaded off freight
forwarding semis. Other times, a local dealer‟s van pulls up and rolls off a legacy
machine with 10,000,000 copies and no paperwork. It keeps the staff well tuned to deal
with every situation.”

The ALS staff is set up to receive, document, test, report and inventory each piece of
equipment. Machines that are received without a lease number are immediately
researched to discover ownership. ALS staff does a remarkable job of tracking down the
missing information. Every piece of equipment that arrives and eventually leaves their
warehouse is fully documented. Serial number, meter read, cosmetic condition,
workability and availability are all tracked and available for real-time access on their
Internet site
In addition to lease returns, ALS is always interested in having the opportunity to bid on
any used machines that a dealer has in their inventory. Brad explains, “We buy from
dealers all the time. Typically a dealer accumulates several random machines they take in
on trade, they buy out the lease due to the high cost of return freight, they have more
machines returned than is practical to try to resell or the used equipment is too large, too
small or too old to profitably resell. ALS can put together a package deal to buy or
consign all of them.”

ALS also offers economical machine storage. Brad continues, “If you lack the room to
store (new or used) equipment at your own facility, ALS can become your extended
storage facility. Many dealers know in advance that their lease returns will be assigned to
ALS. It is very easy for them to ship the equipment that is waiting for lease return
authorization to ALS, rather than taking up their own limited warehouse space. Dealers
often tell us it is worth the small monthly warehouse cost not to have to worry about
accidentally losing the accessories, selling or stripping a machine for parts.”

ALS has a three decade history of providing for the needs of the used copier market.
President Mickey Stammer brought years of experience from his former ownership of
The Wholesale Group. With the help of key staff members Kevin Ebert, Brad Stammer
and Danny Chang, All Leasing Services was founded on a philosophy; not a specific
product. Mickey explains, “I have always believed that if you treat your customer in a
fair and honest manner, they will be your customer forever. This has been the ALS
winning philosophy from day one.”

With all the dealer buyouts and manufacturer purchasing of dealerships, often a dealer is
mandated to only sell a new brand of machines. ALS provides an easy way to sell off all
the used machines in a dealer‟s warehouse. They also provide professional repossession
services to leasing companies which provides economical newer equipment for resale.

The market is continually changing. ALS prides itself on being flexible enough to take
advantage of new opportunities that increase their ability to serve their customers. Brad
Stammer explains, “We have lived through the dot com era, survived the international
marketing requirements of the post 911 world and embraced the opportunities presented
by a global economy. ALS is creative enough to be able to continually adjust our
business structure to maximize our selling ability.”

No matter why an independent dealer or manufacturer‟s branch needs to buy or eliminate
used equipment, ALS can facilitate the transfer. Brad continues, “About 50% of all our
brokered equipment is shipped overseas. There is a huge market for older equipment in
emerging nations all around the globe. The lower cost of labor in third world nations
creates an entirely different set of buying guidelines than is experienced in North
America. Servicing expectations, copy quality, speed requirements, features and
functions, are at a different level than selling equipment domestically.”
ALS‟s professional packing department has developed a high quality container storage
procedure to maximize the number of copiers that can be safely shipped in a standard
cargo container. By using high quality ¾ inch plywood and 2 X 6 supports, multi-tiers of
equipment can be securely packed for international shipping.

Danny Chang, ALS‟s Vice President of Exports, states, “Most dealers do not have the
expertise, contacts or foreign language knowledge to locate buyers that are thousands of
miles away. Over the years ALS has grown our internal business structure to reflect the
needs of the global market. ALS‟s international team of brokers is fluent in Mandarin,
Taiwanese, Korean, Spanish and English. We understand the various business cultures of
US sellers and our buyers in Asia and Central and South America.”

Ecologically conscious, ALS scrape is processed through companies certified for
ecologically sensitive disposal of recyclable and hazardous waste. Their innovative
container packaging techniques also help to minimize the ecological impact of

ALS has a 45,000 sq ft location in Irvine, California. With 5 tier high racking, there is
over 100,000 cubic feet of useable storage space. Brad Stammer continues, “We like to
have about 2000 pieces of inventoried equipment available for immediate shipping at all
times. We understand the only way to provide our buyers with the equipment they
request is to have it in stock, ready to ship today. We would rather have too much
equipment than not enough. We are always on the lookout out for quality used
equipment. This allows us to be able to fulfill all the needs of our buyers, sellers and

The ongoing strength of All Leasing Services reflects their overriding philosophy of
honesty and understanding. When an issues occurs, they will always make things right.
Customer trust and satisfaction is their number one product. u

Contact Info:
All Leasing Services
9701 Research Drive • Irvine CA 92618
Tel 866.727.3750 • 949.727.3750 • Fax 949.727.3750 •

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