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					                                                                                  Asian Eyelid
      What to Expect...


                                                    Honolulu, HI 96814
                                                    1441 Kapiolani Blvd., #1313
                                                    Aesthetic Vision Center
      Eyelid and browlifts are almost always
      performed on an outpatient basis using
      local anesthesia.

      Before surgery, Dr. Higa will perform
      an eye examination and make
      recommendations. For some
      clients, their procedures may be
      covered by insurance.

      If you are planning to have surgery,
      be sure to tell Dr. Higa if you are
      taking aspirin or aspirin-containing
      drugs or blood thinners or if you have a
      bleeding problem. This surgery is generally
      safe; however, as with any surgery, there
      are some risks.

      Dr. Higa will attempt to make both
      eyes look similar, but differences in
      healing between the eyes may cause
      some unevenness in appearance
      following surgery.

      A “black eye” is common but will                                                          Ala Moana
      resolve quickly.                                                                  1441 Kapiolani Blvd., #1313
      You may use ice packs to relieve
      swelling post-procedure, and                                                                  Aiea
      antibiotic ointment will be applied                                          Pali Momi Medical Office Building, #660
      to prevent infection.                                                                    808.488.4842


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                                                           Eyelid Rejuvenation Menu
      Welcome to

      Aesthetic Vision

                                                           Concern: Droopy “Sleepy” Eyes1
                                                           Over time, your upper eyelid may droop only slightly or it may cover most of the pupil. In some cases,

      I   dual trained as an                               this droopiness can restrict and even block normal vision. Dr. Higa will perform upper eyelid surgery
          eye doctor and a                                 to “open” the eyes for a more alert, youthful result.
      plastic surgeon specializing
      in the midface area, which
      includes, eyes, eyelids, brows,
      and the area around the mouth

      and cheeks.

      I take a conservative approach
      to upper eyelid rejuvenation
      so that the Asian lid retains its
      natural look. I have found that
      clients want to avoid the “wide-

      eyed” look and enjoy positive

      results that are noticeable but
      don’t look “done”.

      I invite you to take a look at
      Aesthetic Vision Center’s Eyelid                     Concern: Puffy Lower Eyelids
      Rejuvenation results in this                         In the case of lower eyelids, puffiness, bags, and wrinkles are the most common problems. Fat
      brochure and ask about a free                        may be removed or redistributed, and skin wrinkles may be smoothed with the Fraxel® 1500 Skin
                                                           Rejuvenation Laser.

                                  See how good you look!                                                                                                       After

                                   ~ Hugo Higa, M.D.

                                                           1 ~ Elective Services Not Covered By Insurance. However some upper eyelid rejuvenation candidates may be covered by insurance after passing an in-office field of vision evaluation.

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