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					Dear Sponsor,

The Blanco Chamber of Commerce is proud to again present Blanco County’s major tourist
attraction—the Blanco Lavender Festival—scheduled for June 14th and 15th in 2008. We invite you
to join us in this exciting venture.

You don’t have to be a lavender grower to benefit from this crowd-pleasing festival. Just be ready
to welcome the thousands of visitors the event brings to Blanco and surrounding communities.
Your participation as a will accomplish two important things for your business:

   1) It will bring the customers to you. Look at the sponsorship level of your choice and think if
      there is any other way to spend those dollars where so many potential customers will see
      your business. The opportunity is there. If they have never been to Blanco, or even if they
      have and they have not visited you, now is the perfect opportunity to let them know about
      you and your business. Our studies have shown that most of those who attend festivals and
      other celebrations will return to the city to explore.
   2) Your neighbors will see that you give back to your community. The job of the Blanco
      Chamber of Commerce is to create commerce and what better way to build business than to
      host an event that creates a major economic impact for the community. It is not always
      enough to offer good products and services. Potential investors are looking for good
      community partners, businesses that invest in their community to make it a better place to

This is the perfect opportunity to put your company name in front of new customers, clients, and
investors. The 2007 Blanco Lavender Festival was a huge success because of the tremendous
support of our sponsors. Join the Team. We are confident that the success of the Lavender
Festival, coupled with your good name, is a winning combination.

Look over our sponsorship opportunities. Choose one that fits your business, or contact me and we
can design a sponsorship package tailored to meet your needs. When you sign up, we will deliver
your “Proud Sponsor” sign to put in your window and schedule your photo to be placed in the local
newspaper announcing our partnership. We look forward to working with you.


Genie Strickland,
Event Coordinator