Bonika Shears Mail Order Sharpening Form by Bonika


									                                                                 Cut out this label and follow the directions below

      2385 Clower St. Suite C
       Snellville, GA 30078
      United states of America

Send your salon cutting tools to us for sharpening.
Print this page for shipping instructions. Then, click on the label icon above to enlarge.
Go to "File" on your computer and select "Print" to create your mailing label.
We sharpen with the state-of-the-art techniques with a speedy turn-around!
We sharpen any shears or scissors including Bonika, Kasho, Hikari, Yasaka, Fromm, Geib, Jaguar, Eickert,
Kenchii, Centrix, Washi, Ookomi, Mitsuzaki and others

Include the following in your package
1. Send shears wrapped & protected with the list of shears
2. Your personal instructions
3. Your name, address, phone & email
4. $25.00 per scissors or shearsI. (f you only want a bumper replaced the charge is $5.00. Bumper re-
placement is FREE with regular sharpening.)
5. $9.00 for return shipping ($20.00 for Alaska and Hawaii ... $48.00 for international)
6. Make check or money order payable to Bonika Shears

We normally sharpen the same day we receive them and ship them back to you the next day by Fedex Ground. So
from the day they arrive here, you should have your shears within 1 week for most areas of the country. If you need
a quicker turn-around call us for arrangements at 1-888-290-3393.
Use this label if you have Bonika Shears and need to return them for warranty work. See your warranty certificate
for complete instructions for warranty work.

Call 888-290-3393 for information or FedEx pickup at your salon. FedEx pick up from your salon is just $10.00 plus shipping
charge for any amount of shears. International, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are more.
Bonika's mail order sharpening makes sharpening by mail easy and quick. Our scissor sharpening is respected nationally. Even
professional sharpeners mail in sharpening for items beyond their scope of sharpening. Our work is satisfaction guaranteed.
Return the shears within 30 days for resharpening or refund on sharpening. In the unlikely event, through some act on our part,
your shears can not be restored, will we will exchange them with the same or comparable shear.
                  Shears sent to Bonika Shears for sharpening

Shear Make and Model                          Owner and Comments                    Price ($25.00

                                                           FedEx Ground Shipping       $9.00

                                                           Total Amount Enclosed


Street Address (no post box)_____________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State_______________ZipCode_________________

Phone _________________________________________________

Email _________________________________________________

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