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									Soccer Coaching - How to Motivate Soccer Players or Kids

<p>On <b>coaching soccer</b>, the key to motivating soccer players is to
help them to motivate themselves.</p><p>First, you need to set the
example. This means that you need to use the Golden Rule and speak to
them the way that you wish them to speak to you and the way you hope they
speak to themselves.</p><p>Using positive reinforcement will go a long
way to helping players feel good enough about themselves and their soccer
game to want to strive for more. How? It is really very simple. Focus on
the positive things and do not focus on the negative things.</p><p>We
live in a rat race society and we tend to compare ourselves to others
much of the time. Children go through school constantly being compared to
others and then move to their post-secondary education looking to be the
best so they can receive scholarships and awards.</p><p>They want to
please their parents and they want to do well. They often focus on what
they did wrong or what they did not do. In the end they can feel very
frustrated, angry, and can even feel like a failure and this attitude can
be carried onto the soccer field.</p><p>Using positive reinforcement
means focusing on the positive or what went right. There is no need to
look at what a player did not do properly. You may ask, how do you help a
player correct poor technique or improve their soccer game without
looking at what they did improperly.</p><p>On soccer coaching, the key is
to look at what they did right and say that you want to see them do it
again. Instead of saying, “That was a good kick, but when you kick the
ball, place your foot here,” try, “Hey, on that last penalty kick you had
great follow through and made the shot. Let’s see that again and this
time try placing your foot here.”</p><p>This is much more effective.
Instead of feeling frustrated that they are not getting it right they
will feel good about themselves for getting at least part of it right and
they will be eager to do it again.</p><p>Of course there are times when
they will get part of a technique right and not do something else in the
proper way. Begin with pointing out the areas in which they performed
well and then tell them you want to see it again with another part added
in.</p><p>This way they will try again from the positive outlook that
they can do it and they just need to adjust something. For example,
instead of saying, “that was a good try, but when you kick the ball you
need to kick through the ball. You are stopping short,” try saying,
“Great kick! You foot positioning was bang on.</p><p>Now let me see it
again and this time kick your foot all the way through the ball and see
how much farther it will go.” Whether you are working with kids of
adults, they will respond to this sort of encouragement.</p><p>It is also
important to teach the players to positively reinforce their soccer team-
mates and to encourage each other. In this way, players will feel even
better about what they have accomplished, especially when they are
nearing adolescence and their peers begin to have a greater influence on
them than the adults in their lives do.</p><p>Motivating soccer players
is about helping them feel good enough about themselves and what they are
doing that they desire to strive for more. They will want to improve
themselves and their game from the positive frame of mind that they are
good players who are improving all the time, instead of feeling that they
are inadequate and need to improve their game to become good
enough.</p><p>Follow these soccer coaching tips and I'm sure you'll
motivate your players or kids to love the game.</p><p><b>ABOUT THE
AUTHOR:</b><br> Andre Botelho is a recognized authority on the subject of
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