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					Coaching Youth Soccer

<p>Okay, so you either you volunteered to coach your child's soccer team
or you are facing another season as an experienced volunteer coach. Are
you ready? Have you thought about how will you teach the fundamental
skills, run effective practices, and keep your youngsters attention? As
participation in youth soccer continues to grow, so does the need for
youth soccer coaches and new ways to teach the fundamentals of the game.
Whether you're a parent new to coaching or an experienced youth soccer
coach, the task can be both exciting and frightening.</p><p>One of the
things that helped me was boning up on the current terminology and
coaching techniques. Without question, everything I've read-and it's been
a lot-strongly suggests you must keep the kids moving and constantly
touching the ball! A particular book, Coaching Youth Soccer, has become
my handbook for planning practices and workouts. I found the book easy to
follow. The book was written by American Sports Education Program and Sam
Snow-director of coaching for US Youth Soccer.</p><p>Coaching Youth
Soccer was perfect for me because it focuses on the needs of volunteer
and novice coaches. More specifically, it targets the needs for
instructing young soccer players ages 8 to 14. In the book, I found
helpful tips on how to run my team, communicate with players, provide
basic first aid, plan and conduct practices, and keep it all fun. I
incorporated the gamelike activities outlined in the book to teach my
players offensive and defensive skills. Hopefully, you'll find this book
or others like it, helpful in preparing for your little monsters-I mean
tikes!!!</p><p>Prior to the beginning of every soccer season, every coach
begins to think about what they need to do to field a better-skilled
soccer team for the coming season. Rest assured, your opposing coaches
are pondering the same issue. Coaches also know they need fresh ideas to
make practices interesting and fun for the kids. We all know keeping
their attention is half of the battle!</p><p>Sure, I knew we'd have to
focus on passing, dribbling, shooting, etc.-you know the fundamentals we
all think about. However, I was looking for some news to instruct and
teach these skills. My saving grace and source of new ideas for this past
Fall season was a gift given to me on my birthday. The gift was a book
titled Soccer Drills & Skills by the National Soccer Coaches Association
of America.</p><p>I found Soccer Skills & Drills to be a comprehensive
guide for both coaches and players. There were over 80 games and drills
designed to practice those skills every soccer coach is trying to
develop. The book included dozens of photographs and diagrams that
illustrated technical instruction, while the application of each skill is
described from both a tactical and positional perspective. Our coaches
used the insightful teaching points and effective practice activities to
develop our girls' techniques and tactics.</p><p>The end result-we won
the county championship!!! In 10 games we scored 33 goals and gave up
only 4.</p><p>Check out <a target="_new"
href=""></a> for more
soccer coaching resources and soccer equipment for recreational soccer

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