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									                                               Austin Turf & Tractor                                          Credit Application Form
                                             809 Steve Hawkins Parkway                                   Please complete, sign and return this form along with
                                              Marble Falls, Texas 78654                                  your Financial Statements to:
                                                    800-528-4290                                                     Fax: 775-628-7095, or
Corporate Address:                                                                    Shipping Address:
Company Name                                                                          Company Name

Attention                                                                             Attention

Street Address                                                                        Street Address

City, State, Zip                                                                      City, State, Zip

Telephone                                                                             Telephone

                                                 Billing Information
Austin Turf & Tractor delivers invoices and statements by email or fax only. We are able to deliver to multiple email
addresses or fax numbers or any combination thereof. Please provide us with the email addresses and fax numbers
for invoice and statement delivery.
                        Invoices                                                 Statements
Email1                                                                                Email1

Email2                                                                                Email2

Email3                                                                                Email3

Fax1                                                                                  Fax1

Fax2l                                                                                 Fax2

                                                                         General Information
Federal Tax ID                         Company Form                                                                                             Corporation State of
                                         ___Individual ___Partnership ___LLC ___Corporation ___Sub S
Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) No.                   In Business Since Date                   Company Web Address                           Amount of Credit Desired

Principal/Owner                                           Title                       Email                                         Telephone

                                                                         Contact Information
Controller Name                                           Email                                                              Telephone

Accounts Payable Contact Name                             Email                                                              Telephone

Purchasing Agent Name                                     Email                                                              Telephone

                                                                        Ordering Information
Are Written Purchase Orders Required                  Are Items for Resale?                                           Resale No. (If for resale, provide Copy of Certificate)
                   ___Yes ___No                                               ___Yes ___No
                                                                   Bank and Trade References
Bank Name                                   Branch Name                              Bank Contact Officer                          Telephone

Bank Address                                               City, State, Zip                                         Account Type and No.

Vendor                                         Vendor Contact                         Telephone                                Email
Vendor                                         Vendor Contact                         Telephone                                Email
                                                                   Terms and Conditions
All accounts are COD until a credit application has been competed, reviewed and approved. It is agreed that the buyer will pay all invoices in accordance with
the stated terms (Austin Turf & Tractor Standard Credit Terms) and that finance charges may be assessed on delinquent invoices at the rate of 1½% per month
until paid in full, together with any court costs, attorney’s fees and costs of collection the seller may incur in enforcing the terms of this agreement. It is also
agreed that this or any other contemporaneous or subsequent agreement will be governed as to validity, interpretation, construction, effect and in all other
respects by the laws of the State of Texas.
                                                                  Acceptance and Approval
Signing this agreement indicates that you accept the terms and conditions stated, you confirm that the information supplied on this Credit Application Form is
true and correct and you authorize your bank and trade references to release information as desired by the seller’s usual credit investigation.
Printed Name of Authorized Representative                                            Title

Agreed and Accepted, Signed (Required)                           Date                        Telephone                       Email

REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS: Please supply your most recent annual financial statement including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and
accompanying footnotes. If the annual statements are more than nine months old please also supply statements for the last two quarters. If sales tax exempt
please complete the attached Exemption Certificate and submit it with the Credit Application Form.

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