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									A Horde Leveling Guide - Get Leveled Fast

<p>Leveling in the World of Warcraft isn't all that hard. There's always
someplace to be at any given level, regardless of how skilled you happen
to be.</p><p>The basic idea, of course, is that you enter an area, grab
all the quests available, and crunch them out. If you've done them all
before, a few times, you probably have a pretty good idea of what they're
all about, which ones are worth doing, which ones aren't. Some are easier
and some are a pain in the butt, but it's faster and less boring than
just grinding mobs of the appropriate level.</p><p>First, get as many
large bags for loot as you can, and get necessary supplies so that you
can hit as many quests as possible before heading back to hand them in or
resupply. Go ahead and delete gray items as you find them, instead of
vendoring them. Save white (or better) items to send to your auction
house alt.</p><p>One good strategy is to grab each quest in an area and
do them in logical groups. So if you grab a bunch of quests in an area
and three of them put you in the west side, one to kill x, another to
collect y, and the last to talk to someone, then you do them all
together.</p><p>When done, instead of just turning them in, you go to the
next logical group that's an easy step from the last batch. Save your "in
the city" quests for when you have to train or buy stuff.</p><p>Questing
is better than grinding for fast leveling. Why? You're killing the same
things, in the same places, and gaining the quest XP bonus in addition to
the grinding XP. Plus you get a bit of extra cash and the occasional
useful item. I also like the variety. Unless the mobs are dropping nice
stuff I get bored really fast just grinding. Questing adds enough variety
to keep me interested.</p><p>Ok, so you've decided to do the quests,
instead of the grind. Here's a rough route that you might follow on your
trip to 70.</p><p>1-6 - Stay in your starting area. Do everything there,
grind a bit, hit level 6 and get your last class training before moving
to the next area.</p><p>6-13 - You should be able to hit 13 in your
race's secondary area, Tirisfal Glades if you're (un) dead, Eversong
Woods for the Blood Elves, Mulgore for the Tauren, Durotar for the Orcs
and Trolls.. Fit your class quest in there, around level 10, and do a bit
of extra grinding to hit 13 before you leave the area (unless you're just
that good.) Why? Being a bit higher level makes the later quests faster
and easier.</p><p>13-20 - Head out to The Crossroads in the Barrens and
do all the quests you can find. You can also pick some up at</p><p>21-25
- Stonetalon Mountains, Ashenvale, and Camp Taurajo in the Barrens all
have quests in this range. Pick one of these areas and stay there if you
like, or wander back and forth. As you get to level 25 try 1000
Needles.</p><p>25-30 - Some of the quests in 1000 Needles might be a bit
difficult, but you're getting high enough to finish up those in
Stonetalon and Ashenvale.</p><p>31-35 - Quest in Hillsbrad Foothills and
Arathi Highlands. Stranglethorn Vale (STV) is another zone that you can
work at this level, all the way into your 40s.</p><p>36-40 - Quest in
Dustwallow Marsh and STV. Finish up any of the higher level quests in the
previous areas.</p><p>41-45 - Enter the badlands, and finish the higher
level quests from previous areas.</p><p>46-50 - Do quests in Tenaris
Desert and/or the Hinterlands.</p><p>51-55 - Add quests in Searing Gorge
and/or Ferales, then Ungoro crater. Finish higher level quests from
previous zones.</p><p>51-60 - Do quests in Silithus, then Western and
Eastern Plaguelands.</p><p>Outlands - If you can handle level 60 mobs
easily enough you might consider heading to the Outlands at 58, otherwise
wait till 59 or even 60.</p><p>Keep in mind that if you're gathering ore,
herbs, fish, or skins that you won't be able to gather anything in
Ouitlands unless those skills are at least level 300.</p><p>In Outlands
you'll follow something close to this path: Hellfire Peninsula to
Zangamarsh, to Terokkar Forest to Nagrand to Blade's Edge Mountains to
Netherstorm to Shadowmoon Valley.</p><p>Once you hit 70 you can join your
pals and destroy Stormwind.</p><p>Given the several hundred quests and
many different overlapping leveling areas in WoW is it any wonder that
fully fleshed out, step by step leveling guides are quite
popular?</p><p>The key is to keep it all organized. Group your quests
into logical paths. It may even be worthwhile to jot down a few notes on
a pad to keep everything straight. Grabbing an addon, such as Map Notes
(find it at,) will make your mapping and setting waypoints a
lot easier.</p><p>Good luck!</p><p>With thousands of quests to pick from
it's easy to get confused. A good leveling guide will eliminate the
confusion and put you on the right course to get to level 70 as soon as
possible. Zygor's Guide is probably the best thing out there to let you
do just that. Check out our <a href="
leveling-guide-reviewed/" target=new>Zygor's Guide Review</a> at the
Azeroth Cookbook (<a target="_new"
href=""></a>) and see
if it won't shave a lot of time off your leveling speed.</p>

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