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					                                Honor Letter

Your safety is of the utmost importance to me. My senior students and I
are going to use every bit of knowledge that we have to teach you karate
and to ensure your safety. My commitment as a teacher is to instruct you
to the best of my ability.

In this dojo, we do not have contracts. Everyone should conduct
themselves on the Honor System. I am asking you to sign this Honor
Letter for three reasons.

First, upon signing this Honor Letter, you are proclaiming yourself to be a
martial artist. I congratulate you on that decision; however there are
serious responsibilities that go along with this proclamation. You must
agree to conduct yourself in a manner befitting a martial artist. This means,
appropriate behavior is expected from you at all times, in and outside of the
dojo. You will treat EVERY person associated with this dojo with the utmost
respect! You have my word that you will be treated the same way.

Second, you will commit to training for one year. Serious and strenuous
training along with total mental commitment is what is required. Please
understand that this level of commitment in no way implies that you will
achieve any rank other than that of which you have earned. Promotions to
higher belt ranks are based on successful training, not on payment of dues.
I do not require my students to pay one year of dues in advance; I ask only
that you pay your dues on time every month.

Third, you will not use your training outside this dojo or sanctioned events
unless it is a case of self-defense or an emergency. Karate is an aid to
justice and self-defense. If you conduct yourself in a menacing manner,
you will have dishonored your dojo and those who study here. Should you
misuse your training, I will ask you to leave this dojo. Your negative actions
reflect upon the dojo and everyone associated with it.

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