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					Kids' Soccer and the Real Reasons Why Kids Attend Soccer Training

<p>Kids Soccer is growing in popularity every year. The magnitude of kids
playing soccer has been following an exponential growth that has
inevitably become a mass phenomenon.</p><p>A research company
investigated this trend and found that kids play soccer because it's easy
and fun to play. They enjoy the competition and enjoy interacting with
their new friends. Soccer provides a platform where kids can socialize
with kids of different backgrounds and of different race. So why do so
many kids quit soccer before they reach their teens?</p><p>Kids are
motivated to play soccer because it's fun and gives them the opportunity
to practice their social skills. Kids have no other ambitions at this
very tender age. So who is to blame for the mass exodus seen at the age
of thirteen? Could it be you, the parents? Could it be the coach who has
volunteered because no one else wanted the coaching job?</p><p>Most
parents base their child's performance on winning and losing. When
children feel the pressure and the need to win, they lose the concept of
the game. The game no longer is about fun and friends, but becomes a
competition that needs to be won in order to obtain a parents praise and
in some cases love. Do you need to reassess your definition of soccer
success? If you want your child to continue playing soccer you will need
to, no questions ask. What's more important to you, your child's
happiness or three points? What does three points represent anyway? Who
cares?</p><p>Most children attend soccer training because their parents
force them. Most children these days have succumb to the pressures of
winning, the coaches' egos and the parents egos. What a joke, let your
children play freely with the freedom to make mistakes. Winning and
losing at this age is not important. Your child's development,
participation and enjoyment are important. Not you're yelling from the
sidelines or the coaches' abuse from the bench. Sounds pretty straight
forward, then why don't you practice it?</p><p>Don't be the reason why
your child will quit the World Game. Everything you ought to know about
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